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Author Topic: Bible Decoded

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Bible Decoded
OP: April 11, 2020, 06:10:14 PM
The purpose of this thread is to discuss what the actual meaning of Bible stories are. Our brains try to view them literally but they are more often than not metaphor and symbolic of something else.

We can start this thread by discussing the significance of Esau and Jacob, a classic story of sibling rivalry.

I'm not too sure right now what it really means, but Esau apparently was the first born and a red head/ginger. Jacob was the second born.
The basics of the story is that Esau was a hunter and Jacob was this perfect role model who did what he was told. Esau wanted a bowl of lentils but Jacob demanded he gave him his inheritance.
He agreed and later Jacob received what should have originally been for Esau.

Esau is said to have red hair. He sold his inheritance for a bowl of lentils. The etymology of 'lentils' is 'freckles'.

lentil (n.)
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It's known that gingers have freckles and it's also a joke that each freckle is a 'kiss from an angel' (South Park).
The guardian angel of Esau was Samael apparently. Samael is what Lucifer was called before he became the light bringer. Samael is also known as the angel of death.
It's also said that Samael is the angel who possessed the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. Again, this is another example of the same energy. Samael, later Lucifer, playing 'Satan' (adversary, but of who?) in the garden as a serpent.
Samael being the 'angel of death' is interesting because 'death' is Saturn's domain, which would seem to imply there is some kind of similarities between certain aspects of Lucifer and Saturn.

While Jacob is associated with the start of the 12 tribes and the 'nation of Israel', Esau is (apparently) associated with joining a Canaanite tribe (still Jew) called 'Amalek'. 'Amalek' phonetically sounds like 'A Moloch'.
Later, it's said he was responsible for the rise of Rome. Samael is also associated with being a 'prince' of Rome apparently. It's also said he is the 'archenemy of Israel'.

The story of Esau and Jacob fits the classic archetype of brother vs brother/sibling rivalry. It also fits the 'red vs. blue' trope. Esau is 'red' and his brother, Jacob, 'blue'.
Jacob is responsible for the 12 tribes of Israel and the flag of Israel is the star of Remphan, which is depicted as blue. Esau with his red/ginger hair, is 'red'.

'Jacob' means "one that takes by the heel; a supplanter". It can be said that Jacob did 'supplant' or 'usurp' Esau's apparent inheritance.
Part of the etymology of 'supplant' is 'sole of the foot' (planta). The 'sole' is the 'soul' and its a well known 'joke' (fact) that gingers don't have one because they (Judas) sold out Jesus (Lucifer, first known as Samael).

supplant (v.)
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I guess it can be said after reading this that the 'red hairs' (gingers?) were cursed at least once. A question that still remains from the old forum is what the 13th tribe was and what happened to them.

What does all this mean? I'm not sure right now but it's something I found worthy of sharing.

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