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Author Topic: Key#1(and a challenge to those with eyes to see)

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Re: Key#1(and a challenge to those with eyes to see)
#300: August 11, 2020, 11:45:13 AM
Computers don't percieve reality the same way most humans do. They see things as either 'zero' or 'one', 'on' or 'of'.

We know (and its amazing really) that all things that exist 'in' a computer and are ultimately projected onto a screen are just various ways of combining ones and zeros.

When a monitor tries to display what is going on in this space, it only uses three colors, red green and blue. Everything we see on a computer screen (a black mirror) is a combination of these three colored lights being displayed in different ways for us to perceive what we do.

So if there are no numbers past nine and there are seven (eight) numbers and colors in a scale (and our reality) but literally only two numbers (one and zero) and three colors in the world of computers, even 'quantum', then wouldn't that prove that we are not inside of a computer simulation?
Imagine that computers and the monitors used to project whats going on in that space only use two numbers but they can mimic our perceived three dimensional reality with increasing 'flawlessness'.

They can do all that with two numbers and three colors. Just imagine what could be done with nine numbers and seven colors that repeat infinitely.
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