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Re: Oprah
« Reply #15 on: March 13, 2018, 09:50:24 AM »
Evidence .. mostly pics of Clinton’s and the royals aging .. same with the satanist celebrities .. they all grow old

I am not sure how the specifics of this work, but honestly, when I see an old person or someone who aged really fast in
a powerful position or as a celebrity, I think "wow, looks like they got their fetal supply cut off"

Sure, they still turn old  to some degree, but the "queen" for example, shes old in appearance but she looks like shes kicking in terms of health.
Like she doesn't look like shes anywhere near deaths door, only in appearance.
There was one image on 4Chan I cant currently put my finger on where shes walking out from a building with a woman in blue
and the woman in blue has a masonic and pentagram belt buckle. Its a somewhat recent image if im not mistaken.

Another example I can think of, a possible example anyway, is Bill Clinton and his "triple bypass surgery"-
he aged SO fast after that was completed, like he got the life sucked out of him or something.
Like you can consume all these babies and age slower or even in reverse, but the moment you stop you fall down a 90* ledge straight into old appearance.

I kinda view it like what is popular in some stories about witches, where when they use their magic to not age,
Which consists of them draining other people, they look fine, but the moment you stop their ability to drain people or force them to show
Their true appearance, they turn old, morbid and decrepit.

Of course I think of this a lot when I think of people consuming children to get stronger.

I agree with your post.

Do you mean this image?


That is the image indeed.

Lol, it wasnt recent apparently, it was back in 2013- but regardless, that is the image.
I still find it funny how they practically flaunt how they are doing things behind the scenes like with that buckle but still
showing enough for those with eyes to see to realize that something greater is going on.


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Re: Oprah
« Reply #16 on: March 13, 2018, 10:27:09 AM »
Any info on her membership to the "dark crusaders"? Are these factions under the same umbrella or do they deviate from the "blue bloods"?

sauce: http://web.archive.org/web/20120323140922/http://davechappelletheory.com:80/index.html

Have you watched the Chappelle interview on Oprah's show? Notice how he describes being treated by his cohort going into the third season - textbook gaslighting. He was being handled, and he had an adverse reaction, which is why he freaked out and went to Africa.

Chappelle's show was cued up to be a major instrument in fueling racial tension. I'm not saying this guy's theory is completely untrue, but Cosby and his ilk would never have succeeded in undermining the overall agenda for Chappelle.  They would have been biting the hand that feeds them. Perhaps that's why Cosby was exposed?