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Came over this.
Dr. Anderson began his time experiments with relatively low grade retardation and acceleration of time (in a time-warp field about the size of a soccer ball), it was still incredible technology the likes of which the world had never heard of, let alone seen or conceived of. As he began to upgrade his technology, he also showcased it to the Discovery Channel who did a full documentary that has never aired to this day. It was done just prior to 9-11, an event which caused a complete security lock down (from the U.S. Government) on the Time Travel Research Center on Long Island. It also caused the dissolution of this center. David withdrew from the limelight at that point and while he retained some ownership in the time travel technology he had pioneered, he let others lead the way. He went to work as a Vice President for Bosch Industries in Rochester, New York, a German company which is one of the largest defense contracts to the U.S. Government.
Events reach a critical mass in public relations terms when he went public in 2010. This began with an interview on Other World Radio conducted by myself, Sandra Sabatini and Rick Smith on December 30, 2009. It was followed up with two more interviews, one conducted by Art Bell in January (still available on YouTube and a must-listen), and another with Sonia Barrett and myself a couple of months later. He also did an interview with my friend Hillary Raimo and may have done a few others as well. The most spectacular of these revelations was that he had actually increased the “time chamber” to a much larger size and was putting humans in it. As David is a scientist and presents his claims with impressive science and explanations, it caused quite a stir. The excitement was overshadowed by public and private attacks against him and his associates. All mention of him was taken off Wikipedia.

I remember reading some thread on 4chan/x/ a few years ago regarding the time travel research of Dr. Anderson, and how he basically seemed to have vanished from the face of the earth save for a few unannounced interviews and presentations of his findings.

Does anyone have any more info on this? Supposedly ties into the whole Montauk project, and the altering of time lines we're seeing. With the Mandela effect(I do remember learning about him dying in his prison cell on Robben Island in elementary school), the /x/ thread about air conditioners being illegal and luciferians being publicly visible in the 80s/90s(which also does resonate with me).

The Master Board / Word spells
« on: September 20, 2017, 04:16:32 PM »
Inspired by the etymology thread. Strange things in the english language.

Don't believe any of this. It's all true.

We have feet that smell, and noses that run.

Currency - currents of the sea
Central banks - river banks

Understand - stand under(like a boss asks his employee 'do you understand?' = 'you stand under me and do as i say'

The Master Board / Netflix are trying to awaken people(?)
« on: June 10, 2017, 08:53:47 PM »
Stranger Things, The OA and now The Keepers. A lot of interesting stuff that seems to have be anchored in good intentions of making people aware of what crawls in the shadows and what is between heaven and earth. Opening up to hyperdimensional, bendable reality.

Lots of eye-opening and unique stuff streaming and on tv these days.

Remember we have people on our team everywhere. Two thirds are stronger than one third.

The Master Board / Some questions for nrg.
« on: May 08, 2017, 02:47:19 AM »
I really resonate with most of what you are saying. But a few things have been irking me lately, and I would like more information on this.
So, black africans - negroids - are the native humanoids of this planet. You say they are not souled beings but more akin to intelligent animals. First of all what is your definition of a soul? I find it hard to understand how these people could go on to create so much of the music that I love today. Jazz, soul, blues and funk. Don't you need a soul to be like the creator and create? Is not creation directly tied to the soul, or am I mistaken? Did black people evolve organically on this earth, or were they created by outside forces? Or were some lesser type of being the blueprint for genetic modification that resulted in the blacks of today?

I am not a racist, and grew up in a part of my city where we had people from all over the world living. I even have a black woman that I've been seeing on and off for the last 10 years. But I have noticed some things about blacks from being around them.

1. They are horrible when it comes to paying back money you lend them, sometimes you won't even get it back, and if you do it often takes months of reminding them about this several times a week - so I stopped lending out money to them, as well as any other people who ask(except those that have my trust).

2. They are in general more loud and noisy than most whites and asians I know.

3. I've never met a black person who was truly spiritual. Doing self work, meditation and mindfulness while at the same time being aware and bringing light to the darker sides of reality.

4. Two times they have directly stolen from me that I know of. Once I invited some to my home for some music and weed. As I left my room for the toilet they stole something in my room. Another time I gave one of them a job. She needed some money so I told her she could sell something for me she could keep 25% of the profit. When I come back it turns out she just took all of the profit and used it.

The second thing I want to discuss is that you said that the cold-immersion part of the Wim Hof method was quack. Why and how is it so? I've tried it this winter in Copenhagen, in sub-zero(centigrades) conditions and it does work. You don't feel the cold. Your body starts generating that inner heat. For a body, physical as well as etheric, plagued by chemical imbalances and etheric entity attachment it really helps shocking the body like this. When you are at a weak point in your life, feeling like you hit rock bottom, that feeling of mastery over the element of cold can really be a turning point upwards and back to grace.  It gives you this boost, a little bit of an euphoric rush that helps quieting the mind. Have you yourself tried the breathing + cold immersion?

And thirdly I have some questions about the jews/hebrews. I feel like the 'bad guys' are the zionists. Is there any truth to the theory that Zionists are Khazarians that converted to Judaism, but in reality they hold messed up views from their old ways of cannibalism, human sacrifice, blood rituals etc? Or are all jews bad. I'm asking as I was at a ayahuasca ceremony in Holland, outside Maastricht in November. Actually it was psilocybin mushrooms with a MAOI-inhibitor(Syrian Rue) - but there I shared a room and really bonded with this british jewish girl. She had origins from the Sephardic jews though, and not ashkenazi(atleast that's what she told me). During the ceremony we had a similar experience of going to hell and seeing the darkness and evil of the world - I literally had visions of cults sacrificing and eating babies. We were both pisces, and after the ceremony we both took the same train to Amsterdam, as my plane was leaving the next day I asked her if I could crash at her couch for the night, and she was cool with that. When we got to her place she offered me to sleep in her bed in her room, and she'd take the couch. Quite un-jewish traits if you ask me. Basically what I'm asking is that is it not wrong to generalise a whole ethnic group of people/followers of a religion due to some rotten eggs? Or was she just acting and playing jewish tricks on me? She seemed to be sincere in her quest for knowing more about these worlds and dimensions that we exist in and between.

Thanks!  :)

The Master Board / Hiding in plain sight
« on: April 26, 2017, 02:44:51 AM »
Kidman. Kid man.

KEMET Corporation. Kemet was what the ancient egyptians called their land, they were the people of Kem.
CEO Per Loof has connections to swedish royals. Attends galas for 'World Childhood Foundation'.

Now look at Michael Aquino.

See the similarities in their faces and phenotypes. These look like these rare white people you can find some places in Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia. Green and blue eyed, blond/red hair/strawberry blonde, light skin, almost pinkish. And the cheeks as well are very telling. Some bloodline thing.


Notice how the majority of the accounts this account follows are set to private. Google some of the names of who she follows.
Emma Tillinger Koskoff comes up - Hollywood producer, worked on Wolf of Wall Street and some other stuff with Scoresese.

Other people following are nobility, artists and other assorted elites.

'Harvey Schwartz's territory is the severe end of the child sexual abuse continuum, where victims' experiences are so unthinkable and their adaptations so bizarre that the rest of us are tempted to pronounce them fictions-whereupon we become complicit by subverting the survivors' struggles to heal. Schwartz synthesizes trauma theory and relational psychoanalysis to make sense of perpetrator, collaborator, and victim pathologies, and exposes the tortuous double-binds of therapy for and with dissociative patients. His office is the last stop on a kind of underground treatment railroad; his say-it-isn't-so case material reverberates throughout.'

Hey! I thought we could have a thread were we share, discuss and talk about practical methods of doing STO(service to others) based magic.
But since a great deal of us might have been traumatised and such, we often might struggle with different mental problems, bad self-image and so on. One has to love and fully accept oneself before one can truly love others. And by loving ourselves, helping others also becomes a lot easier. When you have dealt with your own shit, energy blocks and so on, ones abilities for healing greatly increase.

Oftentimes us folks on the light side are targeted by the dark side since childhood. Our incarnations here are oftentimes something that the dark side is aware of, sometimes even before we are born, and they try their best to screw us over so we will live in fear and not realise our true potential. They want to keep us from collectively raising the frequency of this planet, and what better way to do that then to lower our frequency through traumatic events(rape, abuse, neglect, etc), black magic rituals and so on.

I myself was, according to my own body, ritually abused at the young age of 11 months, by some cult working for the dark forces. I always had the feeling that I was abused in some way, and I thought it was either some MK-Ultra/Black ops military/government thing or SRA-related. I found the answer about 6-7 weeks ago when I went with my mother to an intuitive healer who used the kinesiologi method of muscle testing to establish this. We also did Qi-Gong at sunrise every day for most of the week.

Half a year ago I started doing some bodywork both at a professional therapist who works with gestalt-therapy and 'somatic experience' and doing bio-energetics at home.

Lately I've started doing the Wim-Hof method of ice-baths and power-breathing to shock my system and gain another upper-edge over my body and mind.
Here is his 10 week course, but if you can afford it, I strongly urge you to pay for it on his official site.

I've also been an on/off practitioner of Kriya Yoga for the last 4 years and can highly recommend that as well. I learnt about it through the fantastic book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' by Paramhansa Yogananda. The book does not really teach you the technique, as you used to have to go to an initiation rite and it was a secret. I learnt the method from Ryan Kurczak who has a wonderful YouTube channel for those who would like to learn. Start with this playlist:
And if you just want the technique - this is the videos

I've also been wanting to start dabbling in telekinesis, but due to lack of time I have just done a few things. Anyways this guy, trebor7, seems to be the real deal, and I can resonate with him. Check his YouTube channel, he has lots of guides and demonstrations of what he is able to do.

And last, but not least I've just now, the 3rd of March(3/3 ;) ), started practicing the methods outlined in Arch-traitor Blueflukes fantastic guide:

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