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Astrology General

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This thread can be for a general discussion of astrology, vedic, sidereal, or whatever floats your boat. Oddly enough I personally find more use from sidereal astrology, it tends to hit the mark consistently in my readings of myself and others.

As an aside from the general discussion this thread will entail I want to point out all of the retrograde planetary motions happening right now, as the retrogrades can give significant effects either positive or negative depending on how you interact with the energies.

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Up until yesterday, October 6, there were 6 planets in retrograde. The one that ended was Pluto, but we are still dealing with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all in retrograde until the end of the month and then Neptune and Uranus until December/January.

If you have been struggling alot the last few months it probably has something to do with these energies.
-Mercury in retrograde tends to make communication and travel more difficult and can strain relationships

-Jupiter (representing expansion/growth and sometimes luck) in retrograde tends to make unsavory situations appear more often

-Saturn in retrograde can make challenges seem more ominous in general. Lack of motivation is common in these times.

-Uranus in retrograde can stir up our belief systems and make our sense of stability seem.. not so stable.

-Neptune is kind of tricky. It adds to the "slapped with karma" feel of Saturn but can carve new avenues to explore within ourselves.

-Pluto is a generational shaker and can make even the toughest of tough feel weakened when in an unfavorable position. I personally felt alot of weight lift off of my mind and soul the last couple days.

Altogether these planetary motions have made for a very reflective year, and sadly im not very adept with astrology or I would offer more insight as to what is coming after all these planets are back on their normal courses. I have a good feeling about it though. I hit a "wall" for some time the last few months and was filled with despair but I feel progress coming.

If anyone wants to chime in, please feel free to do so. How have you been feeling most of the year? Any changes noticeable in the last day or two?
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