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The Master Board / Re: News, News and News
« on: Today at 01:45:59 PM »

Put my last few varied posts together for the answer kids.

Aeon ion eye on....

Plainly stating is boring and doesn't further examination and analysis.


Close he spoke very specifically about an Aeon, and what significance it would have culturally

The Master Board / Re: Crowley back
« on: Today at 01:44:45 PM »
Now I'm skeptical if C is hoarding these future race-car-factories for himself... or if his [personal] work really does accommodate Horus.

... Or another. Oh boy!  :-\

Youre red hot.

The Master Board / Re: News, News and News
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The Master Board / Re: Crowley back
« on: Today at 12:09:58 PM »
I guess some energies that were once human, yet worked to ascend, can return to earth as "meta-energies"? Energies like thoth, dan, merlin (to the least of my knowledge, perhaps) that come back to embody concepts, movements, or scenarios rather than specific, individual bodies.

Crowley's brand of occult does seem like it would have enough believers, nowadays, to fuel his spirit into something "more" than a single human. Seems like he'd want an upgrade to play with!

We all use vehicles or vessels with which to incarnate. The only difference between you and me and Crowley is the work that each of us have done. In a world of bicycle riders, he built himself a sports car.

That is the most perfect way I've ever heard it explained.

The Master Board / Re: News, News and News
« on: Today at 12:09:15 PM »
Mirror is on the right track.

Think more conceptually

The Master Board / Re: News, News and News
« on: Today at 03:56:10 AM »
For my undying respect let's see who can first connect to the Parkland kids to Aleister Crowley.(hogg,kaskey,that unfortunate girl with alopecia)

The Master Board / Re: News, News and News
« on: Today at 03:55:39 AM »
For my undying respect let's see who can first connect to the Parkland kids to Aleister Crowley.

The Master Board / Re: What timeline are you from?
« on: Today at 02:38:09 AM »
So I thought about it for awhile...and on number 4 the only correct response is Go Fuck Yourself  Arrogant Bastard...yall dont  know shit with the exception of nick,...and there is more than one here said it yourself...1/3 split with the rest....there are 2 of us here and I am not one of you.

I'm not going to speak for or defend anyone here, as that is the antithesis  of the purpose of this place, but I know that mirror like me shares a belief in the value of confrontational conversation. It's something I suggest everyone looking to as it tends to lead to vastly more intellectual ground covered.

The Master Board / Re: Self Defense
« on: Today at 12:39:06 AM »
Tools are my weapons, with my mind I create and nurture.

Everything and anything can be utilized as a weapon.

A daisy

The Master Board / Re: Self Defense
« on: Today at 12:38:39 AM »
My first instructor only taught disarming techniques with weapons until the 2nd degree and was down on weapons as statistically speaking (not my argument ;) there is more that a great chance that the weapon can be turned against you.

Its all very interesting though and at the end of the day this school taught that the best fight were the once that ended without fighting ;)

The reality is if you have a weapon that you're not proficient in using then it can be turned against you although it is not a statistical likelihood is certainly more likely. I am sure you nobody can take a knife or sword for me that I do not want them to. Although I am nowhere near as proficient with Firearms as I am with blades I'm also confident my gun could not be taken from me 95 out of 100 times.

Fun fact guns are used in self-defense over half a million times a year which sort of dwarfs the twelve thousand some odd deaths caused by them annually
Not withstanding the 20 foot rule- true that ! Real world v dojo et al -meanings life or death when all else fails and it won't! and you do manage to get near me -- it's kubi kansetsu waza ,Any  Samurai talk is just that in the real world is where it's at. Those guys will try to rip your phukin head off make it fast and skedaddle. Interesting tidbit here was giving a neck massage to a friend she was having a migraine right- as I moved to give her an  adjustment in the cervical area she exclaimed saying she could feel something coming from my Lao point -middle of palm-into her sore area and her aching was  now gone . win Win for me .Thanks men and ladies
Samuri were by nessessity a practical lot. I think it's curious that Hojutsu was practiced since the
1500s but is almost unheard of today. The Samuri were the first to adopt firearms when the tech became
available. People talk about Bruce Lee's skill, but his greatest gift to the martial arts was to
say that 'it's ok to be free, use what works and discard the rest'. Ironic that a man of chinese disscent would have to tell Americans it's ok to be free. He knew he would become a target too.
I understand instructors that say it's more dangerous to be armed. Most 'victims' are on the ground
before they realize an attack and any weapons they possess can be compromised.
Unaware people should not be empowered by weapons. They are followers who are educated by the system to be what they are. They tend to compose the main body of armys that commit attrocities. The 'educated' soldier is a mockery.
Warriors are born not 'made' and most human males are born with a gentle warriors nature... until it becomes corrupted by 'education'.
As an instructor I recognized that instructors who wanted to earn a living or just pay the bills and insurance for a dojo had to entertain the masses to make ends meet. Only one in a hundred students blossomed, the rest came and went but paid the bills.
I never brought money into the mix even if I was doing a public demo or semen-ar.
When my students and I found each other we rarely trained in formal environments. We could be found out on the ice of a frozen lake, or at night in the rain on a natural forest floor.
We visited local dojos to mix with other energies in the arena and pay respects to local teachers but the realm of lawyers, landlords and accountants was not ours.
Our hojutsu training could not be practiced at a formal range, not only was it risky it was probably illegal.

I taught women and children too, mostly in homes and with respect to the ways of hearth keepers.
Sometimes I would accept a meal or handmade gift from a child.
Shield Maidens are myth, no human woman was ever a warrior no matter the lies told by neo history or video games.
They can be ferocious defenders of the hearth if need be though. If women are found in uniform or with badge and gun today and enjoy parity in the field it's only because 'men' have become such useless cucks.

Even Joan of Arc the prototypical warrior female is mostly propaganda. She was essentially a uniformed cheerleader, and there are no accounts of her in battle

The Master Board / Re: Delphic Maxims
« on: March 23, 2018, 03:51:10 PM »

The Master Board / Re: Delphic Maxims
« on: March 23, 2018, 03:50:08 PM »
Oh Undestroyer you have really outdone yourself with this one! Kudos sir!

At times when I read your contributions I am transported to your inner circle of homies which you must work feverishly with, and with what magnificent forces, attaining such lofty levels of irony.

Of course, I haven't yet read quite 1/3 of your post but it was enough to merit my response.

Consider it a good starting point.

I wonder if Hellenistic Pagans eat baguettes?

It's weird I feel like I agree with what you're saying the admittedly it's a little above my head would you please clarify as I am interested

The Master Board / Re: Delphic Maxims
« on: March 23, 2018, 03:49:29 PM »
a mere montecristo can't contend with the maxims of Apollo himself, but i have to disagree with some of them:
1. Follow God (Επου θεω)
The question is which one, or is not wiser to follow the divinity withtin?
2. Obey the law (Νομω πειθου)
If a law is unjust, is a man not obliged to disobey it?
25. Find fault with no one (Ψεγε μηδενα)
113. Accept old age (Γηρας προσδεχου)
132. Die for your country (Θνησκε υπερ πατριδος)
yes, goy, die for your country

however, most of them i can relate to

Follow god:all is one and one is all.

Find fault with no one:to do so is finding fault in the self.

Again a detailed understanding of the true concept of unity eliminates many of the perceived incongruencies

The Master Board / Re: News, News and News
« on: March 23, 2018, 03:46:28 PM »
Toys  r us  founder Charles LAZARUS dies

The Master Board / Re: tariffs
« on: March 23, 2018, 11:58:14 AM »
Worst case scenario so what if China kills all our trade- lets  say this  amounts to 3 billion-Trump was saying a total of 60 billion in trade deals- so what -we've shut down 57 billion   of Chinas economy giving us a net profit of a whole lotta money the liars and whores of the press never bothers to explain any of this  to their audience -phuck China it's as simple as that folks

its more layered, if the business we dont do with china gets the gap filled by other nations, so we lose that revenue too. besides trump is getting it from anyone on the inside in dc now, china could end us overnight without firing a single shot or deploying a single troop

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