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The Master Board / Thread full of easily hypnotized buffoons
« on: April 20, 2017, 04:11:02 AM »
Is anybody NOT taken in by threads that purport to discuss:

* Who Runs Everything
* Why 10 year old children NEED to be arrested
* Why Trump is going to make America great again
* How many McNuggets the Facebook killer actually did eat
* Why "He" will eventually come to full realization of his powers
* When WWWIII is going down (definitely on the 17th)
* What the metaphysical and spiritual implications of having a tattoo are

OR!! are you simply an ex-GLP'er!!!

If so, then this thread is FOR YOU!!!

Come on in to discuss real subject matter from the standpoint of a Higher Vision: the Peace That Passeth All Understanding.

- None of the he said/she said Hegelian brand of Dialectics.
- None of that divisive, debased, distorted brand of Duality.
- And definitely none of the earth-bound blather that constitutes most of the absurdist inanity present on this--and other--website(s).

Come one, come all!

All who genuinely know and are capable (ONLY if you ARE capable) of seeing through your own Particularly Unique, Absolutely Commonplace, Garden Variety BS.
To arrive at a Higher Level of Consciousness and Enlightened Awareness.
Or, at least with a clearer understanding of what constitutes lies, subterfuge, disinformation and the ever present illusion of reality.

[In no way to be confused with that Higher, more Harmonious, capital R variant.]

Join today!! Half-price sale! Only $19.96!!

But wait!! There's more!!!

Join in the next 33 minutes or so and I'll throw in--completely free of charge--my Advanced Thread entitled:

How to Spot Web Bots, Agents of the Matrix, Shills, Trolls, and your Soon-to-be ex-Mother-in-Law (And How Not to Show You Know it)!

Act now. Supplies are limited. Operators are standing by. Limit one per customer. Void where prohibited. Prices and participation may vary.
First 13 posters receive a free coupon entitling them to a free experiential engagement with the Ancient and Noble Art of Dialectical Interchange. Free!

Don't Be The Last One On Your Block To Miss Out On This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity!

...operators are standing by

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