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The Master Board / Nrg is something happening on Nov 4th?
« on: October 30, 2017, 06:14:42 AM »
All signs point yes but I have lots of duck tape and spray paint on my putitary grand, so no idea what is going to happen.

It worries me. I’m preparing.

So it was supposed to be a false flag. Paddock left behind suicide notes and other media that he was anti fascist killing conservatives. This was supposed to excelerate tensions between the extreme left and right.

The right was then supposed to attack the left (or another false flag) and kill massive numbers. Probably on Nov 4th. This would be spinning into civil war (with the media trying desperately to call it other things but the police completely unable to contain the violence). The left would retaliate by assasinstinf Donald Trump and this would lead to a civil war.

Sources have told me they wanted to kill Trump for a year but the narrative wasn't right yet to lead to civil war. Civil war promotes the globalization effort (nwo).

But the FBI doesn't want a civil war. So they hid all the motives from paddock that he was antifascist. He also might not have actually been antifa and either a puppet or under psyche manipulation. He also might have been a fascist pretending to be antifa for a few years because of how strongly he wanted a civil war to kill an antifa threat. I don't know. It's a spook and the FBI wants him to be. It's the other side that didn't want this.

At least that's my theory after doing on the ground research. I don't like being back here guys. Really bad feelings but it's where I'm supposed to be. If they wanted me dead I would be, right? They just don't think anyone will listen to me (and they are right).

The Master Board / Lucidity waxes and wanes with the moon
« on: October 12, 2017, 06:49:32 PM »
I began to see the pattern again in myself six months ago. That I become manic and more possessed during full moons and depressed and more skeptical during new moons.

But I have seen influences of the planets everywhere I look - always have, since I was born. But the majority of people are blind to these patterns. And anything that affects the mood, susceptibility, and attitude of humans is hard to measure since people are dishonest or prejudicial while attempting to measure this in themselves and/or others. This is why studies on this subject come back with minimal results (but correlations exist none the less).

I'm sensitive to these influences for some reason so it makes it easier to see in everyone around me. I want to study it more. But what is the true astrological chart? What gave these bodies their names and where are they currently located? They say it's shifted in the past few thousand years and all the astrological bodies are about a month off from their original dates.

I need to build a model of the planets with the astrological chart below them to understand. But in a world of disinformation I want to start with some accuracy built on the work of astrologist thousands of years before me.


The Master Board / Do we realize?
« on: July 22, 2017, 10:43:39 PM »
It's not grand conspiracy behind these schemes... it's simply grand will... that is why all evidence will all always be circumstantial

The Master Board / So I tried salvia
« on: May 11, 2017, 04:29:54 PM »
I went to a smoke shop and got it. No idea what strain or anything. I rolled a joint and that was probably my mistake. I had to smoke the whole thing before I felt anything and it suddenly hit like a ton of bricks. I totally went to another dimension but had instant amnesia. No idea how much time passed it felt like about twenty seconds but I didn't look at the clock. Because I completely forgot what happened. I remember being on some sort of bus too but that's it. Everything else is gone. Amnesia. I'm going to try again tomorrow but I'm going to get a bong or a pipe this time.

Hopefully I can control better how it hits and actually remember the trip. Right now it still feels like it happened so fast that maybe I barely absorbed any of it after all. I am going to set a timer next time so I know how much time has passed when I come back.

This was actually my first serious experiment with a psychedelic. What else should I try? I mostly did this because it was so easy to get something safe. If someone can tell me how to get other substances pm me....

I'm mostly worried about possession especially for whatever demon appears to be attatched to my soul. So I know I have been completely possessed before and it was really scary. My belief on it (especially after reading that enlightenment book) is that you have to be certain a demon (or whatever entities posses us) is capable of possessing you for them to do it.

The old wise tales are that you have to say yes and give them permission. I think the truth is a bit more complicated than that. I think you have to truly believe it is possible - now that is easier if you want it to be. But if you don't I still think it is possible. In that case you have to fear that they can posses you WITHOUT your permission. Like you have to be certain that such a possibility is true and then it can / will happen (if an entity is wanting to use your physical form for something that is).

Anyways I am no expert. I was just a bit afraid I would invite something in by accident while experimenting and this is still my biggest worry now. I know what it's like when they won't leave and it's no fun. But hell I think something has been attatched to me my entire life. Hasn't killed me yet. I am so done living in fear of the unknown.

Ready to do some more experimentation and report back :)

The Master Board / Websites they use to advertise sex slaves
« on: May 08, 2017, 01:40:04 AM »
Especially monarch slaves: seeking arrangement.

Also backpage and Craigslist (moreso for unwilling prostitutes)

Any sites you want to add?

The Master Board / I think a newer movie explains loosh
« on: May 07, 2017, 12:49:22 AM »
If you haven't seen sausage party yet I suggest you watch it. I think it explains loosh. Collective consciousness. We are awakening.

The Master Board / I came to a conclusion hiking
« on: May 05, 2017, 07:48:30 PM »
Whether or not you are correct, screaming of an impending doomsday is in fact the most effective way to get people to listen. Well at least it was up until the 19th century. Regardless: what does fretting over doom accomplish? Can't we only drive forward the progress of science, technology, chemistry, biology AKA magick in the time we have as conscious beings on this planet.

I will now shift my focus from fearing the unknowns who have dabbled in my life and instead focusing on knowing all that I can about all. Any resources to this pursuit - especially when it comes to studying mathmatetics, code, language, tech, deviation, prediction, etc would be greatly appreciated.

The Master Board / Donald Mayes Investigation Thread
« on: April 28, 2017, 05:50:57 PM »
Hey sorry I'm operating from iPhone rn. Please see my recent posts but I have very good reason to believe he plays a major role in the Monarch Slave Training and Handling program. Please do some digging into the life and background of a Dr. Donald Mayes working as a Psychiatrist from Desert Parkway Hospital in Las Vegas.

I have had a very rough few days on my own on the run. A way from Las Vegas it is very easy for me to fall into a trap that I AM just crazy and none of this was real. However, there have been too many coincidences between the countless other obvious slaves and handlers I discovered while lost in the system during the past year.

1. Ritual Abuse of Adults in Clark County Jail: I was raped, tortured to near death (days without sleep, water, and extreme hypothermia all of which was pushed to near death in the form of loss of consciousness and seizures). I have a vivid clear memory and I know they did these things to me. They also did them to about 50 other individuals in the suicide watch section of the jail at the same time as me. That's about 50 people a month or 600 people a year. Completing their monarch training in the jail. My most recent handler met me a year prior to my abduction and torture in jail - he informed me that he too was abducted and tortured (not as severely) for three days a month before I was abducted. He told me this before I mentioned to him that I had ever even been arrested. He was arrested for driving without a license - which he did in the same manic alter state I was in during my arrest. (I was arrested over an old ticket for car registration that I paid). Offenses that we should not have been arrested for and then initially driven crazy by the fact that prominent members of society who had never been arrested before were being held for days over nothing. This has seemed to create a final very dark alter inside of me that is capable of raping, torturing and murdering fellow humans (even kids). I can feel when this alter takes over and it is NOT ME. But it terrified me and I fear that it can't be deprogrammed out of me. My handler has experienced the same and is very close to beginning to abuse kids if he hasn't already.

2. Donald Mayes and Desert Parkway needs serious investigation. During my first hospitalization I came in with blood soaked under wear and pants from being assaulted (this is even in my medical records). I was so so sleep deprived, drugged, and confused I can barely remember my first night in the hospital. How could they not call the police and ensure that's I was not the victim of rape??? Why would they assume I had simply started my period and "not cared?". At this point Donald Mayes out be on an insane concoction of medication 500 my depakote, 400 mg serpquel, and about 300 mg of other meds. These were such lethal combinations of medication they had to do weekly blood tests to ensure the damage to my organs wasn't too great to continue. And for what!?!? After stabilizing for two days in the hospital I did not have one single further episode of insobortanation. It was completely unnecessary but needed to coax me into a state where I was thouroughly mind controlled and easy to arrest (I was arrested three days after being released from the hospital).

In the hospital my roommate was a girl clearly broken by monarch slave training. She was switching between about six different alter states and had no idea that she was. One was a small child who had just been badly burned and beaten. One was convinced she was married to the president. One was pure evil and looking for any excuse to verbally or physically assault others. She was my roommate for several days and it is not surprising to me that she had ended up under the care of Donald Mayes in fact I bet you she was first hospitalized under his "care" in much better condition a few years before. This is an extreme example of what I have seen during my eight hospitalizations in the past two years. But these two institutions are certainly under the management of elite monarch handlers. I do not think the handlers are aware of their own training or why hey are carrying out the systematic abuse - with the exception of Dr. Mayes he may be fully aware of what he is doing and why.

Help me brainstorm ideas for other songs  8)

PizzaGate ("the ditches inside us")

"Thrashing Moon Child"

Currently the top post on Reddit:

The elites have made a very obvious effort to gaslight our generation into self hatred: attention seeking, uneducated, prejudicial, unoriginal, ENTITLEMENT, special smowflake syndrome, etc etc. they have used a great deal of mind control to make our own parents hate us most and used this to make us hate us.

My theory is that a great deal of children received monarch programming. The only way to keep the powers this gives us in check is by keeping the ego and self esteem thoroughly eroded. If anyone gets a little too independent they simply retraumatize them.

The average slaves are far more powerful than they care to realize and they won't. I suppose I prefer it that way. Our generation has a ton of culture and I think history will actually record it this way.

Since discovering this site NRG has guided me to realizing that it is highly likely I was born as a moon child of the Mormon faith and trained with monarch slave training. Over the past week I have been coming to terms with the perception shattering realization that I was raped by my father as a toddler.

Now this memory is still very fractured and repressed, but I have long suspected it. Not from my own father but that makes the confusion and uncertainty make so much more sense. What is interesting is that traditional monarch training involves brutal incest at 18 months of age. So if I was raped by my father it likely first happened at that age.

I have a photographic memory of everything in my life up until 18 months when the first major blank spot is. What I do remember is going from deeply loving my father to irrationally hating him. But oscillating back and forth because he was still treating me with kindness at times.

My father (and I can attain the medical records and brain scans to prove this) spontaneously died for no known medical reason when I was 3 years old (on the summer solstice a few months after my third birth day to be precise). I used to think it was a brain aneurysm but my mother informed me a few months ago that it wasn't: they don't know what it was. His skull filled with blood and his brain died. The autopsy showed no signs of trauma or aneurysm. The doctor could not explain it.

My father was my handler. I was a monarch slave in the middle of training with no handler. I suspect I accidentally killed him. And so his mother, my grandma, attempted to take up the reigns next. I have vivid memories except of being with my grandma. I have fractured memories of the torture and abuse. I am certain she had other men rape me and perhaps even my own brother.

Once again what I do remember clearly is burning hatred. I wanted her gone just like I wanted my father gone right before he died. Suddenly she fell ill. Despite having not smoked in decades: she developed a rare form of lung cancer and was dead within three months. All I remember was elation at her stuck in the hospital bed, unable to harm me, then at her funeral I remember touching her cold cheek and knowing with full certainty my tormentor was gone.

At this point I left the Mormon church. I know I regularly attended a church with my grandma. I remember attending other churches with other family and friends but I barely remember my grandmas obscure church at all. They hunted me for years. They came to my house every day. They bribed all my friends parents into telling their kids they weren't allowed to play with me any longer unless I rejoined the church (I imagine I was against going back due to all the rape and torture). All my friends told me they were trying to save my soul. I didn't care I was not going back to that church unless someone dragged me there in chains.

I believe they tried a few more times. One was a father figure I had at 15 (retired marine sniper, retired cop). He molested me and attempted to rape me but kneed him in the groin and never trusted him again. Next was a Mormon man who was my best friend for a year. He fell in love with me and moved away probably because his own training broke from me and he became very confused.

There have been a few other handlers. No one can handle me. The only way they can is through torture but then they have a habit of randomly dying. I believe they created a weapon. I am also no where near egotistical enough to think they are afraid of me. They certainly have training inside me they can trigger or drugs they can use to take full control of me. Perhaps they do and that's where those blank spots in my memory are coming from nowadays... if so what missions then am I carrying out? How are they using my magik energy? Or when will they?

They can't control me 24-7. They have tried. But they can use me. I can use me to. I plan to, too. None of this was my choice. I'm not giving up or rolling over. I will do good for humankind and my family if possible.

The truth is they will always be able to find, kill and control me when they really want too. But that puts their handlers at risk so I think they have just given me some space and only bother with me when they really need someone like me or I'm in a convinent place. This is exactly why I moved somewhere rural. I really don't want to be used to commit a murder or act of terror; I just would rather stay out of prison is all...

The Master Board / I'm back at it and won't stop until they kill me
« on: April 21, 2017, 04:01:55 AM »
The truth will come out to the victors of history. Are we going to win?

The Master Board / The "suicide" of Aaron Hernandez
« on: April 20, 2017, 06:28:05 AM »

I highly doubt Hernandez killed himself.

What were these NFL boys up to? On the murder Hernandez was trying to get appealed:

"On June 16, the night before Lloyd's death, Hernandez texted two friends from out of state asked them to come to Massachusetts, writing, "You can't trust anyone anymore."[21] In the early morning hours of June 17, while a passenger in Hernandez's car, Lloyd texted his sister, "Did you see who I am with?" and when his sister responded, he replied, "NFL." Lloyd's last text to his sister read, "Just so you know."[22] His sister later admitted that she thought he was bragging, and the texts were dismissed from the case due to insufficient evidence that Lloyd feared for his life.[23]"

Something is VERY STRANGE about this case.

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