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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: Ukraine
« on: June 07, 2022, 03:29:03 AM »
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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: The Lost NRG Threads
« on: June 02, 2022, 01:51:33 AM »
Link is dead, any chance to reupload?
I was looking for the row row row you boat post. And the other childhood nursery rhymes dissected.

Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: Random musings
« on: April 06, 2022, 02:25:21 AM »
Mason jars are hermetically sealed by the Seal of Hermes
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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: Random musings
« on: April 03, 2022, 01:38:42 PM »
large hadron collider
adrenochro rig  dealll

Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: News, News, News...
« on: March 19, 2022, 01:10:55 PM »
From Martin Armstrong of armstrong economics:
Reliable sources are saying that they intend to (1) cancel all paper currency, (2) confiscate all cryptocurrency, (3) impose rationing, (4) wage World War III. Will CB digital currency be successful? Yes and No. They will impose it by sheer force and do everything in their power to attack black markets. They will fail in this endeavor for everything relies upon the power grid. If an adversary takes out less than 10 strategic power stations, the grid will fail and so will all money transactions.

Germany in World War II counterfeited the currency of Great Britain to undermine the currency value as a tactic to win the war. Today, you just target the power grid and that will kill the economy faster and far more sufficient than ever before. The black market will probably involve canned food and silver coins dated pre-1965.

They will impose curfews and lockdowns. The WHO is already proposing a worldwide COVID passport and they will most likely use that to claim they are filtering out spies.

Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: Proxies and lions and bears
« on: March 16, 2022, 02:57:49 AM »
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Who,where, why, who else

Ryan grantham...
who: some child actor killed his mother
where: Canada, B.C.
who else:

The Coffee Lounge / Re: Food and Health
« on: February 17, 2022, 08:12:22 PM »
insomnia tips guys?
i used to smoke cannabis indica for my sleep troubles but i quit on sunday, as i used it as a cope for everything and it keeps my energy vibrating down in apathy, and i dont want to be dependent on it.

share your best remedies for a good nights sleep. i can feel my body is tired but my head is active. im doing heavy lifting 3 times a week. i think its related to childhood sexual abuse trauma that still is not fully resolved as ive had sleep problems since i was a kid.

Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: Random musings
« on: January 22, 2022, 10:43:01 AM »
water is a carrier of intent as shown by dr. emoto

Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: Im sorry for withholding this...
« on: January 13, 2022, 02:29:34 PM »
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If anyone has 500 to spare.

Apparently there are some pretty impossible to find first-hand accounts of vampires in that book the people who have read it have said it's easily the best vampire book ever read not in the Anne Rice way more in the how to way..

Vampirologist Stephen Kaplan was a critic of George Lutz and the story of the haunting of the house. Kaplan lived in Suffolk County, NY and was a school teacher that actually believed in the supernatural. His ancestors were from Eastern Europe and he ran an organization called the Vampire Research Center.

Western Suffolk County is known for several things in regard to Vampires. First, Walt Whitman who was the main inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula was from the county. In addition, the homosexual community on Fire Island has a long history of "Sexual Vampires." These are people whose sexual preference is sucking the blood from others. The author of this article himself often seen these foul creature when a child. They were thin, weird and pale. The vampire themed music group, "Blue Oyster Cult" was started in the school district that Dr. Kaplan taught in!

There is a whole legend of Andy Warhol being involved in Vampirism. A woman named Valerie Solanas even shot Warhol with silver bullets. There was a movie made about it called, "I shot Andy Warhol." Andy Warhol wearing turtle neck sweater, making movies and pictures about Dracula, and spending his summers in Suffolk County on Fire Island added to the legend. 

East of Amityville is the village of Bohemia, which was settled by Slavic peasants from the mountains of Eastern Europe. Montague Summers who wrote The Vampire in Europe said that the small province of Bohemia was the main center of Vampire activity. An article in the Prague Post called Bohemia, "Vampire Central." (Bohemian vampires rise again By Katka Fronk Prague Post 3/29/00 ) Summers said that Bohemia was worse for vampire legends than Transylvania. A quote from Summers in regard to activity in Bohemia: "...and when they pierced it with sharpened piles of white thorn it howled horribly, writhing and champing its blud red lips with long white teeth whilst streams of warm red blud spurted out in every direction." It is from Bohemia in Eastern Europe that Slavs came from to settle Bohemia, Long Island

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Here's the first few chapters of Kaplan's book
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thewatchers posted the full book at one point. I still dont know how he acquired the pdf, when i asked him about it he was cryptic as often. rip toner.

Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: II XXII
« on: January 09, 2022, 10:02:48 AM »
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Does MM = Minneapolis, Minnesota?

I saw the 🚩story of George Floyd's great niece being shot... seems they want to bring back ol' GF into the narrative.
First thought was Missoula Montana

The Coffee Lounge / Re: Food and Health
« on: January 02, 2022, 07:13:28 AM »
Any tips to beat herpes sores?
Or even expel the virus for good so one doesn't get outbreaks?
If viruses don't exist wtf is herpes and how do we stop it?

Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: Random musings
« on: December 16, 2021, 03:47:52 PM »
The Second Death

You may have heard of the "second death" from the Bible (in the Book of Revelation) or maybe Boris Mouravieff's works.

The idea is that physical death is only the first one. The second death is when the etheric and astral bodies are cast off as well.

Those who have nothing else than these (spiritless humans) then dissolve into the universal subtle energy field, which the Bible calls the lake of fire.

The Plutarch text mentions the second death verbatim on page 44. This was 2000 years ago. And its discussion on the afterlife is a close match to what you find in today's best afterlife research books.

In Strieber's "The Key", the stranger essentially says he avoided the second death by developing a so-called "radiant body." Those who don't have a radiant body get absorbed back into the cosmos. So this radiant body is associated with having an individuated permanent core of consciousness, i.e. Spirit.

The stranger said that to develop the radiant body, a good exercise is focusing on your physical sensations. This practice goes by another name: vipassana. It works because the etheric body communicates physical sensations to the astral body and then (if it exists) the Spirit. So vipassana is a form of strengthening that and linking the etheric body to the Spirit. It also stimulates the etheric energy organs and circuits just through your paying attention to those parts of the body and moving attention around.

Meanwhile, in Robert Moss's book, the daimon says a good exercise for empowerment is practicing dream recall and dream re-entry. Memory is a key factor here.

Interesting because Castaneda (and the Toltec tradition) uses the practice of Recapitulation to cheat the second death. Castaneda explained that by intensely remembering of your life, you create a duplicate of your memories and identity so that after death, the "Eagle" takes one as it always does but you have a backup, and thus retain your identity.

Further, Rudolf Steiner explained how memory is a key function of the etheric body. To strengthen the etheric body, he said, remember your day backwards before going to sleep. Again, memory.

Steiner also talked about how esoteric development not only strengthens the etheric body but transforms it, spiritualizes it, so that it becomes virtualized within the Spirit and thus exists under its preservation.

And further, he said this can be done with the physical body but that it's the most difficult feat of all; in that case, the body can be disappeared or rematerialized at will and isn't truly needed. It goes without saying that your physical body is therefore borrowed from the Demiurge, made of its space-time-matter-energy components, and that if you developed sufficiently you could Do-it-Yourself.

So it does seem to check out that advanced deceased or transcended humans exist, and some can manifest physical bodies here.

Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: Truth in Fiction
« on: December 16, 2021, 03:41:28 PM »
Lost show. Moving island, like the white circular Grail island, Hy Brasil.

At the heart of the island, near the bowels of the earth ("Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem", “enter the bowels of the Earth and by purifying you will find the hidden stone”) there is a navel stone there that plugs up a deep evil (demiurgic energy) and through water and light converts it into good.

Ancient men realized they could hack into the light and install a wheel, which is the Millstone per book "Hamlet's Mill," which if you turn it, it moves the island. Just like the quantum shaft (drive shaft) that changes our reality. Phase rotation. Complex rotation within imaginary/real spacetime. Timeline shift.

This same light is inside all good humans, but it is corruptible. An evil man (the Man in Black) who was brother to Jacob/Christ, was obviously Lucifer. His energy mixed with the light and thus he became the Smoke Monster, the Corrupted Demiurge.

So when corruption is mixed with light, it generates the Smoke Monster which is Yahweh, the vengeful judger who demands faith and following. The Smoke Monster took on John Locke's form, like Yahweh hijacking Moses. John “Smocke” is therefore really Yahweh. This is further indicated by the team carrying his body in a cargo container with two poles, just like the Ark of the Covenant. Yahweh appeared as a smoke column above the Tabernacle, rising up from the Mercy Seat (lid) of the Ark.

The stone plug in the cave at the heart of the island held back a red fiery evil that was destroying the island at the end. This stone, in "Hamlet's Mill", is called the Stone of Jacob or the Foundation Stone. Jacob! The Jacob Stone covers a hole in the ground, beneath which are the waters of the dark Abyss, and if the stone is removed it would flood and destroy the world.

The Grail stone is said to be the navel stone at the center of the world. Same stone in Grail legends, Jacob Stone, and Lost. Foundation Stone, Corner Stone, and Keystone are related; Christ being the stone the builders rejected that became the cornerstone. Further supports the observation that Jacob represents Christ in the show.

Also relates to the Grail being "rejected" by the Hosts of Heaven and brought to Earth during the War in Heaven, thereafter serving as the Millstone that anchors our timeline to a particular quantum phase. Relates to legend (recounted by Otto Rahn) that the Grail was a gemstone that fell from Lucifer's crown when he was cast down to Earth. Same archetype. The Hosts of Heaven in Eschenbach's "Parzival" were said to be angels, but in my view were not angels but 4D aliens in some hyper-D war long ago. Black Rock is reference to the Qaaba stone, which was a stone that fell from heaven, venerated by Muslims who swirl around it like a vortex at the end of their pilgrimage to Mecca.

When Ben Linus (Linus in Greek mythology was the son of Apollo) summoned the Smoke Monster, he pulled a lever and water drains down in a vortex swirl. So there is indeed a vortex referenced there, key in Polar Mythology and discussed at length in the book "Hamlet’s Mill" that much of this show seems to be based on. Of course, "Hamlet's Mill" is solely about the gradual precession of the Earth's axis, which the authors deemed a big enough deal that our bewildered ancestors based their myths around that. Yeah right. Whoever is behind Lost knew far more than the book's authors did, as they incorporated what polar mythology REALLY means (and it's not just astronomy).

Ok, so the grail was created to transmute demiurgic energy away from something raw, unbridled, and terrible into something life sustaining and invigorating, so it kept a cap on that soporific kundalini energy -- light and water being symbolic of love and wisdom, or else divine vibrations (light) imbued into etheric energy (water).

In Lost, there are immortal guardians of "this stone", symbolic of the Grail Knights, and Jacob parallels the Grail king Amfortas as well. This implies that Amfortas represents Christ (if Jacob is Christ), and Amfortas's wounded tertiary state (neither standing nor sitting nor laying down) matches what PKD said about Christ's mission having failed (in the sense of not succeeding) and being in a limbo or stalemate right now against the Enemy.

This stalemate is what's responsible for our world being the way it is, an unresolved tug of war between opposing powers. In the show (and in mythology) there is a device/Wheel used to modulate this demiurgic energy (called the "Sampo" in Finnish mythology).

Bad men in the show want to use this power and if they do, bad things happen. So there is a war over the turning of this wheel. Relates to the Devas vs. Asuras of Hindu mythology engaged in a tug of war over a snake as the rope (snake relating to Nordic myth's "Jormundgand", the world serpent, i.e. the Demiurge) wrapped around the World Column, spinning the column like a fire drill ("churning the milky ocean" according to Hindu myth, i.e. turning liquid/ether into solidified reality). Once again, hyper-D forces battling it out, changing the quantum phase of our worldline.

The island in Lost is our world, something self-contained, our time shunt reality (as discussed in the Qu'O material). We trap an evil here that was generated by stuff here intermixing with the raw unfiltered undirected power that sustains this existence (demiurgic energy). Perfectly reflects Manichaean cosmology. The light allowed itself to get swallowed by the darkness in order to redeem, transmute, and liberate it.

This evil cannot and should not leave, anymore than the AI impostor in "Tron 2" should have left his virtual world and invaded the real world. Implies our reality could be quarantined like an infected partition of a hard drive is quarantined. The Smoke Monster is a product of someone here (a fallen brother, Lucifer, and microcosmically our ego) mixing their corruption with the otherwise neutral demiurgic energy.

Malfunctioning jet engine at the start of the show, foreshadows the Wheel underground winding up and spinning down in Lost. Jet engine is also a Donnie Darko reference. The jet engine was the so-called "artifact" (something interloping from another timeline) mentioned in the "Philosophy of Time Travel" book by Roberta Sparrow. The artifact is what spawns a temporary parallel reality according to that book.

In Lost, the whole paradox universe at the end never physically happened, but was a purgatory taking place outside of time (similar to Donnie Darko movie being a virtual timeline), for these folks to live out their alternate lives in a way that helps them redeem and resolve their failures and regrets. By touching each other they are finally awakened from purgatory state and gather at the church to move on, even though in real life they all died separately but in heaven it all takes place at the same ‘time’ in the same ‘world’ which is their co-created paradox universe. 

The underground control room with the button and mysterious hatch, represents the Great Pyramid. That’s why it’s associated with a reset button, with a huge negative energy source that must be mediated, earthquakes, mass calamity, and Desmond (Des Mond, broken German for “The Moon”). Desmond was going to do a solar race around the world, thus he is Helios/Apollo meaning hyperborean and he was able to withstand intense radiation and was able to work with such energies.

Specifically, Desmond said ‘3 years ago I was on a solar race around the world.’ 3 years is how long it takes a ship by sail to go around the world, and was quoted in the Bible as to how long it took the ancient Phoenicians traders (Ships of Tarshish) to return with exotic goods from around the globe. Ancient mariner connection, who were Sun worshippers and descendants/continuants of the megalith builders, who used alien/demiurgic technology to levitate and soften stones.

The hatched control room was called Swan station. Kate finds a candy bar there called the Apollo bar.  Apollo in mythology turned the character Cygnus into a swan, which became the constellation, and there was a book/article out a few years ago about how the three pyramids were not modeled after Orion’s belt, but the three main stars of Cygnus. Once more showing the control room symbolizes the Great Pyramid (and its function). Apollo of course referencing the Sun yet again.

Locke was so obsessed with the hatch and getting into the control room, and he did eventually get in, and he became the main pusher of the button, because he was Moses going into the Pyramid. Moses, as said, connects to Yahweh. Historically, Moses unleashed the "Smoke Monster" Yahweh via his meddling with the Pyramid, or rather the power source inside that was exported into the Ark of the Covenant and spirited away to what is modern-day Lebanon and eventually installed into the sister complex to the Baalbek temple.

In the control room, when the numbers reach zero, the countdown panel shows Egyptian hieroglyphs, further supporting the pyramid connection. Also there is mention of “Drive Shaft” the music band -- which connects to the central axis symbolism once again, the rotating column and axle of the wheel.

The time duration of 108:00 is actually 10,800 as in 10,800 B.C. when age of Leo began, Great pyramid was built (at least the foundation),  Atlantis underwent a disaster, and scientists found evidence back then of a massive cosmic impact. Alternatively, 10,800 years ago when there was an abrupt turn in the Ice Age cycle and beginning of the Younger Dryas period of climate upheaval. Civilization reset occurs if the dark energy isn't controlled. The show's emphasis on pushing of button out of faith and fear of consequences is also very typical of Jewish ritual.

Island is a land that’s isolated from everything else, quarantined, and the door said quarantine pointed out into the island, which relates to the “quarantine” about our world being a temporary time bubble or quarantined world. Explosion blew the lid off, quarantine door landed on the Earth (like jet engine in Donnie Darko) and at that point Desmond went back in time, involved a time loop, so again hints at a temporary time bubble.

As for other characters on the show, Carissa said: Jack’s tattoo: he walks among us but is not one of us, reference to Wanderer. Keypad in underwater station (to disable jamming signal keeping people from contacting the outside world) requires the “Good Vibrations” song tune (Carissa caught this), so you have to raise your vibes to reach outside this quarantined time bubble.

The island also had those mysterious ghost people whispering. What are they? Well, there’s Sun and Jin as in the jinn, the Ghost-spirits in Islamic culture. Sun also references Apollo, the great sun god of ancient times.

Speaking of Jinn, the Others lived on another island, and came to the main island dressed as natives, just as aliens live in a parallel reality and take ‘ships’ to come here and abduct people, and they dress as humanoids too. They’re even called the “Others.” They abduct based on lists, having monitored people for who has spark and is good person, and they mess with pregnancies. (Walt had a comic book showing alien abductions). And they took over the Dharma Initiative, like aliens infiltrating black ops after black ops penetrated into their realm/reality. Linus sold out his people and worked for them, like Dark City doctor.

John Locke gave Ben (as in “benben stone” a.k.a. cap of the pyramid) the book VALIS to read, and camera really zoomed in on that. Important. VALIS by PKD, especially the appendix, is about hyperdimensional intelligence, gnosticism, past lives, the secret Christian church (body of Christ), Akhenaten’s role, and more.

Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: Nrg is an elder now
« on: December 13, 2021, 04:57:16 PM »
Happy Birthday :)

Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: Gratitudinal
« on: December 09, 2021, 01:56:34 PM »
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And through their silence and inaction so much was said and done.

I'll still fight and live hermetically on your behalf. But the vast majority of you have greatly hurt me and in turn yourselves
Just wait for your birthday ;)

I'm surprised you remember my bday that's actually touching
Hard to forget Saint Lucia, the light in the darkness.
Always liked Sagittariuses.

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