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The Master Board / Removing nano fibers. . .
« on: March 17, 2018, 09:38:45 PM »
Im not sure if its been said on here how to remove these little fibers,
I saw the posts about the red wine test however I have yet to get to that, other then that im not sure if I have them 100%
but I highly suspect I do.

Are there any other methods that you lot are aware of that will remove these things?

The Master Board / A rather strange game with a disturbing plot. . .
« on: October 09, 2017, 04:58:50 AM »
I ran across this game recently while strolling the net and I thought it was interesting.

The game is called "Haydee" and if you look past the main character, which is a half naked women with a robot head and upper torso, the story itself is pretty strange and I don't understand it at all.

The game appears to be about an A.I. that is stuck in a facility and the goal is to either escape and or take control of the facility by killing the current "master" of it.
The disturbing part is, aside from a half robot half human is that no matter what ending you achieve, you will be fated to die and restart the game all over again from the start and try to retake the facility
except your retaking the facility from yourself, quite literally. Like I mentioned before, the only way to retake it is to kill the previous master, which is just the last iteration of "you" that the A.I. takes control of.
So in a nutshell, all the endings go like this:

The "escape" ending- which, quite contrary to the name, you dont actually escape. You apparently get locked in a room after opening it with the required key and are trapped there and I have no idea what happens after that.

The "master" ending- where you fight other robots I assume is controlled by the same A.I. that controls you, to a room where resides the current "master" which is the last version of "you" that killed the previous master
by killing the at the time, current version of "you" which, endlessly goes on in a loop of you killing yourself and restarting the game from the beginning of the facility only to kill yourself and do it all again.

The "backup" ending- which you take a back up save state from a previous point in time in the facility and the whole thing restarts all over again. The "joke" here is that no matter where you go in time in the facility,
its practically irrelevent as every moment in time is just you killing other robots controled by "you" to reach the "end" where you choose one of the three endings.

Now, if I had to sum it up after all that, It seems you play as a half human half robot entity that is in an endless loop trapped in a facility that is a perfect prison.
The developer of the game has apparently stated that the person you play as, the half naked robot girl is half human.
So that would mean that all the entities you fight and dead bodies you see littered across the floor across the facility are all "human" to some degree.

I wanted to share this because I found the whole concept itself a bit disturbing if im being honest.
If I had to give my guess, I feel that theres some greater meaning to this game, who ever made it.
Im not sure what this "greater meaning" would be, but I figured someone here could possibly find this an interesting concept for a game.

The Master Board / Donald Drumpf the time traveler. . .
« on: September 30, 2017, 09:47:13 PM »
There was a thread on one of the forums for conspiracies that talked about Trump being a time traveler
Here to save the world- Ill post the link to the thread when I find it again

As silly as this may sound, its something that was really elaborated on and while I am open to the possibility of it,
I just really don't think that this is the case, but I could be wrong.

What do you think?

The Master Board / Stuff in my food
« on: September 26, 2017, 07:22:30 PM »
This may sound a little insignificant and asinine for a thread, but its kinda on my nerves at this point,
Please, bear with me,

Now, I have been noticing little thread like objects in my chips,
Sometimes clear and "white", other times kinda resembling hair and or thin black thread.

I have seen some speculation on "morgellons" and that it resembles what I am seeing,
Now, for an honest thought on this matter, since its freaking me out quite a bit now, should I stop eating them all together?
Im not going to experience extreme discomfort and or symptoms that would only equate to death will I?
Excuse me for this seemingly irrelevant thread, but its a little concerning thinking of the possibilities as to what it could be
And the fact that im seeing this in my "food".
And yes, i know chips are bad for you, before any of you say that.

And assuming I find this in other foods as well. should I stop eating that as well?

The Master Board / Black helicopters. . .
« on: September 19, 2017, 06:34:25 PM »
Not sure if there is a topic on this forum yet about them, but I would be suprsied if it has not been mentioned before.
Now, someone linked me this site on "Black helicopters" and it explains that apparently they are some form of advanced nano technology,

While it may seem ridiculous at first, I wouldn't rule anything out and I wanted to see what you guys thought of this site if you have a moment to take a look at it.

If this is not the correct description of what they are, then what are these black helicopters and what purpose do they serve?


The Master Board / Word play and the "Xbox ONE". . .
« on: August 25, 2017, 07:55:48 PM »
Some things I remembered while reading the maritime law thread and its word play used to deceive,
This may or may not be correct but I though i should share it regardless

When people say that "you cant break the law" or something to that effect, I thought of what the "law" would be backwards
And you get "wal" add one "l" and you get "WALL"
What I have come to conclude for the moment is that you cant break the "law" because the law is the wall that keeps you in bondage
Break that and you are one step closer to freedom,

Now on to "God"

God is dog backwards, and another word for God is "lord"
What do dogs do? they drool and the word "Lord" backwards is "drol"
Add an "o" and you get "drool", God is Lord just like Dogs Drool

A stereotype for dogs is that they hate "cats" and chase them away.
World wide, we all assume blindly that what ever "God" entity exists, it must be a man.
Because men are superior and women are inferior, yet a man cant give birth to a child, what they rely on to carry their "legacy" or what ever
They must rely on the inferior entity, the woman to do.
Now, what do women have? Vaginas.
What are they known as in other terms? We call them "pussies" and I dont think its a coincidence that another name for "cats" is to call them a "pussy" or a "pussycat".
So, we know that God is the Dog that rules over all yet relies on inferior entities to produce offspring,
And we can assume for the sake of the discussion that Women are "cats".
So, back to the stereotype that "Dogs" hate/ chase away "cats"
One can conclude here that the Male Dog God hates the Female Pussy
To put it simply, "God" hates females.
Now, If we take this to be correct, then I think it just goes to show one the larger then life agenda of "homosexuality" and the worship of the phallic entities.

Now, if I am not mistaken, at some point in time and most likely now, these "EL-lites" worshiped their precious "Nimrod" entity
Now, I don't recall the correct translation for this entity at the moment but I am 100% certain it has something to do with phallus worship
Now, their other entity and perhaps the same entity under a different name, "Pindar", literally translates to "king dragon penis" or something of the like.

Now, what can one conclude from this?
Well, if you ask me, I think it shows that this "Phallus worship" is nothing new and is a "movement" long in motion.
I know there are other things that show this phallic entity worship but that's not the point of my post, its just to show the possible wordplay at play.

Now, on to the xbox.

I know that I have seen some people report in some places that 2012/2013 was when things started to "change" for them and many others in some way shape or form.
Some say that its when the "timelines" merged together or something and that's where all this "Mandela effect" stuff is coming from,
However, what ever it may be, I can personally testify that in between those two years is when things went completely balls to the wall, full throttle in my life.
For what its worth. I assume some of you had similar experiences during those years and building up to them.

Now, what does this have to do with the xbox?
Well, if any of you play on those game consoles or at the very least follow along to some remote degree on their progression,
The third installment in Microsoft's console trio was strangely called the Xbox ONE.
Now, I have read somewhere that apparently in some old texts, "Microsoft" is another alias for "Hermes" and I don't know the validity to that but ill get into that train of thought more later.
Now, back on track. Everyone was a little perplexed as to why they called their third console the "ONE" instead of "xbox 3" or something.
What I have speculated on and have come to conclude for the moment is that the reason Microsoft called their THIRD console the ONE
Is because if there really was some sort of "world reset" or "time shift" during 2012/2013, and taking into consideration that the Xbox ONE came out according to IGN
"on November 22, 2013 in 13 territories", is because this "Xbox ONE" is the first console to be released by Microsoft after what ever dramatic shift
or change occurred on 2012/2013.
Looking at their console names from the first xbox to the current "ONE", I view it like this:
The first console, the X-BOX was somehow some sort of "teaser" or them showing us what they are trying to do,
What that may be I cant answer at the moment. Some say it has something to do with "Nibiru" and "planet X".
The second console, the XBOX 360 was them telling us that what ever they are doing is coming to a close or that they are near completion of one of their goals.
And the last and most recent one, well, semi if your excluding the two new ones that are coming out, the Xbox ONE is the first console to be released by them
After their goals have been completed, or at least one of their goals.
So in short, their console lineup from the first to the most recent one was more of a time line of some sort.

Now, let me also mention that the xbox had a few "special" versions of the console from all three installments.
The original had a controller named the "DUKE" and had another console with a certain color scheme dubbed the "skeleton console" or something to that effect.
I assume the "DUKE" Controller has something to do with the "Marduk" entity being a "controller" (more word play).
Let me also make you aware that the original xbox console had stange "demon" sounds after you left it on and not touch the console for a while.
Lets also note that this has already been "debunked" and those "Scary sounds" from the console where in fact modified recordings from the Apollo days back at NASA.
According to Microsoft, these recordings are apparently public domain. For some reason however, they chose to modify them and play with their sound and insert them
of all things into the XBOX. So I am certain there is something there but I am just not sure what. Maybe some of you have a better idea then I do why they would include those there.
Oh, I will make a thread on this later. But one of the first games that came out for the original xbox, and the one that made it what it is today is the infamous HALO series.
You know, like the HALO "saints" have on their head and the "rings" around Saturn? Ill talk more about that later though.
The xbox 360 had a more powerful and efficient "ELITE" version dubbed the Xbox 360 ELITE. Lets also note this console was BLACK compared to the original white console.
I am sure you can figure out the references there. (Saturn related)
And the more recent one has the two new versions of the console, the Xbox ONE S and the Xbox ONE X.
Also take note that the Xbox ONE X has already outsold the new PlayStation 4 pro for what its worth, despite it not even being out yet.
Now, I have not really looked into this yet, but I know that the "X" stands for something else.
Like I mentioned before, some say it has something to do with "planet X" and the other theory I heard is that the "X" has something to do with "Satan".
How you may ask?
Well, if you look at the phonetic value of "SATAN" what do you hear? "SAY TEN" and the "X" in Roman numerals is 10.
So I can only assume the two are related somehow. Correct me if I am wrong.

Please feel free to let me know what you think about this.
Thanks for reading.

The Master Board / Focus Groups. . .
« on: July 10, 2017, 09:34:06 PM »
Groups like the "Martin Research" group and other ones alike are "focus groups" that recruit you through your online application for various "activities".
What do you think that groups like these really are?
Do you recommend signing up for one or no?
My gut feeling is that they are "searching" for "certain" individuals,
But what do I know

The Master Board / The "Bog Pill". . .
« on: July 03, 2017, 10:10:07 PM »
I know some of you might be wondering what this is, as am I
From what I can gather, these guys are literally God incarnates and do what ever they want, whenever they want
That seems to be the common consensus behind them anyway.
What do you guys think?
I personally think its really stupid and BS but what do I know?

The Master Board / When the Earth had no Moon. . .
« on: June 22, 2017, 01:59:18 AM »

Found some sites in the past that covered this, however was hard pressed to find them recently.
This was one of them that I've found not too long ago.
I just think that there are too many things that point to the moon being a "trap" or "planted device" of some sort,
But, I could be wrong.
What do I know?

The Master Board / Truth in Fiction: SOUL EATER
« on: June 14, 2017, 12:11:33 AM »
The anime is called SOUL EATER and it revolves around the main character who is in a group of 3 who wields a scythe and its name is Soul "Eater" Evans who likes to eat souls literally.
The "God" in this world is literally Death and he has two sons, Death the kid and Asura
Death the kid is the "good one"- Asura is the "bad one" - Duality anyone?
The "good" Death likes things that are perfect and can be divided perfectly and things that are perfectly symmetrical
The "bad" one is always paranoid and wishes to bring the world into destruction.
Any "weapon" in the series can eat any soul, specifically that of a witch and not have any negative repercussions,
However, it all changes when they eat a human soul and its not until then that you start to have negative side effects from it.
The third person in the original trio is called Black Star and he his known for his brute strength and making his own path instead of conforming to someone else's.- "Lucifer" anyone?
There's a fourth person that gets added to the main team later on in the series is called Crona. -Kronos/Cronus perhaps?
He has Black Blood implanted into him as a child by his mother Medusa Gorgon and his "Black Blood" has a conscious of its own and takes the shape of a black sword to aid him in combat.
His Black Blood companion is called Ragnarok and he is known as a "demon sword"- Black Blood = Black Goo maybe?
They fight witches in the series and seek to eradicate them but they don't realize that the only ones that are bad are the ones they are fighting.
They soon learn later that the only "bad" witches make up a very small population of them. -Salem witch hunts anyone?
The Moon in the series is always a crescent moon (Dream works anyone?) with a big grin on its face and has blood coming out of it
When they go to fight on the moon in the last chapter, they see that the moon literally eats people.
There is also something called the "Book of Eibon" made by a powerful sorcerer named Eibon in the series.
The book is known as a "Demon book" and I think its inside of the book that there is another "demon tool" that's literally a cube and is known as "BREW"
The cube itself is known in the series as the strongest demon tool created by this sorcerer, possibly in existence in this story.

So, what do you guys think?
This is going to be one of the first posts I make that show some of my findings in possible truth in "fiction".
Id love to hear what you guys have to say about this though.

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