Insights and Features

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Insights and Features
« on: March 05, 2016, 03:45:11 PM »
Ok - So here goes nothing. I'm going to cover a lot in this post but I'm trying to index and categorize for ease of reading.

Special Posts
We have a bunch of "special posts" on the site now. The post that started it all, a couple that are near and dear to the mods/admins and a few that are just hot topics. Some are pinned, some are not. I'm going to try and keep an accurate listing here.

The post that started it all - see here -,125.0.html
An interesting read with some great feed back -,131.0.html

Site Functionality
We're doing our very best to carve out our little space on the interwebs that allows you to actually discuss anything in an open forum without being moderated solely for your opinions. While we have a great concept (we think and hopefully you do too), we are trying to make it better looking and functioning than the normal forums that you've seen out there. Because of that, you'll notice there are some differences.

1) If you aren't a fan of the layout or you just like to customize everything, we've enabled you to pick and choose the layout you want. Some of the features are slightly different depending on the theme you pick but you are free to choose whichever you'd like. Nothing you do will change the themes for anyone else on the site.  To change your theme go to account settings>modify profile>look and layout. The options we've provided will be there. Feel free to test them all out. **Warning - not all themes are responsive for mobile devices and small screens**

2)  You can tag people in your posts. We're all familiar with this functionality from other popular websites so I figured why not have it here? If you want to tag someone, just type "@name" where "name" is their "username" on the site. They'll get a notification that you tagged them and people will be able to click on their profile through the link. @nrgiseternal - it's that simple.

3) Video Embedding. I know a lot of sites offer this but if you want to link a YouTube video or other video source to one of your posts, you can do so just by using the embed button or inserting a link. It's as easy as that.

There are a ton more features as well that are self explanatory however I wanted to cover some of the basic-advanced features we offer here so you could have some insight as to what you can actually do when using this forum.

I'm stopping here for now because I have other things to do but I'm going to come back later and add more to this. Anything else you think is relevant  or that I should describe to new users, send me a PM to discuss. Thanks!
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