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Let's Get Down & Dirty / JCM Farming
« on: April 20, 2020, 03:11:06 PM »
There were some threads in 4chan about this company that owns a secret compound in the middle of the desert posing as an olive plantation

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"JCM Farming is a secretive, privately held company incorporated in 1990 that seems to be based in Solana Beach, California.[1] Court records indicate Carol Marrelli is an owner or officer of the firm.[2] The firm also seems to own and operate the Oasis Ranch near Indio, California in the Coachella Valley. The firm has been involved in a number of lawsuits designed to prevent the ranch from being flown over by crop dusters, hot air balloons and other aircraft. JCM Farming, Inc., and its affiliates own dozens of properties throughout Riverside County, some still held since the early 1970s.[3]

The firm does not provide information as to its ownership, activities or properties.[1]

Press reports indicate the Oasis Ranch facility was built in 1999 on 24 acres and is surrounded by a 24-foot wall four feet thick.[4] Other defenses include a partial moat, guard dogs, armed guards and video cameras. The compound includes two large buildings and a Moorish-style bell tower. The company describes the ranch as ďan eighty-acre olive farm.Ē[1] Other documents indicate the farm is in fact a "Private Event and Meeting Center" ó "a respite for and marketed to State Departments, foreign dignitaries, diplomats, Fortune 500 executives and their boards, ultra high net worth individuals and their families and celebrities."

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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Sigil Magick
« on: April 13, 2020, 03:56:39 PM »
I was wondering how successful people in this forum have been with making and casting sigils in the past, and if you have any experience that could share.

Iím also confused in regards to how to best word a sigil, specially for people that donít speak English as their native language.

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