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Author Topic: Pizzagate

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Re: Pizzagate
#45: September 21, 2020, 04:29:42 PM
I'm not sure how many of you remember this 'Desmond is Amazing' kid but he 'sung' a song in drag in front of lots of fags in a bar somewhere, don't remember where but I do remember it was found eventually.

Anyway the song he was dancing to is actually pretty revealing when his actual purpose is taken into consideration. Check out the lyrics and tell me it doesn't paint him as someone in bondage forced to act as a girl (and all that implies).

No Doubt - Just A Girl Lyrics |
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The 'joke' (and theme of the song) is that women don't deserve rights and giving them something that resembles equality (doesn't exist) was a mistake. The song revolves around someone who's "just a girl" who isn't allowed to do what they want, they have to conform to the expectations of the men (gay pedos in this instance) around them.

They decide what happens in this child's life and in a way its actually his 'subtle' cry for help and yes his captors would endorse it (which they did) and it acts as a flaunt and taunt because they know people (the masses) won't do anything about it besides comment on it online.

Found the video of him doing it.

Desmond is Amazing: Performance of Just a Girl by No Doubt by 11 Year Old Drag Kid
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