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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Creatures- The Bestiary of Earth
« on: September 24, 2020, 12:27:46 PM »
Nick's last topic about vampires being the middle-management on this planet really got me thinking- What else is out there, where do they fit in the hierarchy of things here, and how dangerous or hostile are they to us humans?

I want to make this a collective effort and take a page out of Skyrim to create/provide a working and regularly updated list of all humanoid type creatures on Earth.

Nick can you please grant me access to regularly update this post to have everything neatly organized on the front page for easy reference, as it seems after awhile you're locked out from editing your original post.

Hopefully we here as community can brainstorm together and contribute a working Bestiary for Earth's other humanoids from what we may already know...

I'll start and add their hierarchy and geographical locations later as we figure more out and as Nick discloses further information...

1). Reptilian
2). Vampire
3). Red-Headed Giants
Is everything a war between these two factions? Is this part of the reason for the chaos that were witnessing now during the birth pains of 2020?

Serpent = Enki represented by the Greeks as Poseidon. The Serpent represents fertility and is thus symbolized as an umbilical cord that joins all humans to Mother Earth, thus Poseidon is the Lord of the Earth and the Oceans.

Eagle = Enlil represented by the Greeks as Zeus. The Eagle symbolizes warring power and domain over the skies, thus Zeus is the Lord of the Air.

As Nick has said before in the past the Elite love to invert knowledge and truth. Could it be that the Serpent faction were/are actually the good guys?

The cultures that worshiped the serpent were mostly pagans, Mesoamerican Natives, and Asians who had acquired ancient serpent knowledge. Could the symbolism of the past be the tell-tale mark of the present?

Throughout history the cultures that worshiped the eagle waged war against the cultures that held that still held and practice the knowledge of the serpent. We see this with the conquistadors that destroyed the cultures of the Aztec and Incan's of Mexico and Peru that worshiped the plumed serpents- Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan. St. Patrick's day is celebrated every year, but do we know what were celebrating? Ireland was historically a pagan land that practiced ancient serpent knowledge. St. Patrick supposedly kicked out all the "snakes" out of Ireland. Did Ireland really ever have any snakes? Or was this simply a metaphor for ridding the land of pagans who once protected the serpent/snake knowledge...

Did the ancient serpent knowledge stem from Atlantis?  We find in Phœnician legends that Poseidon himself was the founder and king of Atlantis. When Atlantis fell the serpent knowledge was given to Egypt as a kingdom to the god Taaut, who had invented the alphabet. The Egyptians called him Thoth, and he was represented among them as "the god of letters, the clerk of the under-world," Thoth is believed to be the Greek equivalent to Hermes who incidentally is "Messenger God". a God of diplomacy, travel, commence, invention and wisdom. These sound like all the right traits to have as God, who would carry forward with him the ancient serpent knowledge of Atlantis to restart a new civilization in Egypt. This is where the term "Hermetic Teachings come from". It should also be noted that Hermes carried a caduceus- a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it. The wings and serpents could represent the knowledge of the plumed serpent in which he carried with him.

The plain of Atlantis, Plato tells us, "had been cultivated during many ages by many generations of kings." If, as we believe, agriculture, the domestication of the horse, ox, sheep, goat, and bog, and the discovery or development of wheat, oats, rye, and barley originated in this region of Atlantis, then this language of Plato in reference to "the many ages, and the successive generations of kings," accords with the great periods of time which were necessary to bring man from a savage to a civilized condition.

In the great ditch surrounding the whole land like a circle, and into which streams flowed down from the mountains, we probably see the original of the four rivers of Paradise, and the emblem of the cross surrounded by a circle, which was the earliest form in pre-Christian ages, accepted as the emblem of the Garden of Eden. If one could conclude that the original Garden of Eden was in fact in Atlantis, then was the serpent who attempted to tempt and deceive Eve actually trying to warn her instead? In the secret book of John from the Gnostic Nag Hammadi library, the serpent was actually trying to help protect Eve from the Archons...

Speaking of the inversion of knowledge and symbolism, what associations come to mind when we think of a serpent and an eagle?
Eagle= Freedom and strength. Only in reality it's conquest, domination, and war.
Serpent= Deception, temptation, and sin. Or so at least we've been told....
This thread will be a work in progress where we can post our thoughts and ideas as they come to make meaning of all this. I have an intuitive feeling when I look up into the sky and see Venus with the 7 sisters. Could this be why they want us inside and quarantined? So that we don't look up at the sky and catch a glimpse of something they don't want us to see or know about...

Let me start:

Ancient Mayan astrologers based this very important conjunction of Venus and the stars of the Pleiades for their calendars. The Mayan calendar cycle ends in 2012, the same year as Venus's passage through the stars of the Pleiades. This happens only once in every eight years. This event and its influence on the inner psyche is intense.

According Greek mythology, the seven maidens represented by the seven stars of the Pleiades are the daughters of Atlas and his wife, Pleione. Since the seven came forth from the mother Pleione, her offspring were thus collectively known by a slight adaptation of her name.  Isn't it an odd coincidence that there is also comet named Atlas that is coming very close to us as well?

Atlas was the Titan that was responsible for bearing the weight of the world (Earth) on his shoulders, a punishment bestowed upon him by Zeus. Zeus condemned Atlas to stand at the Western edge of Gaia (the Earth) and hold the heavens on his shoulders to prevent the two from resuming their primordial embrace. Now The father and his daughter's will coincidentally be seen again together? Will this be a family gathering of sorts? Perhaps. Central to all this notion is the idea of a family or intimate assemblage, with the implied need for attention to the welfare of its members.

I found this interesting: "According to the Tibetan, the Pleiades are one of the several constellations which are used by the Hierarchy as factors in the calculation of very long time cycles affecting our solar system.99 Such very long time cycles are those governing the life cycles of the seven planetary schemes as well as the life cycle of the entire solar system, considered as a whole. The exact manner in which the Pleiades are used to determine the lengths of various cycles was not specified by the Tibetan, who only indicated that knowledge of this type arises as a result of the development of the intuition and that it is evoked by the processes of initiation. That the Pleiades are in some way involved with the calculation of cycles affecting the solar
system was affirmed by Blavatsky, who stated that a great truth is masked by western mythology concerning the Pleiades. Perhaps here she had in mind the Central American preoccupation with the Pleiades as an indicator of drastic celestial and earthly events. At any rate, Blavatsky did reveal that the Pleiades are
indeed implicated in some way as part of the several celestial signs which will signal the onset of systemic pralaya, a fact she said is confirmed in Hindu sacred literature, but exactly where she did not say."

The connection of Venusian influence with the Pleiades is of especial note, for here again is to be found a definite correlation between the
esoteric astrological doctrine and exoteric astronomical myth. According to the Tibetan, the influence of the Pleiades is linked in this solar system to the Sun and Venus, the natures of Venus and the Pleiades being depicted as strongly similar. This similarity may well have been the hidden basis for the Greek myth which held that it was the goddess Venus who, seeing the plight of seven girls frightened by the unwanted advances of the hunter Orion, transformed the group into seven doves who then flew away to heaven in the direction of the Pleiades. The sisters are Alcyone, Merope, Celaeno, Taygeta, Maia, Electra, and Asterope. According to one legend, only six of the stars can be seen because Merope hid herself in shame over marrying a mortal. These seven doves are undoubtedly the same seven doves said by yet another version of the myth to have been originally seven mortal women transformed by Zeus to help them escape from lusty Orion, and sent for safe keeping to their residence in the sky as the Pleiades. Thus, the Greek myth conjoins a symbol for Venus (the doves) with the constellation of the Pleiades, plainly proclaiming the very same link between these two celestial factors (Venus and the Pleiades) posited by the esoteric teaching.

Let's Get Down & Dirty / I Have Found my Way Back...
« on: March 30, 2020, 02:14:22 AM »
How I have missed this site, Nick, and the collective community as a whole!
I'm glad to be back. I'm glad to be home...

Love you All!

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