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Ewaranon and the lost history of earth

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Who will come to the aid of the son of the widow

This quote has such a conniving, exploitive vibe to it.  It resonates with the same vibe as those who were helping the Haitian orphans, the action of the Ukrainain children being sent away from their parents towards "safety," and the same vibe as "rescuing" overburdened families with "taking on" one or more of their many children to "help them achieve a greater life" in a new promised land.  Ask lower class parents in many countries how many times they have been offered "help" by others for their children. 

The rest of my post is along those same lines, but it relates to the Taratary reset and the Lost History.

There's a few recent videos on one of my fav channels that fit into this thread nicely.

This first video is about Foundling Centers, Orphan Trains, Orphan and Asylum Centers, and ghost towns. 

The Society of Odd Fellows ran the Orphan Asylums for many years.  Other Orphan Asylums were run by the Society of Friends (connects to Quakers/ Pilgrims Society).  A few were run by the Catholic Church. 

Children's Aid Society records from 1854-1890 show that 72+% of all children placed had one living parent.  This was an era when single moms were shunned, families had 5-16 children (many bellies to fill), and the food supply was inconsistent.   It would have been a relief for many families to send off one or more of their children to a place that would educate and feed them.

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This video is about the Great Lakes and Michigan, but what really intrigued me was the changes in the US maps between 1569-1832. 

They also talk of the orphan trains, kidnapping of the native children, and the beginnings of public school (aka re-education centers).
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This is another video they did on Chicago (Chilaga).  Notice they again mention the Odd Fellows being the officials in charge of writing the narrative.  A VERY interesting part of this video was from 7:10 on when he discusses the Tartars and their travels and how they settled into different countries in the world.

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Every time there is a Great Reset since the 1700s, the Society of Odd Fellows is involved.  (George Floyd was one of their shows.) They use re-education centers (orphanages, schools) to brainwash the youth's minds so they forget the old teachings. It's important they move the children away from their homelands and families.

This happens in the public schools ofc.  Also, the Children migrant centers of the US which are run by the Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, and Jewish communities are used to reprogram the children who come across the Mexican border. 

I wonder how many Odd Fellows own the book publishing companies and media channels. 🤔


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