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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Finger Lakes
« on: October 27, 2020, 06:12:33 PM »
I don't have time to write out everything on the Finger Lakes that I am seeing, but I figured it would be best to start a place to compile research.

Hunter Biden's Finger Lake tattoo

The map marker is on Seneca Lake.

The box is on Canadaigua Lake.

(not sure why those places were marked, but wanted to know what they were).

Hillary lives in Syracuse.

Thread on Neila Hunter
(Hunter's mom, who was born in the Finger Lakes)
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Hunger got the Finger Lake because of his mom
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Thread on HB's shell companies

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Adam Schiff's liddle (kid diddling) company is in the Finger Lakes

Voat Finger Lake thread
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Skaneateles Community was started at Skaneatles Lake
(i.e. Mormonism started in the Finger Lakes)

Subterannean tunnels in the lakes

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Please keep adding.  I have more links and info than I have time atm to expand this thread.
The Coffee Lounge / Care Solace
« on: October 23, 2020, 03:03:12 PM »
My son has been struggling with this distance "learning"  IMMENSELY.  It's a complete joke, and yes, homeschooling is the best answer to deal with that.  He gets special ed services from school atm though so at this moment, homeschooling is still my last resort. 

All of this corona mess and lockdowns have taken an emotional toll on my son.  The school counselor recommended a company called "Care Solace" that is suppose to help connect consumers with therapists who have openings and that take your insurance.  Psychology today. com has a similar service of filtering, but with that one, you must call or email every therapist to see who has openings.  Care solace has case workers who will do the work for you, and filter out which offices would be able to help you.  It's a free service for parents but I think the school districts subscribe. 

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I just sent this letter to my son's school counselor:

I thought I would update you on the Care Solace referral. 

The case worker I was assigned, X was quite courteous.  Within 24 hours, he had sent me two therapy groups in town that would have openings for (my son) and take my insurance. 

One of the groups was ABC.  I’ve called them in the past and they have never had openings.  I have heard mixed reviews about this group but I was willing to try.

I called them and they did not have any openings for children as young as my son.  Which was disappointing, as Care Solace said they did.   Perhaps the openings were filled.

I could not recall the other group X had recommended and could not find his referrals (I checked emails and text, but it didn’t pull up quickly).  I called Care Solace again and they were able to get X on the phone with me. 

He reminded me the other group was the EFG.  I thanked him, and told him I would call them right away.

He said “This is what I get paid to do, I’m sorry the other group didn’t have any openings.  Why don’t I call them for you and see if they have a spot for (your son).  If you want, I can call you back while they are on the phone if they have an opening and you can set up an appointment then.”

I agreed.  Within 10 minutes, he called me back. 

He introduced me to Z, a counselor.  He asked what was going on and why I was seeking help.  I briefly told him and Z asked if I was available in the evening for a Zoom session. 

I agreed (I was excited someone was going to help my boy so quickly!).   

During the session, I talked to him for 30 min or so about my son, etc.  He then tells me because of corona, his office is closed.  But he would recommend a couple of books for ME to read, and I could use the knowledge in the books to help my son.  The office was also offering free phone sessions because of corona. 

The first book he holds up for me to read was by Ron Hubbard. 

I say “Is that the same Ron Hubbard that started Scientology?”

He says, “Yes, I’m a Scientologist. “

We had another 30 min of interesting talk, as I conveyed to him the history of Hubbard, how it related to Jack Parsons, NASA, Alastair Crowley, Operation Paperclip, etc.  He didn’t know any of this.  (One should know what they are involved in, I feel, but that’s my personal opinion.)   

Anyways, I’m not sure if it was Care Solace that sent me to a Scientologist OR if it was the employee X himself that sent me.  Z was very kind, and I have nothing against him or X, but I was quite surprised the school district referral landed me talking to a Scientologist who wanted to send me scientology material.   

I just thought you would like to know 😊

P.S.  No, Z does not work for EFG.  I did check afterwards.  (my mistake not to check right away)

Is Care Solace a Scientology based organization, or is it only the case worker X and the counselor Z?   Curious and curiouser.

I find the entire thing hilarious, but not all parents are as informed about Scientology as I am, and would easily get sucked in.   
Let's Get Down & Dirty / The Biden Crime Family
« on: October 17, 2020, 03:45:08 PM »
Some Hunter news to start:

News broadcast discussing the Hunter hard drives
(Originally broadcast in Sept)

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Tweet with a link to 17 of Hunter's emails
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Exclusive: Taiwan man pulled strings for Hunter Biden’s businesses in China

A Taiwanese businessman brokered investment deals in mainland China over the past decade for Hunter Biden, the second son of United States presidential candidate Joe Biden, the Apple Daily edition in Taiwan reported, citing an investigative report on Friday.

According to the 40-page English report that Apple Daily obtained exclusively, Taiwanese resident Michael Lin, 57, played an important role in arranging meetings between Hunter Biden and Chinese political and business figures.
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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Hillary's Emails
« on: October 09, 2020, 11:04:56 PM »
Pompeo released the "missing" 33,000 emails and posted them online for us to read.

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The Coffee Lounge / American Heroes
« on: July 05, 2020, 04:06:00 PM »
On July 3, 2020 Trump signed the Executive Order on Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes.

A few excerpts from it:

America owes its present greatness to its past sacrifices.  Because the past is always at risk of being forgotten, monuments will always be needed to honor those who came before.  Since the time of our founding, Americans have raised monuments to our greatest citizens.  In 1784, the legislature of Virginia commissioned the earliest statue of George Washington, a “monument of affection and gratitude” to a man who “unit{ed} to the endowment{s} of the Hero the virtues of the Patriot” and gave to the world “an Immortal Example of true Glory.”  I Res. H. Del. (June 24, 1784).  In our public parks and plazas, we have erected statues of great Americans who, through acts of wisdom and daring, built and preserved for us a republic of ordered liberty.

These statues are silent teachers in solid form of stone and metal.  They preserve the memory of our American story and stir in us a spirit of responsibility for the chapters yet unwritten.  These works of art call forth gratitude for the accomplishments and sacrifices of our exceptional fellow citizens who, despite their flaws, placed their virtues, their talents, and their lives in the service of our Nation.  These monuments express our noblest ideals:  respect for our ancestors, love of freedom, and striving for a more perfect union.  They are works of beauty, created as enduring tributes.  In preserving them, we show reverence for our past, we dignify our present, and we inspire those who are to come.  To build a monument is to ratify our shared national project.

To destroy a monument is to desecrate our common inheritance.  

National Garden of American Heroes.  (a)  It shall be the policy of the United States to establish a statuary park named the National Garden of American Heroes (National Garden)

Statues should depict historically significant Americans, as that term is defined in section 7 of this order, who have contributed positively to America throughout our history. 

...authority to encourage and accept the donation or loan of statues by States, localities, civic organizations, businesses, religious organizations, and individuals, for display at the National Garden.

If you could put a statue of any American Hero into the National Garden, who would you add and why?
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Black Guns Formation / NFAC
« on: July 05, 2020, 10:50:27 AM »
The blacks are gathering together in a group called the NFAC. 

This is the leader speaking.
He's very intelligent and a very good communicator.  Listen to his vocal cadences.  They are enchanting/ hypnotizing.
Is he a US government asset?
I can't tell yet.
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Crazytown! Heavily armed ‘NFAC’ militia marches on Stone Mountain
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Another Black Revolutionary group to watch:
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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Are Anti-Parasites the Answer?
« on: June 29, 2020, 12:40:49 AM »
Recently in the news there is talk how Ivermectin is being used as a treatment for corona virus.  Just as hydroxychloroquine (an antiparasite) helps a person recover from corona, Ivermectin seems to work too, but it is faster.

Ivermectin is also an antiparasite.  It's cheap and common, and is used globally by humans and for pets and livestock.

It's a shunned subject in the Western World, but most humans have parasites, no matter where you live.

links on that:

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Ivermectin has been used to get rid of some of these parasites for decades.  

Ivermectin, ‘Wonder drug’ from Japan: the human use perspective
Discovered in the late-1970s, the pioneering drug ivermectin, a dihydro derivative of avermectin—originating solely from a single microorganism isolated at the Kitasato Intitute, Tokyo, Japan from Japanese soil—has had an immeasurably beneficial impact in improving the lives and welfare of billions of people throughout the world. Originally introduced as a veterinary drug, it kills a wide range of internal and external parasites in commercial livestock and companion animals. It was quickly discovered to be ideal in combating two of the world’s most devastating and disfiguring diseases which have plagued the world’s poor throughout the tropics for centuries. It is now being used free-of-charge as the sole tool in campaigns to eliminate both diseases globally. It has also been used to successfully overcome several other human diseases and new uses for it are continually being found. This paper looks in depth at the events surrounding ivermectin’s passage from being a huge success in Animal Health into its widespread use in humans, a development which has led many to describe it as a “wonder” drug.
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A few months ago, they noticed Ivermectin worked to treat COVID-19.

(April 2020)
Can Ivermectin be used to treat COVID-19 (coronavirus)?

Ivermectin has been trialled in treating the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19.The trials so far have shown ivermectin reduces the number of cell-associated viral RNA by 99.8 % in 24 hours. This was an in vitro study which means they were testing cells in a laboratory and not in a living organism.

Clinical trials in the laboratory (in vitro) on ivermectin show that ivermectin reduces the number of cell-associated viral RNA by 99.8 % in 24 hours, for the SARS-CoV-2 which is the virus that causes COVID-19.
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(May 2020)
Breakthrough Drug: Ivermectin Shows 'Astounding' Results Against Coronavirus

Doctors have administered the drug ivermectin in several simultaneous trials in several countries sometimes in combination with other common medications.

Physicians who participated in the study report that patients’ viral loads began declining almost immediately after they began administering ivermectin, a widely available prescription drug approved to combat parasites, scabies and head lice.

In a separate trial on the other side of the globe, a team of doctors in Bangladesh reported Friday that they administered a combination of ivermectin and doxycycline, a common antibiotic, to 60 coronavirus patients there.

That team reported that within 72 hours after receiving the drug, their patients tested negative for the virus, and by the fourth day, they had recovered. Dr Tarek Alam, a senior doctor for the Bangladesh Medical College Hospital, told India’s ZeeNews that the results were “astounding” and said all patients “experienced full recoveries.”
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(June 2020)
The FDA-approved drug ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro

We report here that Ivermectin, an FDA-approved anti-parasitic previously shown to have broad-spectrum anti-viral activity in vitro, is an inhibitor of the causative virus (SARS-CoV-2), with a single addition to Vero-hSLAM cells 2 h post infection with SARS-CoV-2 able to effect ~5000-fold reduction in viral RNA at 48 h. Ivermectin therefore warrants further investigation for possible benefits in humans.

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Extraordinary evidence from the large Brazilian Unimed hospital system: since their hospital in Belém (1.5m people) has switched to early hydroxychloroquine+azithromycin +ivermectin treatment, hospital admissions have totally collapsed despite the tsunami of new cases in Brazil! You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Get the PDF here:


...significant decrease in the Mortality Rate reported..

Gustavo Aguirre Chang - graduated from UNMSM, with P/Grad Prgms in Management and Occ Health. Lima Peru
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ICON (Ivermectin in COvid Nineteen) study: Use of Ivermectin is Associated with Lower Mortality in Hospitalized Patients with COVID19 | medRxiv You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Years ago, it was discovered Anti-Parasites can also help stop cancer. 
Anti-Parasites and Cancer

(June 2019)

Ivermectin reverses the drug resistance in cancer cells through EGFR/ERK/Akt/NF-κB pathway
These findings demonstrated that ivermectin significantly enhanced the anti-cancer efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs to tumor cells, especially in the drug-resistant cells. Thus, ivermectin, a FDA-approved antiparasitic drug, could potentially be used in combination with chemotherapeutic agents to treat cancers and in particular, the drug-resistant cancers.
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(Jan 2013) Searching For an Old New Cure: Ivermectin Deficiency Syndrome?

From my clinical experiences, I wrote a book, Accidental Cure, and have been presenting my case studies at medical conferences. A physician who heard my lecture at one of the conferences told me that Ivermectin has anti-cancer properties and anti-cancer stem cell properties.

At a higher dose, Ivermectin can inactivate the protein kinase PAK1 and blocks the PAK1-dependent growth of human ovarian cancer and NF2 tumor cell lines (Drug Discov Ther: 2009; 3 (6): 243-246). PAK proteins encoded by the PAK1 gene are critical for cytoskeleton reorganization and nuclear signaling.

This is probably more than you want to know about this parasite medication unless you have an unusual medical condition or cancer. PAK-1 kinase is required for the growth of more than 70% of human cancers such as pancreatic, colon, breast and prostate cancers, and neurofibromatosis.

The p21 activated Kinase PAK1 is implicated in tumor genesis. Inhibiting PAK1 signals induce tumor cell apoptosis (cell death). PAK1 has also been implicated for maintenance of glucose homeostasis in pancreatic beta cells and skeletal muscle. (J. Biol Chem 2011 Dec 2:286)

The medical journal, Blood, recently published that Ivermectin induces chloride-dependent membrane hyperpolarization and cell death in leukemia cells (Blood, November 4, 2010, vol.115). The paper states Ivermectin synergizes with chemo agents cytarabine and daunorubicin to induce cell death in leukemia cells.

Basically the research shows that using a chemo agent with de-worming medication can make chemotherapy more effective for chemotherapy resistant leukemia. Cancer stem cells are the reason why cancer cells often develop resistance to chemotherapies. These researches are telling us that a combination of chemo agents with Ivermectin is targeting cancer stem cells. Killing cancer stem cells is the holy grail of cancer therapy.

The story does not end with Ivermectin. Bauer Research Foundation published on December 12, 2012 that Praziquantel , my other favorite parasite medication for liver flukes, synergistically enhances Paclitaxel (Taxol) efficacy to inhibit cancer cell growth (PloS ONE 7(12): e51721).
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(Sept 2017)

Ivermectin found to suppresses tumour development
Researchers in Japan and the United States have found that ivermectin, a drug used to kill parasites, suppresses tumour development in epithelial ovarian cancer.

Ivermectin exerts an anti-tumour effect on epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) cells by interacting with the new gene target KPNB1. Because ivermectin is already approved to treat parasitic infections in patients, experiments for its effectiveness in an anti-cancer regimen is expected to significantly lower costs compared to untested drug compounds.
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Until about 70 years ago, it was common for Western countries to routinely take anti-parasitic meds. 

Would a regular anti-parasitic medicine lower not only the disease rate of the Western World, but also the cancer rate? 

Would an anti-parasite also cure us all of toxoplasmosis?

Why are anti-parasites working against a "virus"? 
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Color Coding
« on: June 23, 2020, 10:18:46 PM »
We have discussed before how certain colors in MSM stories are code. 

Sometimes it is also certain combos that mean something (like yellow+black, or blue+white).

One of the concepts I think we had touched on briefly before the board relocated to here was the color pink doesn't really exist.

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I read this discussion on the Line of purples on Twitter and now I can't stop seeing pink in the news stories, especially in false flags and "questionable" news stories. 

Pink = the color of illusions

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Note the pink+black in this picture

(IMO the color coding in this picture is a red, well PINK, flag that this story is not true)

Can you disprove this theory on pink? 
I can't...
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Anthropophagus
« on: June 11, 2020, 08:50:02 PM »
Nick told us years ago cannabalism was next.

While I dislike giving energy to the news stories about cannibals, being mindful and watchful is wise IMO.

The first two stories were posted on the board recently.  The last story is also from this month.

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A man starts eating his own body, dies in police custody

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

‘He’s eating himself!’ Man dies in custody after chewing own arms in confrontation with California cops (DISTURBING VIDEO)
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The devil with the face of a good boy, between satanic rites, sexual violence and threats

He called himself Omen and boasted super powers, as well as having the fixation of satanic rites. All seasoned with sex and heavy harassment of the unfortunate who ended up in his network. Classic face of a good boy Matteo Valdambrini , 23 year old student of Economics arrested for sexual violence (even on minors) and enslavement. ...convincing them that he was the devil himself. The purpose to which he said he was destined was even to "save the world", helped in this task by the "chosen ones", that is, his victims. In reality, his only predatory purpose, as reconstructed by the investigators, was to "interweave" them with absurd stories, force them to have sexual intercourse and force them to perform gestures against their will, based on the psychological control of their minds.

To be part of the Valdambrini sect he imposed a ritual, with which the chief said to transfer his supernatural powers to the followers. The first ritual consisted of grabbing the arm of the victims and biting it until the blood came out, which was then licked to symbolize the carnal strength of the union.

One day Valdambrini started cooking for his boys. He told them he had prepared a ragout of human flesh that he had bought in Florence from a person who sold corpses. No one dared to say a word on that occasion. Everyone was amazed at the revelation.

Tricked with the subtle promise of being able to become stronger, beyond your human limits. Under various circumstances the student-head of the sect would have pretended to transform himself into other people, according to the magical practice of shifting.
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‘Satanic cult leader’ allegedly forced kids to drink blood and bodily fluids after luring them with cheap English lessons
Mr Valdambrini allegedly referred to himself as “Il Diavolo” meaning the “The Devil” and is accused of forcing cult members to perform sexual acts with him.

Police say he carried out disturbing rituals on his victims, encouraging them to drink a mixture of blood and semen as well as supposedly stabbing the brain of a dead animal.

He is alleged to have told the victims that the abuse would give them supernatural powers “like vampires or werewolves”.
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I think this story is heavy in code.  It tells you straight up how (((they))) obtain their victims.  Also the numbers of 13 and 23 are hard to ignore.
Remember ancient tribes believed you would obtain the strength of knowledge from the people you ate?

Your energy + Victim's energy= New energy powers for you  ("shifting")

Richmond man caught cannibalizing his grandmother, police say
PUBLISHED: June 1, 2020 at 9:46 p.m. | UPDATED: June 3, 2020 at 11:11 a.m.

RICHMOND — A city resident was arrested Monday afternoon on suspicion of murdering and cannibalizing his own grandmother, in an incident that horrified investigators.

The suspect, identified as Dwayne Wallick, 37, was arrested a little after 2 p.m. Monday after Richmond officers allegedly caught him in the act of eating his 90-year-old grandmother, Ruby Wallick. Police are unsure of a motive, and continued to investigate.
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Let's Get Down & Dirty / The Great Reset
« on: June 09, 2020, 01:46:43 PM »
We know they plan on a UNNWO and find this corona hoax a great opportunity to reshape society. 

These videos appeared on my timeline the last 2 days, both on different platforms.  So I figured someone wanted me to see them.

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The links in the comment section of the second one are quite intriguing. Here are a couple of them.

Now is the time for a 'great reset' 
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Great Reset 2009-2027
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I haven't looked into the Second Renaissance game yet, or when they updated these wiki pages last, but their Eras and world event descriptions certainly raise eyebrows.

Trump's lack of a mandate and increasing unpopularity following a scandal involving Russia, the failure to get much done in Congress, and the Late 2010s Recession, led to a resurgence of civil libertarian candidates from both the Republican and Democratic parties in the 2018 midterms and 2020 general election. The progressive/economic nationalist wings of both parties continued to grow, but were maligned until the election of 2024. By the election of 2028, the effects of the Labor Shortage and the Flood had largely destroyed public opinion of the libertarian wings of both parties, which became the Conservative and Labor Parties, respectively, leading to the Progressive Democrats forming the Progress Party and winning the contentious four-way election of 2028.

Economic Trends

Trump's promises and policies failed to take into account the retirement of the Baby Boomers. As time went on, more and more Baby Boomers retired. After Trump lost the 2020 election, Millennials entered the workforce en masse. However, it was not enough to prevent a labor shortage. All efforts to use supply-side economics to get more people to get jobs failed as there was not enough people. The labor shortage triggered another crash. This led to the election of Dylan J. Price. Price advocated immigration reform as a means of solving the problem. He also advocated automation
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anyways... found it intriguing and wanted to see what y'all thought.
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Minnesota, CAIR, the CCP, and Iran
« on: June 07, 2020, 05:10:25 PM »
We know CAIR and the Young Turks have been anxious to take this country down for some time.  So has China. 

Was George Floyd's death and the subsequent protests and riots created and financed by foreign influencers, hell bent on destroying the US?

>George worked at a porn studio
>The porn studio was accused of child trafficking
>The porn studio had a Middle Eastern name and probably ME ties
>George filmed his porn film in Houston, TX
>It was the first time filming porn for both him and his young co-star
>Texas is a high trafficking state
>Minnesota is also of the top 13 States for human trafficking, most of which occurs in Minneapolis
>The porn website owner says he fucks all his girls himself

>George was using counterfeit money
>Chinese counterfeit money was found at customs in MN a few days later

>George had 4x the lethal dose of Fentanyl in his system
>most Fentanyl comes from China
>Prince died from a massive dose of Fentanyl too
>Were both killed intentionally?

>CAIR wanted to redo Lake Street, where much of the businesses burned down, for many years
>They want low income, high capacity apartments installed (Agenda 2030 type)
>They want more immigrants into the city

>A High Speed Rail was planned to be near these apartments
>the fire locations in town are near where the planned rail lines were
>They wanted to connect St.Paul to Chicago and other major cities in the Northern US via this high speed train

>China is installing many of the high speed rails worldwide (Ferguson, MO; CA (remember the DEW fires?)
>China has connections to CA politicians that we know of (Feinstein and her Chinese spy- also Feinstein's husband has made billions off the high speed rail contract)
>The UK announced they may cancel their high speed rail contract with China
>Singapore just put a stop to their high speed rail project

>Keith Ellison is connected to CAIR
>Ellison was named 2018 Person of the Year by an organization called Turning Point
>Turning Point relocated George Floyd to MN from Texas when he was released from prison

That is what I have so far.

I haven't looked to see if Ellison or CAIR is being paid by China.  I haven't gotten far on the Middle East/ porn website/ Minneapolis connections. 

Research file:
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(I have been adding things for a week or so lol)
Let's Get Down & Dirty / The Cult of Penew Nekhet
« on: June 07, 2020, 07:17:13 AM »
The old board had some of the only research on the cult of Penew Nekhet on the clear web. It would be a shame to ignore that topic on our new board.     

This is a good intro article about the "mouse cult":

The Cult of Penew-Nekhet: an overview

The story of Disneyland begins in ancient Egypt, with the Cult of Penew-Nekhet, or the All-conquering Mouse. While animal cults such as that of Apis the bull at Heliopolis date back six thousand years to the predynastic period, that of Penew-Nekhet appears to be comparatively recent. While it may have been operating clandestinely for some time beforehand, its existence is first documented during the reign of Amenemhat II around 1923 BCE. In contrast to other Egyptian animal religions, the Cult was not demotic in character: public ceremonies were rare, with carvings attesting to only one: a monument to Sobekneferu at Gezer records among her few achievements during her three-year reign the ‘inauguration of the games of the Mouse.’Instead its practitioners were drawn almost entirely from the aristocratic nomarch-class, with rites performed in secret in their provincial estates. The Cult was also unique in that the archaeological record gives no indication that ritual burials and mummification of mice ever took place: rather, Cultists would adorn the inside of their houses with imagery of mice shown enjoying positions of luxury, often being waited on by cats, as in the ostrakon above. That no mouse-related imagery has been found on the outside of palaces or funerary complexes attests to the shifting nature of the relationship between the nomes and Pharaonic power during the Middle Kingdom: at times the Cult was tolerated or endorsed, as was the case under Sobekneferu; at times it was suppressed – whatever the political situation, its practitioners did their utmost to conceal their secret religion.
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The mouse cult is the reason mice are incorporated into our global culture.

Mickey Mouse, Mighty Mouse, Stuart Little, The Rescuers, Cinderella's mice, Ratatouille, etc.
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Top 100 Cat-and-Mouse Movies
A cat and mouse game movie based in behavior theory that is like the way a cat chases a mouse or plays with a mouse before killing it or to deceive and control other people, to avoid being caught, etc.
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There's also mice in art, such as banksy's piece here:

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In the old thread, Nick mentioned that before this cult was prevelant, Set was highly worshipped in Egypt.  Then Horus worship took his place. 
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Alchemy
« on: June 01, 2020, 02:46:50 PM »
There are Seven Operations of Alchemy.  These steps are in both spiritual and physical (laboratory) alchemy.

This is a great website explaining the steps: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

There is sooo much more info under each step on the website than what I added here. 

As we approach the Conjuction this summer, you can see this alchemical process happening on on a macro (global) level as well as micro (personal).  On a macro level, the globalists want to guide the world onto THEIR path.  Be aware of this happening because we can affect the macro by changing the micro level. 

The AZoth Ritual

As a visual guide to the operations of alchemy, we will use an alchemical mandala actually used by the alchemists in trying to understand the relationships between the processes of transformation. The “Azoth” (shown above) is a meditative emblem that appeared in several different forms during the late Middle Ages. The version we are using is based on an illustration first published in 1659 in the Azoth of the Philosophers by the legendary German alchemist Basil Valentine. The word “Azoth” in the title is one of the more arcane names for the First Matter. The “A” and “Z” in the word relate to “alpha” and “omega,” the letters at the beginning and end of the Greek alphabet. Thus the word is meant to convey the idea of the absolutely complete and full meaning of the First Matter and its transformations. In this sense, the Azoth represents not just the chaotic First Matter at the beginning of the Work but also its perfected essence (the Philosopher’s Stone) at the conclusion of the Work.

Operation 1: Calcination
The star-shaped pattern that makes up the body of the alchemist represents what Paracelsus called the “star in man,” the hidden process that is going on in our souls, just as it is the hidden process behind the evolution of the Anima Mundi or the soul of the universe. The first ray in this inner star is the black ray labeled number one and pointing to the Corpus Stone. It represents the beginning of the Ladder of the Planets and is marked by the cipher that stands for both the metal lead and the planet Saturn. This is archetypal situation at the beginning of the Work. The square symbol for Salt is also shown in the first ray, which indicates the Work begins in the unredeemed matter of an imperfect incarnation. It could be any substance that needs to be perfected from lead to the human soul.

Operation 2: Dissolution
The second ray of in the star of the Azoth points toward the King, and the operation here is directed toward masculine consciousness and signatures. This is the second rung on the Ladder of the Planets and is marked with the symbol that stands for both the metal tin and the planet Jupiter. This ray is usually white or light blue in color.
The second circle depicts the operation of Dissolution and shows the black crow watching itself dissolve before its eyes to reveal its white or purer part. Reflecting back from the pool of Dissolution is the white image of the Soul Bird, which is exposed during this operation. This is still the Black Phase of alchemy, and the process of purification continues. In the outer ring next to the circle of Dissolution is the word Interiora, meaning the operation takes place in the interior or innermost parts.

Operation 3: Separation
The third ray of the Azoth points toward the torch of Fire and is marked with the cipher signifying both the metal iron and the planet Mars. This ray is usually colored red or orange and is also marked with a smaller symbol denoting Sulfur. Iron and sulfur come together chemically in Vitriol or sulfuric acid, the aggressive and biting liquid fire of the alchemists.

The third circle shows the operation of Separation in which the black, earthbound Soul Bird splits into two white birds that retrieve the saved remains of Calcination and Dissolution. This is the first coming together of soul and spirit, and the newly acquired vantage point allows the discernment of what is worthy of being saved from the previous two operations. Above this circle is the written Terrae, which means “of the earth” and refers to the real or manifested essences being separated out from the dregs of matter at this stage.
At this stage, the saved elements are pure but opposite and were often seen at war or struggling with each other. It can be a tortuous time that demands will and determination. To keep the fighting essences alive yet separate, the alchemists made use of ascending and purifying operations associated with Air. Of this phase, the Emerald Tablet says, “The Wind carries it in its belly,” and the alchemists felt they were applying the Element Air in their work during Separation.

Operation 4: Conjunction
The fourth ray of the Azoth points to the area at the top of the drawing where the right wing of the Ascended Essence touches the salamander wallowing in flames. The ray is marked with the single symbol for both copper and Venus and is usually colored green or yellow-green.
The fourth circle depicts the twin birds of soul and spirit leaving the earth together, lifting a five-spiked crown (the Fifth Element or Quintessence recovered from the preceding operations) into heaven or the realm of spirit. At this point in the Work, only the purest and most genuine parts of the substance to be transformed remain in the vessel. The goal of the Conjunction operation is to recombine these saved elements into a whole new incarnation. As the Emerald Tablet says of this stage, “Its nurse is the Earth,” and the alchemists felt they were working with the Element Earth during Conjunction.

Above this circle is inscribed the word Rectificando, which means “by rectification” or setting things right, and the wings of the Ascended Essence spread over this operation as if to bless it. It is truly a sacred process. The alchemists often referred to the Conjunction as the “Marriage of the Sun and Moon,” which symbolized the two opposing ways of knowing or experiencing the world.

Operation 5: Fermentation
The fifth ray of the Azoth points to the area where the left wing of the Ascended Essence touches the standing bird of Spirit. The ray is marked with the cipher for the metal Mercury (Quicksilver) and the planet Mercury, as well as an identical smaller symbol indicating the heavenly principle of Mercury. This ray is usually colored blue-green or green, symbolizing the living energy of transformation spoken of in the Emerald Tablet or what the Sufis called the “Emerald Vision.”

The fifth circle is under the inscription Invenies, which means “you will discover.” This is the operation of Fermentation in which the unexpected mystic substance forms, the ambrosia of the gods, which represents the first lasting solidification of the conjoining of soul and spirit. The circle shows the Soul and Spirit birds nesting in a tree, brooding over their Egg, waiting for the mystical birth to occur.

Operation 6: Distillation
The Azoth’s sixth ray points to the feather, symbol of Air and indicating the process of spiritualization. This ray is usually colored indigo, although it is shown as white or light gray. It is marked with the symbol for silver and the Moon.
Distillation is the sixth of the major operation in alchemy, and it is represented in the sixth circle by a unicorn lying on the ground in front of a rose bush. According to legend, the unicorn runs tirelessly from pursuers but lies meekly on the ground when approached by a virgin. The virgin is the purified matter at hand, which has returned to a state of innocence and potential. Above the circle is the word Occultum, meaning secret or hidden, since the essences at the beginning of this stage are invisible.

Operation 7: Coagulation
The seventh ray of the Azoth points to the realm of the Queen and contains the symbol that stands for both the metal gold and the Sun. It is at the feminine level of soul where masculine consciousness is transformed, and this ray is usually colored lavender or purple, indicating the true royalty of the King.
The final, seventh circle shows an androgynous youth emerging from an open grave, with the Latin word Lapidem, meaning “the Stone,” on the outer ring next to it. This is the operation of Coagulation, in which the fermented Child of the Conjunction is fused with the sublimated spiritual presence released during Distillation. The resurrection of the soul is accomplished by bringing together only the purest essences of one’s body and soul into the light of meditation.

The Hidden Keys to the Azoth
There are deeper secrets contained in the Azoth drawing that are only revealed through meditation. Although there are only seven operations shown, there is another implied or eighth step in the mandala. This secret is suggested by the fact that while there are eight circles depicting corresponding to operations there are only seven rays labeled. Only deeper meditation on this drawing will reveal the unlabeled eight ray.
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Race War 2020
« on: May 27, 2020, 08:26:17 PM »
It's the beginning of summer, and that means it's race war time!   Ever since the Ferguson Riots in 2014, we've had the pleasure of experiencing ramped up racial tension every summer.  They always give election year that extra "oomph" and this year they started early. 

Things to watch for:   shoes (either a single shoe or pile of shoes), the numbers 6, 13, 23, or 322, yellow and black protest signs, coded first names.  This is only some of the list and I'm sure there is more (please feel free to add). 

I'm not saying people didn't die in some of these incidents.  I'm saying the exploitation of such incidents is orchestrated by the MSM etc in a way to provoke a race war and for people to riot etc. 

Incident #1  -- 2/23/20   - Brunswick, Georgia

On 2/23/20 William “Roddy” Bryan jumped in his truck & chased #AhmaudArbery around Satilla Shores, GA— recording as Travis McMichael shot him to death.

I wish Ahmaud’s mom could have told him ‘please stop.’ Her son was ‘unarmed and defenseless.’

We will stop when he’s in jail.
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Nice 322 (# of S&B) there. 

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2.23 mile run = another 322

Maud... feeling of enlightenment (sounds in the same category as corona, right?)

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His name was Aumaud.   Aum (meditation sound to clear your mind and help you focus) + maud (battle mighty/ powerful battler)

(Let the battle begin!)

Gregory McMichael, 64, and Travis McMichael, 34, were charged with the felony murder of Arbery on May 7, and William Bryan, 50, was charged May 21.
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Arbery is an English surname.  McMicheal is Scottish.  The English and Scottish have been battling for ages. Just an observation.

Gregory = watchful/ alert
Travis = crossing/ cross roads
William = will or determination + protection or helmet = resolute protector

Incident #2 - May 23, 2020 - Miami, FL   (the boy was drowned on the 22nd, the story ran on the 23rd)

Believe it or Not: The story of the 9s.

Shocking surveillance video reportedly shows Miami mom shoving 9-year-old son into canal

Patricia Ripley, 45, is facing attempted and premeditated murder charges and being held in jail with no bond.

“We talk about children being voiceless. This is another level of voicelessness. He was incapable of saying that ‘mommy put me in the water.’”
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Patricia Ripley, 45, had claimed she was driving with her son Alejandro around 9 p.m. ET Thursday when two black men in another vehicle forced her to stop, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said in a news conference Saturday morning.

The boy’s body was found hours later still wearing a Captain America T-shirt, Rundle said.
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Patricia = noble/ regal
Ripley makes me think of "Ripley's Believe it Or Not"
Alejandro = defender of man
Captain America was drowned. 

They TRIED to make this one into a race incident.  It didn't work. 

This story is opposite of another news story from January. 

‘Captain America’ Actress Arrested for Allegedly Killing Mom in Kansas Home

Kansas police arrested an actress featured in Captain America: The First Avenger on a second-degree murder charge after she allegedly stabbed her mother to death in December, The Kansas City Star reports. Mollie Fitzgerald, who had a small on-screen role and assisted in the production of the Marvel flick, was apprehended by Olathe police after her 68-year-old mother, Patricia “Tee” Fitzgerald, was found dead in her home on Dec. 20.
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Patricia Fitzgerald is identified as the mother of Captain America Actress who was reportedly murdered by her own daughter on 20 December.According to Patricia’s obituary, she is one of the kind people in the world.
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so first story, Captain America kills Patricia.   Second story, Patricia kills Captain America. 

This overall story has so many oddities.

About Alejandro Ripley
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Ripley, 45, a married mother of two, had become overwhelmed in caring for the boy in recent months. Even before the pandemic, the boy had been receiving therapy at the family’s West Kendall home.  (It is not uncommon for MOST severely autistic children to receive in home therapy.)

State authorities immediately issued an Amber Alert for the missing child, but investigators quickly grew suspicious because the story seemed unbelievable and Ripley gave shifting versions of what happened. (Authorities do not issue Amber Alerts without license plates and descriptions of the kidnappers)

Miami-Dade homicide detectives immediately learned that Ripley, earlier in the evening, had been seen with the boy at another spot along a canal. The video footage showed her pushing the boy into the water — but a bystander rescued the boy. How she persuaded the bystander to not call 911 remained unclear, but the boy was apparently not hurt.
(The boy was soaking wet after going into the pond the first time.  I don't see her PUSHING him as much as directing him, as you often do with special needs children, and he could have slipped.  HOWEVER, most autistic children would NOT tolerate wearing wet clothes in the car and would be having a meltdown to get home immediately.  Even without talking, he probably would be screaming.)

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(Friday morning)
That search came to a quick halt about 12 hours later when a witness called police and said there appeared to be a body floating in a pond on the golf course at the MIccosukee Golf & Country Club at Southwest 138th Court and 62nd Street, about four miles from where the alleged abduction took place.
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He was drowned at the Miccosukee Golf & Country Club.  It's open to the public but you MUST make reservations.  And wear masks. 
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It's hell getting most autistic children to wear masks.  Many special needs parents have given up at this point and bring out the ADA act if questioned.  Can you imagine walking up to this country club with a soaking wet child, who is screaming because his clothes were wet and yucky, and who will not put on a mask like all other members?  Surely the Country Club staff would remember such a scene and a child. 

It's also only open until 8pm. 

It doesn't add up. 

Also, the Univision video of Patricia pushing Alejandro into the canal "the same day" is timestamped Thurs May 21 at 6:30pm.
But he died on the 22nd. 

So even IF the date was off a day, this was only 90 min before the Country Club closed.  So he would have wet hair and most likely wet clothes or shoes.  And he probably would NOT be a happy child. 
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First story the victim was "defenseless"  (whites killed blacks)
Second story the victim was "voiceless"  (latino tried to say blacks harmed her latino mixed son, this narrative didn't work)

#3 is Biden's "You Ain't Black" comment
#4 is the dog owner in Central Park  (May 25, 2020) . 
#5 is the George Lloyd False Flag (May 26, 2020)

 Am I missing any other ones?
 I'll expand on those stories later, but feel free to jump in :)
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Germ Theory, Viruses, and Exosomes
« on: May 23, 2020, 02:25:12 PM »
This topic was circulating on social media in the last month.  Youtube has pulled as many videos down as they can find. 

So this forum is the perfect place to have an uncensored discussion on it.   ;)

Bacteria are real, living organisms.  But are VIRUSES?  Or is a virus simply how our body is detoxing a toxic body and are created within our OWN CELLS?  Are viruses created by our body in reaction to a bacterium that has contaminated our system?  Are all virus pictures simply CGI images?  Have we been fooled by virus images as much as we have by images of space? 

Reading through these articles I was taken quite aback and made me rethink my own set beliefs. 

This book came out in 2007.   13 years later and we are not even debating these things if this is a plausible theory or not...

Virus Mania.
Avian Flu (H5N1), Cervical Cancer (HPV), SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Polio
How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits at Our Expense

The authors of Virus Mania, journalist Torsten Engelbrecht and doctor of internal medicine Claus Köhnlein, show that these alleged contagious viruses are, in fact, particles produced by the cells themselves as a consequence of certain stress factors such as drugs. These particles are then identified by antibody and PCR tests and interpreted as epidemic-causing viruses by doctors who have been inoculated for over 100 years by the theory that microbes are deadly and only modern medications and vaccines will protect us from virus pandemics.
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Foreward from the book:
When American journalist Celia Farber courageously published, in Harper’s Magazine (March 2006) the article “Out of control—AIDS and the corruption of medical science,” some readers probably attempted to reassure themselves that this “corruption” was an isolated case. This is very far from the truth as documented so well in this book by Engelbrecht and Köhnlein. It is only the tip of the iceberg. Corruption of research is a widespread phenomenon currently found in many major, supposedly contagious health problems, ranging from AIDS to Hepatitis C, Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE or “mad cow disease”), SARS, Avian flu and current vaccination practices (human papillomavirus or HPV vaccination).

In research on all of these six distinct public health concerns scientific research on viruses (or prions in the case of BSE) slipped onto the wrong track following basically the same systematic pathway. This pathway always includes several key steps: inventing the risk of a disastrous epidemic, incriminating an elusive pathogen, ignoring alternative toxic causes, manipulating epidemiology with non-verifiable numbers to maximize the false perception of an imminent catastrophe, and promising salvation with vaccines. This guarantees large financial returns. But how is it possible to achieve all of this? Simply by relying on the most powerful activator of human decision making process, i.e. FEAR!

We are not witnessing viral epidemics; we are witnessing epidemics of fear. And both the media and the pharmaceutical industry carry most of the responsibility for amplifying fears, fears that happen, incidentally, to always ignite fantastically profitable business. Research hypotheses covering these areas of virus research are practically never scientifically verified with appropriate controls. Instead, they are established by “consensus.” This is then rapidly reshaped into a dogma, efficiently perpetuated in a quasi-religious manner by the media, including ensuring that research funding is restricted to projects supporting the dogma, excluding research into alternative hypotheses. An important tool to keep dissenting voices out of the debate is censorship at various levels ranging from the popular media to scientific publications.

We haven’t learnt well from past experiences. There are still many unanswered questions on the causes of the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, and on the role of viruses in post-WWII polio (DDT neurotoxicity?). These modern epidemics should have opened our minds to more critical analyses. Pasteur and Koch had solidly constructed an understanding of infection applicable to many bacterial, contagious diseases. But this was before the first viruses were actually discovered. Transposing the principles of bacterial infections to viruses was, of course, very tempting but should not have been done without giving parallel attention to the innumerable risk factors in our toxic environment; to the toxicity of many drugs, and to some nutritional deficiencies.

Cancer research had similar problems. The hypothesis that cancer might be caused by viruses was formulated in 1903, more than one century ago. Even today it has never been convincingly demonstrated. Most of the experimental laboratory studies by virus-hunters have been based on the use of inbred mice, inbred implying a totally unnatural genetic background. Were these mice appropriate models for the study of human cancer? (we are far from being inbred!) True, these mice made possible the isolation and purification of “RNA tumor viruses,” later renamed “retroviruses” and well characterized by electron microscopy.

But are these viral particles simply associated with the murine tumors, or are they truly the culprit of malignant transformation? Are these particles real exogenous infective particles, or endogenous defective viruses hidden in our chromosomes? The question is still debatable.

This was salvation for the viral laboratories where AIDS now became, almost overnight, the main focus of research. It generated huge financial support from Big Pharma, more budget for the CDC and NIH, and nobody had to worry about the life style of the patients who became at once the innocent victims of this horrible virus, soon labeled as HIV.

Twenty-five years later, the HIV/AIDS hypothesis has totally failed to achieve three major goals in spite of the huge research funding exclusively directed to projects based on it. No AIDS cure has ever been found; no verifiable epidemiological predictions have ever been made; and no HIV vaccine has ever been successfully prepared. Instead, highly toxic (but not curative) drugs have been most irresponsibly used, with frequent, lethal side effects. Yet not a single HIV particle has ever been observed by electron microscopy in the blood of patients supposedly having a high viral load! So what? All the most important newspapers and magazine have displayed attractive computerized, colorful images of HIV that all originate from laboratory cell cultures, but never from even a single AIDS patient. Despite this stunning omission the HIV/AIDS dogma is still solidly entrenched. Tens of thousands of researchers, and hundreds of major pharmaceutical companies continue to make huge profits based on the HIV hypothesis. And not one single AIDS patient has ever been cured…
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The Virus Hunters.
The False flags PSYOPS of the medical cartel. Notice how it usually comes from 'abroad' --Asian, Hong Kong, Australian, Spanish, West Nile), or 'from' an animal -- Bird, Avian, Swine, Monkey ('Foreign viruses', 'One plane ride away'), with vaccine caused Spanish Flu being the main driver.  All part of The Disease Protection Racket.
    In Virus Mania, Claus Köhnlein shows that these alleged contagious viruses are, in fact, particles produced by the cells themselves as a consequence of certain stress factors such as drugs, as said by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D. (emotional trauma) and the Pleomorphists (see: Infections & poisons  Infection & nutrition), the original being Bechamp from over 130 years ago.  That is how long this hoax has been running, by the likes of Rumsfeld, almost as long as the 200 year vaccine one.  Avoid vaccines as that is the way they like to deliver the poisons or start an 'infectious' scare e.g. AIDS (Heb B vaccine), Spanish Flu (soldiers given 15 vaccines), Swine Flu 1976, Gulf War Syndrome (Anthrax vaccine).  And if they gave a rat's ass about us they would be using the well proven (60 years and 1,200 medical citations) cure for all infections---Vitamin C,  but they can't do that as it would destroy the lucrative viral vaccine industry, with Allopathy Inc/Drug Industry following (and the government), as only medical politics keeps Nutritional Medicine from ousting Allopathic medicine.
     Of course, apart from fuelling the gravy train known as vaccination and anti-virals like Tamiflu (and assorted disease promoting industries like the CDC), epidemics are a great way to hide industrial pollution (Toxic air), and a big red flag is the fact no mention is ever made of industrial pollution or toxicology (see: Jim West). A classic example being the 1953 UK 'epidemic'.  Some of these media Fearmongers have more of a vested interest than most, e.g. John Oxford.      Summary: Ignore the real cause of 'viral' diseases (Toxic air, poverty, junk food, nutrition, drugs, sanitation, poisons), suppress the effective medicine (Naturopathy, Natural Hygiene, Homeopathy, Herbalism, Nutritional Medicine), hype the dangers of these diseases, kill and burn the animals to hide the true causes:  factory and chemical farming.]
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“Bernard was right; the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.” - Louis Pasteur, creator of germ theory, shortly before dying

We know if you are stressed, don't eat properly, are exposed to toxic chemicals, etc etc, you are more susceptible to becoming sick or

Corvid-19 doesn't even follow Koch's postulates (how to prove an organism causes a disease)
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"If it looks like an #exosome, is the same size as an exosome, carries genetic material as an exosome, and does the same as an exosome (i.e. merging with cells, and being released),  then why are #viruses not just in fact really natural occurring exosomes?"
#virushoax #coronahoax
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Exosome Theory vs Virus Theory
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But revenous a nos monutous; the entire fabric of the germ theory of disease rests upon assumptions which not only have not been proved, but which are incapable of proof, and many of them can be proved to be the reverse of truth. The basic one of these unproven assumptions, the credit for which in its present form is wholly due to Pasteur, is the hypothesis that all the so called infectious and contagious disorders are caused by germs, each disease having its own specific germ, which germs have existed in the air from the beginning of things, and that though the body is closed to these pathogen's germs when in good health, when the vitality is lowered the body becomes susceptible to their inroads."
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Dr. Stefan Lanka, virologist and molecular biologist, is internationally mostly known as an “AIDS dissident” (and maybe “gentechnology dissident”) who has been questioning the very existence of “HIV” since 1994. In the past years, however, he stumbled over a breathtaking fact: Not even ONE of the (medically relevant) viruses has ever been isolated; there is no proof of their existence. Actually, Dr. Lanka already stated three years ago, in the almost “legendary” Zenger´s interview:

“So, for a long time I studied virology, from the end to the beginning, from the beginning to the end, to be absolutely sure that there was no such thing as HIV. And it was easy for me to be sure about this because I realized that the whole group of viruses to which HIV is said to belong, the retroviruses – as well as other viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous – in fact do not exist at all.”

So he thoroughly read the literature on those “other viruses” again, and after he could still not find any paper which would provide the evidence, he encouraged people not to BELIEVE him but to ask the institutes and authorities themselves.
We showed to Dr. Lanka a number of images and explanations we were pointed to and that were said to show – respectively describe (characterise) viruses. Here are his summarising comments:

“All these photos have in common that they, respectively the authors, can´t claim that they represent a virus, as long as they do not also provide the original publications which describe how and what from the virus has been isolated. Such original publications are cited nowhere.
Indeed, in the entire scientific medical literature there´s not even one publication, where the fulfillment of Koch´s first postulate is even claimed for such viruses. This means that there is no proof that the viruses held responsible for these diseases have been isolated from humans afflicted by them. Nevertheless, this is precisely what they publicly claim.
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Germ THEORY has been debunked since 1918, when the Boston Health Department failed to infect a single one of the 300 healthy subjects they contaminated with the bodily fluids of “Spanish Flu” carriers. Viruses do not exist the way most have been taught to believe.
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A good discussion on viruses and and Corvid-19
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(Interesting comments under the video too)

#Virology is rated very high on my list of 100% rubbish nonsense sciences. This business has been run by elite #freemasons/#cryptojews from the very beginning. Here #freemason Nobel prize winner aids #virologist #LucMontagnier, doing a 100% clear #masonichandshake with #TomHanks. 
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Remember how Tom Hanks' movie Philadelphia changed the Western mindset not only about AIDS, but also homosexuality?   We saw gay people as humans just like us.  We were willing to donate to their cause, accept gay marriage, change our curriculum, and we still have the [-RED] campaign taking in millions and millions annually. 
Was Hanks' involvement with corona merely to help normalize the push "the new normal" campaign? 

[1] 2

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