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The Master Board / Re: No more tom foolery. Its time.
« on: January 14, 2018, 09:10:53 PM »
I decided to post this under here since its somewhat related to seeing whos "real" and who are not.

Anyway, I was overhearing last nights Saturnday Night Live and this really made me raise my eyebrow and look around to see if anyone else caught it.

Video starts at 5:00

Michael Che's "joke" about him wanting just a "regular boring old white dude president that smiles and shape shifts into a lizard at night?"

They are just rubbing in our face at this point. This isn't even the first time
that something like this was said on TV, but its the most recent one I could find.

I am absolutely amazed that even though someone in a somewhat 'reputable' position on TV said this,
no one noticed this as strange to say the least.

"Did you see that?"

"Yeah, that was strange wasn't it? I wonder where he got the inspiration for that joke from. Its so odd and random."

"Gee wiz, I wonder where he got it from too. He definitely wasn't referring to anything real with such a specific "joke""

I wonder how many people just blew this off as a "conspiracy theorist" meme. . .

The Master Board / Re: Movies decoded
« on: January 13, 2018, 10:43:29 PM »
There isnt really any "code" in these three clips.
Both of them are quite obvious and im sure some of you have seen them already.

From the movie "Network" apparently.

The Master Board / Re: What if I were to tell you..
« on: January 13, 2018, 10:22:05 PM »
Since at least two members from K.I.S.S. are high level occultists,
I came across this and while it may be an exaggerated interpretation (maybe not. . .) of K.I.S.S.
I still found it a bit funny.

Mainly because its from Scooby Doo and they appear to be in the know about them.

They open a star shaped portal with their instruments that they summon with magic and activate the portal with their voices and instruments.

The dialouge in the begining is also quite funny.

Gene: "Activate the dynasty star portal"

Velma: "You mean the Ferris wheel?"

Peter: "Its actually a portal to the cosmic realm"


Paul: "Does your eye see the future"

He points at his right eye with the star painted on it

Interesting, no?

The Master Board / Re: No more tom foolery. Its time.
« on: January 13, 2018, 06:16:43 PM »

She is alluring in the way all primordial things are. Shes best described as the physical form of the next step
What is the next step?

I'm guessing genetic modification/trans-humanism in some form of biotech. Now come to think of it when you look into her eyes longer she sort of gives off this automaton vibe...

The first time I saw this I could have sworn I saw this before somewhere else, just not sure where. . .

But when I saw it this time, I thought it was some synthetic or human turned robot like entity.

Interesting to look at yes, appealing or attractive so some degree sure,
But I always look for the eyes, and this entities eyes. . . Im not sure what to make of them.
First thing that came to mind was some kind of drone as mentioned before, but they dont exactly
give off "warm vibes" at first. Its still "fun" to look at them though.

So in regards to her being the "next step", do you mean this in a good way or negative way?

Also because you mentioned "automaton", I just had to reference this
video game from a very controversial Japanese game creator Yoko Taro.
His work makes absolutely no sense to many people, especially his earlier works prior to Nier.
But the game I am referencing is the most recent one from him that got many good reviews: Neir Automata

The story of the game revolves around two androids sent to earth to kill off the machines and other robots that
man created that took over earth while humanity lies elsewhere, not sure where I think the base for android
manufacturing is on the moon or somewhere near it.
Anyway, they make a series of androids made to be sent to earth to clear out the remaining hostile
ones made in the past, though there are still "humans" on earth.
Should also note that none of the androids are allowed to "feel".
If they feel then they are called back to the laboratory and they are put out of service.
And yes, there is a machine/chip in them that keeps track of their feelings or if they feel at all.

While I really do enjoy his games, I am also sure that he knows something and his hiding it in his often "2Deep4Me" games.
The older ones especially, have so many things going on in them at the same time that you'd think the man was insane.
However I have watched online interviews with him and he does appear to know more then hes letting on about the real meaning behind his work.
Should also note that he doesn't like to show his face, so he now often wears a giant moon mask around his face.

The Master Board / Re: Thor
« on: January 13, 2018, 05:51:29 PM »
is the Rune maybe a part of a bigger symbol?

Spinning Thor ... us

The first image of the vector equilibrium inside the thorus right in the middle looks like the Triforce
from the Legend of Zelda series.
Both the upright and inverted one.

In the series they have Hyrule the over world and the parallel world Lorule

Hyrules version of the triforce is the upright triangle with three smaller triangles in it.
While Lorules is the exact opposite, inverted and colored black while the other is gold.

Interestingly enough, this symbol is also the same one the Hojo Clan from Japan use(d).

Also note that the Hojo Clan according to wiki ended its reign in 1333.
Just thought that was interesting.

Ive found there are a lot of possible truths and symbolism in the Zelda series.

The Master Board / Re: News, News and News
« on: January 13, 2018, 05:35:57 PM »
I was taken back a bit but recently there was a "ballistic missile attack" on one of the Islands in Hawaii.

Only later to be found out that it was an "accident" and that there was no missiles coming.

Talk about energy farming, fear inducing propaganda.

The reason I was taken back was because I spotted so much code in the first few moments
I saw the reports on the news.

This is the image that I saw on the TV and appears to be the most common one being spread around.

Notice the time stamp 8:07 - take away 0 and your left with 8:7 - 8+7 = 15
This event happened on Saturday- Saturn day,
It happened on Saturn day with the coded time stamp that equals 15- which is also the total sum of each row and column in the
Saturn magic square.

This happened in the month of January, day 13

January 13th Planetary Influence
"The Capricorn's ruling planet is Saturn, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you receive planetary influence from Mercury as well. While Saturn's planetary power is responsible for your discipline, determination and organization, it is Mercury's influence that relates links to your gifts of communication and mental agility."

I speculate they are and have been organizing to some long term goal, at the very least loosh farming
at the very most something greater I cant really put my finger on at the moment but I know its there.

"When December comes to a close, the month of January and the new year begins. Being the first month of the Gregorian calendar, as well as the coldest month of the year, the frigid weather of a budding winter pairs nicely with New Year's festivities and resolutions. As the weeks past, people across the globe celebrate different holidays and cultural traditions, including Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States and Coming of Age Day in Japan.

The two zodiac signs associated with January are Capricorn and Aquarius. Capricorns, who are born from January 1 - January 19 are one of the zodiac's most energetic and hardworking of signs. Those born under this sign are sure to always reach towards great achievement."

In this instance not born, but the event happened under this sign,
which would lead one to think that this event that happened under this specific sign is a fragment of a much larger goal.

Comming of age day in Japan

This year It would be on the 8th of January.
Why am I pointing this out when its Hawaii? Because if im not mistaken, Hawaii is practically Japanese territory now.
Perhaps not in the official records but its really full of Japanese people.

January 8th- the time stamp had 8 in it first, the coming of age ritual signified by the code that the time in the screenshot shows.
The 7? im not sure what that would be referring to currently but I know its something.
Combined its 15, the number or a number of the Saturn magic square.

So for the sake of the argument, lets say that Hawaii owned by Japanese people
set up this event on this extremely specific day under certain circumstances and the time stamp on the image
that is being wide spread on the very credible news stations is really code for something else.
This event that in the time stamp also lines up with the Coming of age day in japan for this year to some degree,
is showing that this ritual was the first of their "coming of age" for this "new year".
I dont want to sound like I know it all but Im fairly sure that this was some kind of ritual of some sort.

And of course, lets not forget the sigil thats on the alert in the top left hand corner of the message on the screen.
A triangle with a exclamation point.
Not too sure what that signifies currently either but I know its something.

And perhaps I was completely off the mark with all this.
But I thought I should point it out nonetheless.

I also have read in many places that when a "normie" sees the TV they see programming,
But when some very "initiated" G men and or some more then aware people in the "private sector"
sees it, they see code and they know to act on something or that something is being acted on.

The Master Board / Re: Movies decoded
« on: January 13, 2018, 04:46:57 PM »
Btw wayne gretzkys daughter has her dads number tattooed on her vagina, infer what you will

Is it this?

Its not "on" her vagina one could say but its pretty close.

Number 99

The Master Board / Re: Key#1(and a challenge to those with eyes to see)
« on: January 10, 2018, 05:33:27 PM »
Correct me if I am wrong, but everything we need to "ascend" is already in this thread no?

If not this thread then on this forum. We just have to connect the dots and understand and apply the information.

The Master Board / Re: No more tom foolery. Its time.
« on: January 08, 2018, 02:53:33 AM »
Being cloned/replaced and being inhabited is a distinction that will be important to make.

Dave chapelle, check out his new netflix special. Thats not dave. But its not, not dave.

I have noticed this actually.
The first time he was making his "comeback" into the industry after getting kicked out for not wearing a dress I saw that his eyes changed.

Does being "inhabited" mean being "possessed"?
So has Dave been possessed? I am not sure if he was cloned but he may have.
Ive noticed that all clones have darker skin then they had prior to being replaced.
Some kind of consistent tan shade.

Also, what will these quartz glasses allow us to see specifically?
Will we be seeing non physical entities or will we be able to see hidden subliminal s and the difference between "real people" and "them"?

The Master Board / Re: Key#1(and a challenge to those with eyes to see)
« on: January 07, 2018, 10:55:08 PM »
Organic Portals & Bloodlines
(remember the emphasis on the Rofs bloodline?)

It is impossible to look at the races on the earth today, the red, the white, the black, or the yellow, and argue that one or the other is this “pre-adamic” and soulless race. We cannot speak of groups, nations, tribes, nor peoples who are members of the “soulless”race as a group.

The DNA of the two races is completely mixed, and this is the real meaning of the pollution of the bloodline. Only those with the appropriate genetic makeup are actually able to accommodate a soul and therefore pursue esoteric work, which means that no color or ethnic group is either excluded or has an advantage.

Consider this further. The DNA of these two races is so mixed that both can be found within the same families.

related to bloodlines...

Hell-Fire Clubs, Knights Templar, and First Ladies in Drag Decided

As they say a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Even if one can forgive his cursory knowledge of genetics, it should be obvious just through the annals of History. Many races have had esoteric champions. Sun Tzu Buddha Alexander Ramses Pythagoras, you all know the names. There is but one glaring exclusion

African maybe?

The only person that comes to mind is Shaka Zulu.
Though I wouldn't call him a "genius"- at least not in terms of "sciences" or math.
He appeared to be more war oriented.

If my information about him is correct then he went insane over something about his past that got to him and lead to his downfall.
That and that he apparently always wanted to be in a constant state of war.

Out of all my research, I have not really found any African "esoteric warrior" that was close to mastering some sort of state of being.

I could be wrong but idk.

The Master Board / Re: No more tom foolery. Its time.
« on: January 07, 2018, 06:41:24 AM »
If im going super direct its need to know.

Things got accelerated, like a lot.

First thing you want to do is find blue quartz. Have it fashioned into lenses, silver frames.

Kinda like they live, but not quite as nihilist.

Lenses how thick?

How pure the silver?

Is this something we need a special machine for like glasses or do they just need to be thin enough to see through?
Is there someone or somewhere that will offer this service or can any Joe Blow DIY this in their garage?

Silver, sterling (92.5) at the minimum, quartz, thin enough to grant clear transluscence.

Nice thing about the internet is anything can be custom made.

Is there some kind of specific quartz needed?
There appears to be a few different kinds.

The Master Board / Re: No more tom foolery. Its time.
« on: January 07, 2018, 04:53:33 AM »
If im going super direct its need to know.

Things got accelerated, like a lot.

First thing you want to do is find blue quartz. Have it fashioned into lenses, silver frames.

Kinda like they live, but not quite as nihilist.

Lenses how thick?

How pure the silver?

Is this something we need a special machine for like glasses or do they just need to be thin enough to see through?
Is there someone or somewhere that will offer this service or can any Joe Blow DIY this in their garage?

The Master Board / Re: No more tom foolery. Its time.
« on: January 07, 2018, 04:40:50 AM »
Im so infrequently literal.

Connect the dots.

Mori Art Museum, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
Samsung Museum of Modern Art (Leeum), Seoul, S Korea
State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, France
Tate Modern, London, UK
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, USA
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C., USA
Palace of the Asturian Center, Havana, Cuba
Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Des Moines, USA
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

"...... ....... are not welcome here"

Every single one of these museums have giant spider sculptures somewhere within the area.

"Weaving Spiders are not welcome here"

“Weaving spiders, come not here, Hence, you long legged spinners, hence! Beetles black, approach not here, worm nor snail, do no offense.”

The Master Board / Re: Trump just sealed his fate
« on: January 05, 2018, 03:53:38 PM »

lol, from Wolff's book.  I don't believe a word of what I've seen so far and the author himself as much as admitted that it's a work of fiction (author's notes).  I do find it hilarious though.  One description I've seen of it describes it best: "Lib porn"

Quote from: nrgiseternal
Youd be hardpressed to find any work of fiction without truth in it, ironically non fiction is a vastly easier milieu to achieve the feat with

I am sure there are SOME truths in it...

Did you see the Gorilla Channel excerpt?? 🤣🤣🤣

Yeah, lol.  That was one of the funniest ones @Firefly369 .

As far as SOME truth in the book, it DID take place in the White House most likely  :P

Is this the new book that got released about Trump you guys are talking about or another?

Someone I know is speaking so highly of this book (Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House) as a completely
credible source of writing made to inform the public about Trumps true nature.

I have yet to read the book but I still think its propaganda.
Should probably read the book though before I make such bold assumption, no?

The Master Board / Re: Key#1(and a challenge to those with eyes to see)
« on: January 03, 2018, 09:46:40 PM »

There have been many Arthur's there is an Arthur today. And because Arthur is real we know Merlin is real and just as with Arthur there have been many Merlin's and there is a Merlin today they are both names you all know. Sadly because history does repeat itself there is also a Lancelot today and he has caused quite a bit of trouble

now I have to go read Lancelot stories.  :)

This also means there is a Joan of Arc and Ghangis Khan alive.  And Alexander the Great and every Mayan warrior, right?  When we increase the Earth population, where does the soul energy come from?

Joan,genghis,alexander,yes... no mayans. not a single one.think on THAT for a while ;)

the population of earth never changes, lots of NPCs in the game of life, or empty vessels as it were.

So this train of though looks like it ties into the concept that there are "organic portals"
or "NPCs" as one may call them.

They look alive, act alive, even get birth and raised as they where alive.
But unless you know how to tell if they wasn't "alive", then you would always think they where when they really wasn't.
Even worse if your so "immersed" in this "game" that you think the NPCs are alive
and you wasn't able to tell the difference between "really players" and NPCs.
Living under the rule and oppression of other NPCs and getting into trouble if you harm them.

So if they arent "real" then it wouldn't matter what would happen to them right?
One could theoretically murder an NPC and nothing negative will happen as a result.

Joan - French
Genghis - Asian/Mongol
Alexander - Greek
Mayans - Hispanic(?)

Would this be implying that only "real people/players" incarnate into certain races or groups of people?
To say that there are no real people in a certain group is quite a bold statement but if one
can see somehow if that is the case then it isn't such a bold claim.
But to a "normal" average Joe Blow (who is probably a NPC himself) this is something larger then life that would be impossible to pull off.

Can a NPC realize they are not real?
What would happen then if that was the case?
Sounds almost like West World where the "real people" there did what ever they wanted,
pillaged, raped, murdered and enslaved whoever they wanted because they knew they wasn't "real"- NPCs basically.

Surely there must be some way of telling who is an NPC and who is not.

Think of the game Fable on Xbox to do treatment of NPCs affect your alignment?

Does your treatment of NPCs in Dungeons & Dragons affect your alignment?

From what ive been able to find within a few minuets.
Yes- your treatments towards NPCs do affect your alignment.
I haven't played Dungeons and Dragons admittedly. However, I assume its the same thing there as well.

In Fable, the first one that is, how you treat NPCs effects your alignment and changes your appearance.
The more "good" you do/are the more "white" you get. Blue eyes, white hair, white skin and halo etc.
The more "bad" you do/are the more "dark" you become. Red eyes, black hair, horns, red aura etc.

At the very least then if nothing else, you can tell someones "alignment" IRL if you know what to look for.
As far as telling if someone is an NPC or not, I am not aware of what to look for.

Assuming all of us non NPCs chose to be here and chose the specific conditions we incarnate as.
Then I guess it wouldn't be out of the question to assume that no one wanted to incarnate as certain players in this game.
Mayans for the sake of the example would be one of them if no one of them are not non NPCs

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