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Correcting the record

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Time to clear up some misconceptions:
It's been brought to my attention that some believe I fancy myself a lone wolf ,on a solo Mission against all of the Injustice in the world ,when nothing could be further from the truth. I have been in nearly constant collaboration with about 100 reliable people the past two years, now is that number even a fraction of my network from 3 years ago no? but in times of Crisis we utilize what tools remain the job done and get it done prop in a way that will endure.

A single fist is stronger than five individual fingers.  this is some of the most basic wisdom passed down to children in my circles. Some of you are a part of my fist that I use to strike against our enemies. And to my brothers and sisters you have my undying gratitude.

Help comes in many forms naturally the most tangible is subsidation however it is also greatly helpful to inform others of our work show them our correct predictions show them our foretold successes our foretold catastrophes and everything in between. And when they ask you how they can help show them

I do believe some of the impression when we are succeeding that is the time to take off foot off the proverbial gas when nothing could be further from the truth when you have the metal at the temperature to be smelted you most strike the blade until it takes your desired form.

Some of you have been amazing benefactors but there are yet some of you that I know have the means to communicate impact our struggle it is you I now call a call if you desire recompense something can be arranges.

The pacts I make cannot be broken without dire consequence. Help us snuff out the Flaming brilliance for the fire that has scorched mankind since our first ancestor's days. It is your turn at the wheel if you're fortunate enough to have hit the cruise control button Now's the Time to reengage manually
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