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Twin towers were consolidated into one.
The Master Board / Re: Hiding in plain sight
« Last post by Grass is Green on Today at 11:41:45 AM »

The Sirians eventually helped us yet again by creating a hybrid animal that contained human genetics, which we could eat; holding us off temporarily until we could get around to sacrificing a human in Satanic ritual ceremony. The Sirians chose the wild boar and mixed it's genetics with human genetics to create the domesticated pig, which is why pigs are used in the medical field because it is the most compatible with humans, since the pig is a human/wild boar hybrid.
The Master Board / Re: Key#1(and a challenge to those with eyes to see)
« Last post by zelezny on Today at 11:32:37 AM »
Here is a link of a poster who "borrowed" the book from an uncle who apparently had a physical copy The Book of the key and the Lock

He goes into some detail describing it and giving a few quotes to go off of.

It starts off:
"This book there is no doubt about it, is a book gleaned from mans primordial unconscious mind, guided by archetypes, and built on the same foundations as the ‘book of light and shadow’, Poems of Kabir, emerald tablets, book of the dead, epic of Gilgamesh" (names several other ancient religious/occult texts) 

Note NRG's post referring to the Book of the Dead above as well as in the Book of Loki poem from Trail of Deceit listing out specifically the epic of Gilgamesh.

The book also uses a cipher and the OP posts a picture of it stating that the book is easy to read at first but get more and more cryptic as the book goes on with many symbols to decode.

Some of these symbols and illustrations are similar to the one's Frank would use.

NRG said the cult found the book online.
The Master Board / Re: Hiding in plain sight
« Last post by Grass is Green on Today at 11:22:44 AM »
Blue bloods.
One of the words in the morodoloeth, anagram is fae.

Fae is old English for "from" so morodloeth represents a phrase. I suppose the phrase was anagrammed and then encrypted. I've been working backwards with fae, assuming that each letter corresponds to a letter in morodloeth. No luck yet, but if anyone sees something I don't, please chime in.
Woah. keep talking... (plz)  ???

I'm happy to, but we've had this discussion :P

And we shall have it again, afore the year is out. As there is no topic so magnetic.

Re: Storms on Saturn. We're accustomed to thinking Saturn as "over there" millions of miles away. But in this multi-dimensional game, it may be better to think of the plane-ettes as nested alongside each other in space. Each plane hosting another version of our selves.

And then there's the chakra=>planet connection.


That is really beautiful. A connection between writer and reader that actually comes to life when the words become the readers as well as the writers. I wish I could read everyone's book.

Hello Anam Cara,

Can you explain what you mean by "a connection between writer and reader that actually comes to life...?" More precisely, can you explicate what you experienced while reading post #176? You're doing do so might help others gain an experiential understanding of what Dialectical Interchange can engender if approached in the correct manner.

Best Regards,
Ambrosius Theophilus
The Master Board / Re: News, News and News
« Last post by Grass is Green on Today at 09:27:30 AM »
So.... there's this Google banner.

Saturn, up close and personal

Notice they simplified the craft's shape to none other than a pyramid.
If I can visualize it a moment before doing it then it will 100% certainly happen.
The Master Board / Re: A contribution
« Last post by 1999ANONYMOUS on Today at 05:39:43 AM »
Just sharing my thoughts. Or our thoughts? Our sub-concious?
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