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Author Topic: Key#1(and a challenge to those with eyes to see)

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Re: Key#1(and a challenge to those with eyes to see)
#345: September 26, 2020, 06:27:43 PM
I saw the movie 'The Ninth Gate' and it was interesting. I'm not too sure what the ninth gate actually is but (spoilers) 'The Girl' that had the answers and I guess 'guided' Depp on his journey was the same girl riding the beast in the last (ninth) engraving holding the (implied) same book that Depp was trying to validity its authenticity the entire film.

The woman in red (with green eyes, lol) holding a book riding 'the beast' in front of a castle with a shining light that held The ninth gate. That was the last (ninth) true engraving that only she had but didn't even reveal until the very end of the film.
This is also exactly what happened at the end of the film when Depp (implied) opened the last gate or was on the last step to open it when he was having sex with her outside the burning castle after killing Balkan. That end/last step was the 'fear and love open the gate' step.
She was also morphing into something else though during the sex scene, not too sure what though. There's some kind of implied significance behind her green eyes.

The movie did reveal that what could be called 'the hero's journey' isn't given but instead is taken by whoever is willing. Whoever may be willing most likely isn't capable of finishing it. This is implied by Balkan's death.

So this woman or 'The Girl' is implied the 'woman in red'. What's interesting is that Depp used her (or she used him?) to achieve some form of enlightenment. This would appear to make the idea of 'woman being a red herring' invalid but as we discussed before and what has been demonstrated in the movie, that isn't an absolute.
The role of the woman in red/The Girl in the movie reminds me of Crowley's possible interaction and study of 'The Scarlet Woman'/'Whore of Babalon'. He didn't chase the carrot he instead went to the source and tried to see what was the root of said 'carrot'.

What is the carrot in mention? It's physicality itself. What better what to symbolize physicality than a seductive ideal woman? This idea is personified in 'The Whore'. Shes a 'whore' because 'she' isn't just one person but an energy that manifests through multiple people and people are vessels. She copulates with anyone who has unchained and controlled the beast that is Man, someone who follows their true will and when they meet under the proper circumstances as revealed in the ninth engraving, enlightenment is achieved.

Was Balkan following his true will? I wouldn't say he was. He was following the will of 'his master', which is implied to be Lucifer. I would say this is where he fucked up but it doesn't appear there was any way for him to realize his error.

The scene that shows Depp killing the black man with white hair in the mansion is when he 'unchains his beast' but also controls it. This is confirmed when The Girl smiles and says "I didn't think you had it in you".

The woman who insisted that the book was hers and led the rituals in the mansion was implied to be a coal burner. This also implies that coal burning is part of TPTB's plans as she is implied to have been engaging in sexual relations with him.

Balkan revealed that there are red herrings along the way. The one I'm referring to specifically is that of 'flesh' or physical, sexual gratification. He wen't on about how only he was knowledgeable of the book and his masters true power and purpose and that's what he was after but the woman who first had the book (before it was sold) 'Liana Telfer' became distracted and lowered herself to be consumed and distracted with leading physical orgies and sexual gratification instead of even tapping the true power of the book and all that came with it.

Was Depp following his true will in the film? It was implied he was and he apparently wanted to know the truth of the book and he found out.

Depp said that his name in the film means 'run' and his first name was 'Dean'. The etymology of 'Dean' is 'the head of a group of ten'. The full meaning of his name 'Dean Corso' is something close to 'Leader (of 10) that runs'.
What Depp was doing was 'running' the 'Hero's journey' in a sense that he became enlightened in a very expedited way compared to spending many years trying to achieve it like most do.

If Lucifer is more feminine than masculine then that implies something interesting about The Girl in the film, 'the whore' and the 'girl in red'. It implies that they are all aspects of Lucifer and Man (specifically 'Dean Corso'/Depp in this instance) was the one receiving the guidance of Lucifer under one its aspects.
The misunderstood teacher of mankind has the vessel of a seductive female that accompanies the beast who does thy will on his journey. Man can either be distracted by his beast impulses and physical seductiveness of the whore or he can use her and achieve apotheosis.

As it is shown at the end of the film, apotheosis isn't 'the end' but is actually just the beginning.

The latter is what Depp did in the film but I'm not too sure what Crowley wound up doing. From what I've read it seems he figured out a lot of the actual role females play and how to not be distracted by them but I'm not sure if he figured out 'the' actual purpose or role they serve.

Another very interesting thing to consider is that (while I don't have the quotes, I don't think so anyway) I do remember discussing in the old board how Depp made some sort of agreement with Lucifer and that energy possessed his vessel or at least entered for a duration and he wanted out quickly after the initial agreement. I don't remember what his purpose was for doing it but the majority of Depp's roles are all aspects of Lucifer. Something else to consider.

The Girl in the film is also very 'not human' in the sense that she visibly had 'super powers'. She knew her role in the game. At the end when Depp asks for the true last engraving of the book he finds it but he 'looses' The Girl. She was there as long as she needed to be and she (implied) enjoyed every moment of it but when Depp was ready for the next step, she left as it was implied she needed to.

The film ends with Depp going back to the castle and walking into the gate full of light that blinds the viewer. What does that imply? I have a feeling something related to the last scene of 'LOST'.

Why this thread and not the movies one? Well if it wasn't obvious this is about 'the book' and it was referenced many times in the original cult of Saturn threads on /x/. It also covers many things that are worth discussing here.
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Re: Key#1(and a challenge to those with eyes to see)
#346: September 28, 2020, 07:54:26 PM
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I looked at these videos again and they explain a lot of things (the book not included).

Illuminati - The Final Revelation
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