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The elites have made a very obvious effort to gaslight our generation into self hatred: attention seeking, uneducated, prejudicial, unoriginal, ENTITLEMENT, special smowflake syndrome, etc etc. they have used a great deal of mind control to make our own parents hate us most and used this to make us hate us.

My theory is that a great deal of children received monarch programming. The only way to keep the powers this gives us in check is by keeping the ego and self esteem thoroughly eroded. If anyone gets a little too independent they simply retraumatize them.

The average slaves are far more powerful than they care to realize and they won't. I suppose I prefer it that way. Our generation has a ton of culture and I think history will actually record it this way.

Since discovering this site NRG has guided me to realizing that it is highly likely I was born as a moon child of the Mormon faith and trained with monarch slave training. Over the past week I have been coming to terms with the perception shattering realization that I was raped by my father as a toddler.

Now this memory is still very fractured and repressed, but I have long suspected it. Not from my own father but that makes the confusion and uncertainty make so much more sense. What is interesting is that traditional monarch training involves brutal incest at 18 months of age. So if I was raped by my father it likely first happened at that age.

I have a photographic memory of everything in my life up until 18 months when the first major blank spot is. What I do remember is going from deeply loving my father to irrationally hating him. But oscillating back and forth because he was still treating me with kindness at times.

My father (and I can attain the medical records and brain scans to prove this) spontaneously died for no known medical reason when I was 3 years old (on the summer solstice a few months after my third birth day to be precise). I used to think it was a brain aneurysm but my mother informed me a few months ago that it wasn't: they don't know what it was. His skull filled with blood and his brain died. The autopsy showed no signs of trauma or aneurysm. The doctor could not explain it.

My father was my handler. I was a monarch slave in the middle of training with no handler. I suspect I accidentally killed him. And so his mother, my grandma, attempted to take up the reigns next. I have vivid memories except of being with my grandma. I have fractured memories of the torture and abuse. I am certain she had other men rape me and perhaps even my own brother.

Once again what I do remember clearly is burning hatred. I wanted her gone just like I wanted my father gone right before he died. Suddenly she fell ill. Despite having not smoked in decades: she developed a rare form of lung cancer and was dead within three months. All I remember was elation at her stuck in the hospital bed, unable to harm me, then at her funeral I remember touching her cold cheek and knowing with full certainty my tormentor was gone.

At this point I left the Mormon church. I know I regularly attended a church with my grandma. I remember attending other churches with other family and friends but I barely remember my grandmas obscure church at all. They hunted me for years. They came to my house every day. They bribed all my friends parents into telling their kids they weren't allowed to play with me any longer unless I rejoined the church (I imagine I was against going back due to all the rape and torture). All my friends told me they were trying to save my soul. I didn't care I was not going back to that church unless someone dragged me there in chains.

I believe they tried a few more times. One was a father figure I had at 15 (retired marine sniper, retired cop). He molested me and attempted to rape me but kneed him in the groin and never trusted him again. Next was a Mormon man who was my best friend for a year. He fell in love with me and moved away probably because his own training broke from me and he became very confused.

There have been a few other handlers. No one can handle me. The only way they can is through torture but then they have a habit of randomly dying. I believe they created a weapon. I am also no where near egotistical enough to think they are afraid of me. They certainly have training inside me they can trigger or drugs they can use to take full control of me. Perhaps they do and that's where those blank spots in my memory are coming from nowadays... if so what missions then am I carrying out? How are they using my magik energy? Or when will they?

They can't control me 24-7. They have tried. But they can use me. I can use me to. I plan to, too. None of this was my choice. I'm not giving up or rolling over. I will do good for humankind and my family if possible.

The truth is they will always be able to find, kill and control me when they really want too. But that puts their handlers at risk so I think they have just given me some space and only bother with me when they really need someone like me or I'm in a convinent place. This is exactly why I moved somewhere rural. I really don't want to be used to commit a murder or act of terror; I just would rather stay out of prison is all...

The Master Board / I'm back at it and won't stop until they kill me
« on: April 21, 2017, 04:01:55 AM »
The truth will come out to the victors of history. Are we going to win?

The Master Board / The "suicide" of Aaron Hernandez
« on: April 20, 2017, 06:28:05 AM »

I highly doubt Hernandez killed himself.

What were these NFL boys up to? On the murder Hernandez was trying to get appealed:

"On June 16, the night before Lloyd's death, Hernandez texted two friends from out of state asked them to come to Massachusetts, writing, "You can't trust anyone anymore."[21] In the early morning hours of June 17, while a passenger in Hernandez's car, Lloyd texted his sister, "Did you see who I am with?" and when his sister responded, he replied, "NFL." Lloyd's last text to his sister read, "Just so you know."[22] His sister later admitted that she thought he was bragging, and the texts were dismissed from the case due to insufficient evidence that Lloyd feared for his life.[23]"

Something is VERY STRANGE about this case.

The Master Board / sex slavery in america
« on: April 18, 2017, 10:57:41 PM »
Step 1: target vulnerable pretty girl (limited contact with family / easy to get rid of or no boyfriend)
Step 2: make her fall in love with a pimp near her age (always starts with the act, "where have I seen you before" the girl thinks she met the guy somewhere and he says yes to whatever she says)
Step 3: isolate her as quickly as possible
Step 4: make her get pregnant "on accident'
Step 5: pretend to love her and the baby care for her well while she is pregnant (don't want the slave baby to be born with any problems)
Step 6: as soon as the baby is born become very abusive / STARVE both NUTRTIONALLY
Step 7: get her addicted to substances because she doesn't realize she is starving... only give both of them the bare minimum so they have no strength to run
Step 8: let her love and keep the first kid, you will use this against her
Step 9: start pimping her out, she can't run because you keep the kid when she is working. hit the kid a few times to scare her but don't molest it. that's for the next one... don't want her to run
Step 10: keep her skinny, pretty, free of disease, and sell her to curropt police and politicians. They will turn a blind eye to the pedophilia that is to come (and help you find customers)
Step 11: get her pregnant again this baby will likely be taken from her as soon as you find a buyer
Step 12: start selling primo beautiful babies into sex slavery for hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of dollars... have your entire operation protected by a few curropt officials in the area... sex tourism of kids in America.. pizzagate... I am sure they have moved onto another cover by now

rinse and repeate with as many girls as you can find... torture and kill any of the ones who try to leave... maybe let them keep a few kids so you have multiple ones to kill...

the world is a fuck...


I'm currently on the run but I heard on the radio this morning about a "radical Islamist" who randomly shot people but the name was way to coincidental. Six weeks ago when I was kidnapped again and toyed with I went to the er. Since everyone in my town has labeled me crazy they took me straight to psych. There I ran into a Mr. Corey Allen Wolfe and we had these crazy mental connection. It was like we were live streaming all of our consciousness to each other. It was wild. Anyways, I memorized his name and tried to find him when I got out of the psych hospital a week later. I even have this written down in journal entries dated. Now I am hearing about a so called Corey Allen "Muhammad" that randomly shot people and (like always) and killed him self? Or was it the white guy I met finally icing into his training and getting rid of another targeted individual and himself?

 I'm also highly suspect about that black guy that randomly killed an old man and live streamed the video. This makes no sense at all. Has anyone done research into why someone might have wanted that old guy dead? What might he have known?

I know about a prostitution ring and it might involve child human trafficking. If that is the case and the local police are protecting the operation as much as I suspect, I will certainly be killed or kidnapped and put into sex slavery soon. They are just toying with me and allowing me to taste freedom for a little bit longer. I'd rather be a sex slave than die tbh... so if they give me the option to run to them again or die I will probably go. But if I see little kids getting abused I'd have rather died. Idk.

The Master Board / Torture chambers to test a theory of evolution
« on: April 18, 2017, 05:06:54 AM »
So the only thing I know for certain is that I was abused and tortured in the Las Vegas jail for five days. I have met through two other people that appear to be on the same spiritual vibration as me that were also tortured in this way at the same jail. I know that Scientology also tortures its members in similar ways. It caused me to experience something I have read other famous people describe in articles "a hard enlightenment" where I sat in my house not wanting anything for six months and totally lost my ability to fear. Anyways, now I feel spiritually awakened but alone because not that many people seem to survive the torture. I think they are doing this to targets of gang stalking (mind control tech to cause vulnerable people in society to randomly lash out at you) because we are genetically close to evolution and it's one of the final steps. What comes next?

The Master Board / I think I am living in Groundhog Day
« on: April 18, 2017, 04:41:52 AM »
I believe that I keep being killed in other timelines but sent into a new dimension every time and getting do overs when I die until I do a day without dying. Sometimes it's my decisions that save me and sometimes it's others. For example, the other day I was almost car jacked by a homeless man but my dog was sitting in the front seet and so when he opened the door he nearly attacked him. I have no doubt that if the dog hadn't been there then he would have pointed a gun at me and instructed me to drive somewhere. I saw a vision that I refused and he simply shot me there and killed me because he was getting strong mind control messages that caused him to want me to die. But the dog sort of broke him out of the daze and allowed me to get into the car before he could be effected by the mind control. The Devine intervention went back in time in an alternate time line and made me end up with this dog. I think my roommates did poison him too which means they had the purpose of making me too anxious to leave him alone with them at all. One strong force in the universe wants me dead and the other wants me alive. I just want out so I ran away again but they won't leave me be for long.


the more people that genuinely look at this shit the safer I am

me_irl me2thanks spooookieaf

The voices I hear have told me so much but it is hard to explain. I think whoever made this video series is another prophet who "made up a story" that perfectly explains it. Comedy is a beautiful thing. This explains how races of humans (aka races of pokemon in the video series) interact with the races of the "gods" (aka human trainers in the video series). Sorry if you are evolved enough to understand what I am saying you will get it when you watch this:

king of the forest = jehova
charmander = satan

also star wars did happen a long time ago but not in a galaxy far away and it's a true story lol jk it is happening rn in another dimension

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