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Author Topic: Welcome one and all!

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Re: Welcome one and all!
#45: September 15, 2020, 07:01:22 AM
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Hey everyone,

Glad to see you all. Not a big poster but read a lot fo your posts and learned so much. Anyways, the link stopped working for me back in March and I've tried constantly to get back on the site. Thought the site was lost during the most depressing yet exciting time to be alive, and carved NRG posts for real insight as to wtf is really going on. All that to say, sad that I lost you all but glad to have found you again.

Was it something I said? :)
Echoing your sentiments  this site is an intellectual phukin paradise filled with wisdom esoteric truth and at times humor ,has me roaring .Maybe not everyones cuppa tea but wtf it should be
May its glow never waver or dim Stay Safe All
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