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I really cannot speak for other people but as for myself when I found GLP I was not aware that I was in a war zone but it quickly became apparrent. 

I feel to a large extent meeting all of you is a fruit that is the result of that war. And things have lightened up around there thanks to many warriors out there that keep it real.

News should be tested.  Tards can be like editors.  One of the reasons I am here and there is to keep my writing tools sharp.

Also what a better place to sharpen and test and learn.

The info I first heard about the guy who started GLP was that he almost had to shut it down because of fear for his familly.

That info is all morphed now worse than a game of telephone...

It's a game of internet...

I really am not too concerned. To find out that I have been interacting with part if the darpa computer hyper mind would be just another day in the park really.... encryption has been totally owned since the early 90s. Nothing on the net is secret for the likes of the nsa and cia. 

Like the real world the tool of GLP is interactive.  The Internet at large is the universe that these world's are created and we can learn how to mold that as well.  And here we are.


Very well put, sir very well put.