Triple moon knight

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Triple moon knight
« on: January 30, 2018, 11:56:16 PM »
So we have a blood moon
A blue moon
And a full lunar eclipse at least in America

I'm sure this us all very significant but I just noticed something odd.

Not really being that into astronomy but more into the esoteric symbolism of time itself as a tool of the elites,

I noticed that the lunar eclipse will be visible in Colorado at about 0350 on January 31st

But in Poland which actually 8 hours ahead of CO time the eclipse won't be until about 1630 on the 31st.

So I'm sure that this explained by better understanding the actual rotation of the moon but still it seems odd that a heavenly display will take place in Poland over 7 hours after it takes place in CO when the elites tell us that Poland is actually 8 hours ahead of CO.

I don't know if anyone follows that or has any insight but it seems like the kind of convoluted confusion the elites like to sow to me.
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