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The Master Board / When I was a child...
« on: December 11, 2017, 09:24:40 PM »
When I was a child... I had a recurring nightmare of sliding down a loose gravel slope and falling into a deep still pond. The harder I would struggle, the deeper I sank. As I died I woke up.
One time I stopped struggling and woke up.
Some time later the dream recurred and I didn't struggle at all. I immediately woke up.
The dream never happened again.

When I was a child... my father took me to place very few men were allowed to go. And even then, allowed only for very good reason. There were eight beasts created my the ambitions of man, massively armed for war with the power of suns. We went into the belly of one and sat. It was very still and quiet, like an empty church full mystical geometry or like sneaking into the stomach of a sleeping dragon.
I was nine years old. Old enough to know about duty and honor and what my father risked by bringing me there. Yet not a word was spoken. We sat for a long time.
When we left there was a wink and nod by heavily armed security.
After that I knew that the gods of destruction were content in rest. Yet, if roused were indiscrimate as to light and darkness, purpose, or reason.

When I was a hero was (after my father) Zorro. I didn't realize why until many years later. It was because he was so good at fighting that he never had to hurt the minions and pawns. They just tripped and fell over one another. He left the serious (sincere) fight for the boss.

When I was a child...A baseball was my only holy relic. My divine totems later were the m1911 and the female form. I mastered the 1911, and I told myself I mastered the female but in truth I was/am only a beggar. I still hold the baseball holy, yet now I only see the past in its depths. Alas.

Today a friend returned from a trip to 'Stonehenge' (the one on earth) and she took me out to a pizza bar. Yes, I had one or two(or three) slices with pineapple to go with the others. We were talking about our childhood and it got me thinking of things that happened when I was young which didn't seem all that important at the time. Admittedly my childhood was weird but I suspect that's true of many who lurk or post here.

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