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Did the full game ever leak? Or was it some elaborate disclosure with a fake game made by a victim of the rebirther toth cult with too much time on his hands?

 I also found the parallels to Pokemon with capturing little critters to be fascinating. On the old forum it was mentioned that the old guard at Nintendo were against the new guard installing malicious occult computer programming into the games, especially the japanese first version soundtrack to Lavendel town and a few other thing in those games that I don't rememer now.


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The pokemon "catch it" was fucking wierd and just screamed ritual to me or trying to get people on the physical plane near to something on another plane? I wouldn't be seen dead doing that shit, but I don't even barely carry a phone anyway.

This shit.


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Petscop in full has been released since the beginning. Check the subreddit they've detailed it well


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