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4chan is blocking new posts after it was revealed on pol that joe capone, owner of the bar seth rich was last seen alive at, was in the oval office 4 days before his murder.

You may be kidding around but the quantity of smear campaigning going on right now is extreme. Bauman certainly is lying. He attempts to discredit Rod Wheeler, but Bauman has ties to the DNC and works pro bono for the family. He is the closest thing to a handler that I have ever seen. Numerous stories are attempting to out Rod Wheeler, yet he is risking his own life and has managed to shake up the system now. He has done it. If you do not trust Wheeler, please watch a full interview with him on this topic. He is serious and conservative with his words. He is not the half clown that some are portraying him to be. All that smear is a fine indicator. This is the American Spring, and it will not be televised. The U$FG is falling apart before our eyes.  The propaganda state for some strange reason has chosen to expose itself fully to us. This is the largest political drama that has ever taken place in this country. People will be discussing the 2016 election a hundred years from now as a turning point.

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