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The Master Board / The Dark side of the Music Industry
« on: October 15, 2017, 07:24:20 AM »
Isn't it interesting that Rock and Roll came about at the same time as the McCarthyism was sweeping through the country?

Here's a 1965 Pamphlet explaining how the Communists figured out how to brainwash children from an early age using folk songs and then used rock songs for older youth to continue the brainwashing. Songs would be use to cause rhythmical reactions in youth that normally would not occur.  Remember young women taking off their shirts and throwing their tops to the Beatles?   

Communism Hypnotism and the Beatles

Communism Hypnotism and the Beatles -- Presented By Testimony Press Publications
(Youtube video of the same pamphlet, delves into the references a bit more)

Interesting blog about said article.

Demons Behind the Music Industry

Twisted Children songs  (note the name of this site...)

Look how the crowd is hypnotized into becoming one organism....

Yes, I know it goes on and on, but it is a very interesting article I had not come across before and wanted to share it. I also was oblivious to their intent to start brainwashing children from infancy; I did not realize that Children's Record Guild was part of it....  We had many records from CRG and other record labels.

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