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Title: For The Love of Knowledge
Post by: The Watchers Recurrence on May 16, 2020, 06:41:24 PM
'Philosophy' means 'love of knowledge' and a 'stone' is really 'S Tone' (as we know from 'Excalibur').

The symbol associated with the philosophers stone is a squared circle in a triangle in a circle. The squared circle is what the Sun is (more like a circled square) but we've went over how its a portal to Creator.
A triangle represents 'thesis + antithesis = synthesis' and the Jew god 'YHWH', when the name is written, is sometimes depicted as a triangle in a circle with the name 'YHWH' inside the triangle.
A circle represents totality but can also be containment.

The symbol is constructed with the same three shapes (THE first three?) you see when a portal is depicted. A circle, a square and a triangle.

'Know-ledge'. The (l)edge of know(ing)?

knowledge (n.)

What did Nicholas Flamel, who overestimated modern mans ability to decipher symbols, know and try to tell us?
Title: For The Love of Knowledge
Post by: zephyr on May 16, 2020, 07:34:34 PM
A “stone” is also code for something else, Latin/Greek etymology points the way.
Title: Re: For The Love of Knowledge
Post by: The Watchers Recurrence on August 01, 2020, 02:16:07 PM
Something related to the 'philosophers stone' is the 'universal solvent'. At some point in the creation of this 'stone', the 'universal solvent' is supposed to be used (if I understand correctly).

I've talked to a few people (online, lol) who claimed to be extremely knowledgeable and informed about this 'stone', some even claiming to have made one and sent pictures.
What none of them agreed on and even laughed at me for suggesting was that water is this 'universal solvent'.

Aren't people taught very early in school that water can dissolve just about anything and even more or less when you raise or lower its temperature?

As a side note, water is liquid light.
Title: Re: For The Love of Knowledge
Post by: The Watchers Recurrence on September 16, 2020, 02:45:44 PM
'Knowledge' means 'to perceive'. If that is the case then what does that imply about the 'philosopher's stone'?

A 'philosopher' is a 'lover of knowledge'. The etymology of 'philosophy' is a 'love of knowledge'. 'Knowledge' means 'to perceive, to recognize'. The etymology of 'know' (the first element of 'knowledge') is 'perceive, recognize'.

Could it be that this 'philosopher's stone' is really to achieve the ability and state in which one is able to perceive and recognize the many tones that compose our reality, both actual and projected?

The philosopher's stone is to be made with the 'universal solvent' which is known to be water. Water is liquid light. Light is the ultimate conveyor of information.

Electricity, magnetism and gravity are all three modes of the same force. That force being 'light' itself. You perceive what you do as physical simply because of how ions (energy) is charged.

The symbol associated with the philosopher's stone is made using the first three shapes formed when energy is depicted interacting with itself. A circle, a square and a triangle.

The philosopher's stone is said to be able to do many things but its main function that people seek it for is to transmutate lead into gold. 'Dael' is 'lead' backwards. 'Dael' means 'knowledge of god' but since its Jewish (Hebrew) its a reversal so it really means the opposite of the 'knowledge of god'. Lead is the metal of Saturn. The negative aspects of Saturn is the god of the Jews but I digress.

To turn 'lead into gold' is to turn the ignorance of the knowledge of god back into the knowledge of god. The knowledge of god is that we are all divine and born as godlike beings with godlike abilities, all co creators of this beautiful projection of reality.

Alchemy is what some would say is the original form of what we now call 'science'. The etymology of 'science' is 'to know'. What does science make sure we can't know? That there is malleable energy all around us from every degree above and below zero. What Telsa called the 'ether' is what we refer to as 'temperature'.

Certainty is the door that lay behind many but is ultimately the key and the only magic that exists. 'Know(ledge)' means 'to perceive, to recognize'. What will you recognize when you perceive more of how things actually are? That this is all a brilliant illusion that is malleable and once you perceive this you will recognize it and once you recognize it you will achieve certainty.

Certainty comes with knowing that it and things have already happened so its only a matter of time before it manifests 'here' on 'Earth'. In finite realities, possibilities and worlds that all exist in the same spot and space. Which one will you chose to travel through?
With perfected visualization (at least to the point of creating faces of people that don't exist) the world is yours, literally and it is indeed a very small, dark place that without the Sun of Creator and us ourselves, each acting as a Lucifer, bringing our own light to this dark lower density, wouldn't exist.

Without light the universe wouldn't exist. Nothing would exist. The uni verse is a ride and it goes in circles that spiral out. Many places to go and routes to take but only one path with one destination. The start and end are both the same. To get off the ride and to exit existence is to return to Creator. To be everywhere and nowhere all at once. To return to pure energy.