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The Master Board / Re: Music Music Music
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blast from the past
The Master Board / Re: WTF pics/videos
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The Master Board / Re: WTF pics/videos
« Last post by Samalayuca on Today at 04:38:31 PM »
Gaga and 5 presidents. 3 smile and protect themselves, two look like zombies
The Master Board / Re: Some Sephir for your Sunday
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new one!!   :)
The Master Board / Re: Funny Videos and Stuff
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The Master Board / Re: Jim and Andy
« Last post by Possibles on Today at 03:12:57 PM »
 A gem in the entertainment business. Must be difficult for him.
 Here's his commencement address a the Maharishi University.
The last three comments are all correct.

A surprising dislogue i had with a fellow "insider" last night informed me "the moment our people have been waiting for is near, it will be like in the clone wars when all the jedis simultaneously draw light sabers from among the crowd"

Just thought youd all like to know.

Very encouraging to hear. Thank you.
I agree.  Long awaited.
The Master Board / Re: WTF pics/videos
« Last post by Searching in TX on Today at 02:14:14 PM »
So it was supposed to be a false flag. Paddock left behind suicide notes and other media that he was anti fascist killing conservatives. This was supposed to excelerate tensions between the extreme left and right.

The right was then supposed to attack the left (or another false flag) and kill massive numbers. Probably on Nov 4th. This would be spinning into civil war (with the media trying desperately to call it other things but the police completely unable to contain the violence). The left would retaliate by assasinstinf Donald Trump and this would lead to a civil war.

Sources have told me they wanted to kill Trump for a year but the narrative wasn't right yet to lead to civil war. Civil war promotes the globalization effort (nwo).

But the FBI doesn't want a civil war. So they hid all the motives from paddock that he was antifascist. He also might not have actually been antifa and either a puppet or under psyche manipulation. He also might have been a fascist pretending to be antifa for a few years because of how strongly he wanted a civil war to kill an antifa threat. I don't know. It's a spook and the FBI wants him to be. It's the other side that didn't want this.

At least that's my theory after doing on the ground research. I don't like being back here guys. Really bad feelings but it's where I'm supposed to be. If they wanted me dead I would be, right? They just don't think anyone will listen to me (and they are right).
I thought about you @delethis when the event happened.  I was wondering if you were still in Vegas.  I have read that the event was supposed to be much larger than what took place, but was thwarted somehow.  Too many questions and not enough answers.
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