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See if you can spot why he's bluffing

He deliberately misidentified SRA as "serialized ritual abuse" rather than what it is: satanic ritual abuse.

I actually viewed that as an attempt to bypass cognitive dissonance.

If he has "the goods" why is he settling for one of his demands?

That's the brass ring

He says he's giving the authorities a chance to act on this since they never have before. Could be a bluff. Hopefully it's not and they call it.



rho rho rho your boat/ark/chest...
Within this discussion:

I found this:

I have NOT yet tried this, please use your own discretion should you choose to proceed. I am currently downloading the 'tapes', and will likely give it a go and report back.


This is the US Army's 'Gateway Experience: Brain Hemisphere Sychronization'.

It details the physiology, bioelectrical processes, and electromagnetic elements of hypnosis, transcendental meditation, and biofeedback. (ALL work in vastly powerful and largely unknown and unused ways.) These are the modalities, among a few others, used to pursue and achieve what the US Army calls 'hemi-synch', or brain hemisphere synchronization. Delving into energetic universe, holograms, lasers, telepathy, remote viewing, the consciousness matrix, transcending the limitations of time-space, etc... DEEP and delicious. :) EVERYTHING is energy. Fields within fields of energy.

It also explains (without explaining) the route by which all mind control, inception, social engineering, subliminals, etc work by 'tricking' or otherwise bypassing the left hemisphere of the brain, to directly access and thus program the right.

Another possible take away, is that the 'Hemi- synch', the state the process pursues (which can also be achieved in an immediate fashion via audio (i.e. music, sound, binaural beats, subliminals, subaudibles, etc), sounds a lot like a unified mind, an anointed, or 'enlightened' state, krystallah, kristos, 'christ'-like consciousness state...

Alas, please do yourself the favor of reading it on your own, as I surely cannot do it justice.
I said some time ago celebs would begin speaking out. Sadly this is war, that's one things the fat man got right.

The child of a major star and a former dis/nick star within close proximity are going to finally shake the stupid out of people.

It's likely not until nov-Dec, as the hyperemotional tonic of the holidays can be used for noble or ignoble purpose alike.
Maybe potus oompa loompa's inaction will finally show you what side hes
The Master Board / Re: 7/7/17 to 7/11/17
« Last post by sheepdog on Today at 06:15:54 AM »
  lmfao omgawd how phukin true.Mine just give me stony looks  then it's like just what you said. Have saved ones tushy some of my ranting caused her to pause in a perilous place -a phukin mall- and her situation was contained-must have a first hand intro !!!No longer goes alone I accompany her now .
The Master Board / Re: 7/7/17 to 7/11/17
« Last post by montecristo777 on Today at 05:30:14 AM »
Funny i re-watched the lawn mower man lately and in the intro the "ape" goes "ape shit" and the first security clearence he was breaking was "M-12" ..
And on another synchronicity i got stuck after watching the Movie "Hanger 18" .. (yes dave mustaine wrote a song about it).
And to make it complete i was called a anti-semite 2 times today by some one i  would call deeply brain washed.
Questioning the continously play of the victim makes you a victim.. when  you are german.
It hurts to witness and even more to recognize it everywhere.
those feels.. must be very hard to be a German now with head in the right place.. ive been called raycssst sexist anti semite and a crazy person by many now lol. when i speak about these subjects to friends, i can see it in their faces, as i start speaking, that they instantly think its bs what i say. started ranting about the slimey zuck and showed one of the friends the video with the hoodie symbols and the response was its just bs u got from the internet and that you're in a online community with fucking crazy people and i just repeat what they say... to top it off, i was called crazy by my grandma because i said that my little brother shouldnt watch tv or drink fucking coke
POTUS Donald Trump, Obama spoke re Baby Trayvon & Gentle Giant Mike Brown.
I expect you to speak regarding Officer Mohammed Noor killing the "infidel"  Ms Damond

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