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Zombies in american history

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Grass is Green

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"Should'a dumped my gat into the Verde
But what if she's a zombie or a Dracula
I better hang on to this"

Welcome to the Free Thought Movement.


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The fact the atlas comet fell apart, is it's landings sites for people to catch this zombie virus.


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Stumbling around like a wasted zombie (like a wasted zombie)

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If NPC's are zombies, who controls them?

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The Walking Dead- What would you do to survive?

The important thing is that being a Walking Dead fan is starting to make sense to me. Like Tony has asplained on his show, zombies represent real world crises, and people reacting to zombies represent real world social problems that people have reacting to these crises.

Like all viruses, a zombie virus has an agenda. We don't know if it's an engineered bioweapon that came from space or some weird mutated germ born in a government lab, etc, so this we accept, that it's a virus of unknown origin that activates upon death. And that virus makes people into zombies. The animation part is more easily explained or accepted if you can accept the viruses working in tandem toward a goal of some kind, communicating via electromagnetic means that we have not yet identified. Even if that goal is a simplistic runaway program like the Borg, I can still live with this kind of explanation.

Surviving a zombie apocalypse or any other crisis is about humans surviving themselves. All it takes is one person's fear, anger, or anxiety attack to wreck a situation up real bad. Humans have been surviving in groups for millennia, with mythologies of lone survivors peppering our hero stories. Discussions in several of my degree program classes were how does the individual survive group ostracizing, how do groups survive a dangerously mentally ill person, how do groups define individuals in terms of their belief systems, and on and on. You have psychological health as a group and as an individual, and what is good for one isn't always necessarily good for the other.

One of the things I've had problems adjusting to watching The Walking Dead is the violence done to humans, even just symbolically. In this show it's quite necessary to destroy the infected brain, because nothing else stops a zombie. That part isn't really what's bothering me. What bothers me is watching heads get stomped, and you know why? Because I know what it feels like to do that. I grew up butchering and killing. I've stepped over dead bodies, stumbled over dead bodies, kicked dead bodies, fallen on dead bodies, sat on dead bodies, and taken apart dead bodies. I know what they smell like, what they feel like beneath my hands and shoes, and what they look like after a week and even a month of decay. I know that brains don't splash until they are so putrid with decay that just being that near them would make you gag and run away just to get a breath of air. When I see a character on The Walking Dead viciously stomp on a walker's head and smash it in and splash it about, I have a vivid memory of actually feeling a dead face and head and skull under my foot....Some people reading this are shocked that anyone could do that to an animal. Well, I'm shocked that people can casually watch other people smash each other's heads in on their TV's and want more. I feel sick from seeing that, and that's not an experience addiction I want. But if something bad really ever does happen, I expect ALL you people who've been watching The Walking Dead to be ready and handle stuff and not wimp out like the squeamish wussies who couldn't kill the Gov'na. Got it? Because no matter how sick it makes me feel, I already know I could.

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So then, next year we have it all?

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Baba Vanga's predictions for 2023: 

Solar storm: Media reports claimed that according to Baba Vanga, a solar storm would strike Earth in 2023 on a scale the world has never before seen. 

Bio-weapons: She also claimed that in 2023, a "big country" will carry out bioweapons research on people. The result of such research will cause the death of thousands of people. 

Nuclear explosion: In 2022, the world came very close to a nuclear explosion amid escalated tensions between the West and Russia over the Ukraine war. Baba Vanga predicted a nuclear power plant explosion in 2023. 

Visits from aliens: One of the scariest predictions among all is Vanga's prophecy about aliens visit on Earth. As per the foreteller, the world could find itself "covered in darkness". The psychic claimed that millions would die if aliens visit Earth next year. 

Lab babies: As per Vanga's predictions, humans will grow in labs in 2023. With constant breakthroughs in science, the concept of lab babies could become a reality with Vanga believing that parents will be able to decide the skin colour and characteristics of their kids. 

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Published January 12th, 2023. "Emergence of a New Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: 26 Cases of the Human Version of Mad-Cow Disease, Days After a COVID-19 Injection."

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"Bearing in mind from the outset that it usually takes decades for prion disease to manifest itself, the question we address here is: why and how can this same fatal disease quickly manifest itself following these injections?"
[...] The clinical facts reported in this article confirm an unnatural, injection related, new form of Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease. [...] [Dr. Luc Montagnier] predicted the causation of this new neurodegenerative form of Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease on the basis of his study of the insertion of the pathogenic prion in the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.


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