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What happened to

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Actually now that I think of it... A ton had this. Especially in the last couple years. It's like everyone on tv lost a shit ton of weight and looks gaunt. Just saw Wesley snipes picture from the Oscars. Also Paul giamatti. Another weird thing was that whole time during the first year of 2020/covid where the celebs were acting strange and streaming from their homes. Now things are supposedly back to normal. No more David spade nervously asking if Tom Hanks had checked in and weird Ellen DeGeneres. The fact this was so big online (everyone seemed to tell something was up) and then disappeared is so strange to me. No emperor's have any cloths any more. Cock and balls out in our faces. And people just keep on keeping on.

Could also explain why that tool Sean Penn just happened to be in Ukraine when the conflict started. The large hub of child/human trafficking probably allowed him easy access to adrenochrome and blood drinking at a discount there...
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Looks like he aged 30 years in 2 years!


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Elon musk looks horrible from just a little bit ago... he was kind of jacked. Now he looks like a skinny fat lesbian who was warn hard and put away wet.


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