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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: Reptilians
« on: November 25, 2020, 09:45:58 AM »
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An old Nick quote says that the reptoids were introduced to the concept of the "slow boil" by TPTB. I think the implications of this were not picked up on originally but it implies that the reptillians may have been a more 'graceful' race of beings (related to them being cast out of 'heaven' by Creator at some point) and that what people refer to as 'Draconian' in regards to methods and practices may actually not originate from them.

Its about the illusion of seperateness. The cause of war, classism racism, all the isms really. even your own example "body VS spirit" is by nature oppositional.

the second question is a tad loaded, it would depend largely on if the reptoids still came or not, which they almost certainly would have. Tptb are the ones that introduced the concept of the "slow boil" to the reptoids, sustained loosh harvesting, albeit in smaller doses.

If this is the case, if the reptilians are not the original source of 'draconian' practices, then where did they get these ideas from? The elites from our world that appear human supposedly 'learned' a lot from the reptilians, but who did the reptilians learn from?

There are so many faces, symbols and races that they hide behind but it deserves to be asked, who or what are the actual TPTB that we refer to so often?

There is supposedly a race of underground Reptoids deep in the cavern systems of earth called the Nagi/Naga that are meant to be seperate from the Sirian/Orion Draconi faction.

Furthermore, they are meant to be custodians of the earth and do not partake in the dark ritual practices of the Draconi. Peaceful even, perhaps? Maybe these relate to the stories of wisdom passed onto man from the serpent.

So who are the first inhabitants of earth? What relation do these natural ďReptoidsĒ have to other Reptilian/Reptoid factions? It seems the the template for universal physiology is bipedal Humanoid/Mammalian (Lyra origin) and bipedal Reptilian/Reptoid (Orion, Vega, Sirius and perhaps not even of this universe in regards to Dragons/Logos/Creation seeders?). Iím sure there are others but most of our history is shrouded in these two extraterrestrial life indicated by strong cultural and historical references with Sirius/Orion and Pleiades (Draconi/Reptoid and Aryan/Nordic).

When the Draconi invaded/came here many thousands of years ago but apparently left (albeit leaving a few behind Iíve read), are these the same ones? Research indicates they have no relation besides falling under the physiological banner of Reptoid/Reptilian. So we have a naturally occurring Reptoid race that may be neutral in their stance towards Humanoids and the originators on earth and then an invading force from Sirius/Orion/Vega.

Research also indicates the Draconi are called Ciakar (possible CIA connection?), and the Reptilians from Sirius- lower in the caste system supposedly are known as Paa Taal (also seen them referred to as Vlash). Earth reptoids are Vril or Vrilja, I think or maybe thatís all a common term for Reptoids in general. Maybe it is all connected and perhaps there is some overlap. I do recall a show called V about Reptilians taking over earth. Very coincidental with the title, I must say.

Pop open a sewer grate in ny go about 2 miles down and tell the naga how benevolent they are. Report back

Defending space, perhaps?

I wouldnít report back. I understand that much.

Benevolent is not the word that comes to mind.

Impartial is the word. All conjecture, of course.

Impartial is pretty close to accurate when we step on insects we don't think anything of it we don't make moral judgments about ourselves it's just a matter of course when dealing with inferior beings

Interesting point you bring up.

Lately Iíve been making it a conscious action to deal with poisonous insects by capturing them and letting them go in the garden, not for altruistic purposes, however.

More because I do not want to be ruled by irrational fear and/or laziness.

Does one have an inherit responsibility when they are superior? Or is it just dog eat dog?

Thatís the dualistic nature of the universe.

Seems it starts with little steps.

What would be the basis for said responsibility..where have you seen or read it being modeled either in fiction or non, secular or religious text

To teach, to mentor, to protect.

A custodian.

Someone who holds the position of leader.

Whether it be the family, the planet, or a brotherhood.

Doesn't seem to be the way the universe works, such as nature, though. Other than the fluke videos you see of say, a lion rescuing a turtle, you don't tend to see superior beings in nature nurturing less superior ones.
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Life without meat sucks
« on: November 25, 2020, 09:26:20 AM »
If you want to see how bad it really is

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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Life without meat sucks
« on: November 24, 2020, 11:37:07 PM »
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So the last few weeks (12 to be exact) I have eaten VERY little meat in my diet. Mainly healthy meals full of vegetables, fruit, and, well, chocolate but organic. Basically I read the "axe me a question" again recently and thought I would try "vegetarian".

I've lost losts of weight but I've also been having pretty severe muscle and joint pain, which I take a whole host of supplements for such as magnesium, amino acids, and stuff like that.

For the first time in 12 weeks I had a meal, earlier, consisting of mainly meat - a nice big wagyu hamburger, some bacon, basically a home made cheese burger.

It was extremely delicious.

But what just occured to me is...where's my nightly ankle and leg pain? It gets far worse in the evening yet today, the one day I ate a lot of red meat, the pain is missing.

This can't just be a coincedence, right?

So if rofsy was putting disinfo in his answers, what else is disinfo? I've read extensively how distilled water, which he recommends, is really bad for you. Something about it making cells explode. Hmm

The internet is awash with "quit meat to cure joint pain" but for me it's the complete opposite.

Youíre working off quick unfounded assumptions within a very short time period. Be careful not to confuse conjecture and speculation with downright fact.

Rofsy, Iím sure had a little disinformation sprinkled in for his own purposes, no doubt. However, he was on point with many things.

12 weeks you say? Going by your own summation of the reason for why you tried this (which was Rofsyís advice), you answer your own questions, in a sense. Ironically, you listened to some of it but the part about pushing through the discomfort and the associated time frames didnít seem to factor into the equation for you? Our minds revert back to whatís easiest and looks to rationalise. We all do this and is part of the programming.

Does he not mention a period of 6 months to 2 years when you start to see results and reset the genetic/coding memory of the cell? This is a vital part of the puzzle.

You are well short of this and perhaps you were starting to experiencing a realignment which is never comfortable (out with the old; in with the new).

If there is toxic waste/cellular debris from metabolism byproduct accumulation, the joint spaces are generally where this is first to be symptomatic. Think arthritis, gout, inflammation etc. The synovial fluid is very sensitive to ionic pressures associated with lymphatic and circuitry pressure gradients. Anywhere where you have osmotic pressures and interstitial fluids working up and down said gradients inflammation and pain ensures as the functional flow is disrupted by the inflammation process, as a result, stagnation increases further contributing  to the accumulation cycle of cellular waste and lymphatic fluid, thus a negative feedback loop is formed. This process is well documented in those experiencing it, as youíre finding out. This fluid also tends to be acidic in ph balance which is what causes pain and irritation of nerve endings. Notice how most inflammation within the elderly demographic is inefficient circulatory which causes cellular metabolism waste to increase and interstitial fluid to accumulate resulting in pooling in the most easily impacted and sensitive areas of systemic circuitry; the hands and the legs. We know this as Oedema.the ramifications of these due her change pressure gradients which then go onto to dislodge a thrombus and causing an embolism. This then goes onto cause a potential stroke or cardiovascular event through blockage. Itís all related. This is a symptom of a lack of efficiency in removal through lymphatic drainage. Another display of these ionic circuitry imbalances from pressure gradients that carry cellular wastes and is joint/mobility issues. Reduce room and function of a joint and its associated space through pressure form intestinal liquid and its associated acidic concentration, a very sore joint results.

Ever tried to water fast? The moment you break it on the first or second day, one always gets a rush of feeling better because you have gone back to the conditioned ďnormalĒ and averted the detoxification process. The discomfort from simply changing energy systems in 24-48 hours is enough to make people think theyíre dyin. You went 12 weeks into a reversal of systemic damage/malfunction. Hope that gives you some perspective. Youíre just experiencing a version of this or your stomach would not be able to handle the meat as you change the ecology of your intestinal fauna. It felt good to go back to what you know and what your neutrons and intestinal fauna had banked on for a time period only you know. This isnít even bringing yeast/ candida overgrowth into the equation. Fungus is also a common issue. Most of us have it in some form or degree, as yeast is a part of our stomach ecology. However, chuck is fine balance/equilibrium out, well, thatís where things become interesting.

Iíve done a 20 day water fast, multiple 10 day water fasts, 60 day juice fast, 2 x 14 day juice fasts. One cannot comment on the validity in my opinion unless theyíve lived it and seen (or lack thereof) for themselves. The detoxification process is real. No, itís not directly related to blood ph (common argument against it as acidic blood leads to death; quickly), it is related to the lymphatic system which carries our cellular waste and toxic substances around the circuitry of the body which mirrors that of the cardiovascular system. This is why people have lymph nodes that swell and are often implicated in cancer. A sure sign your system is taxed and overloaded. It is all connected.

Even modern allopathic text books credit the lymphatic system for waste removal and fat circulation, amongst many immune system operations. Starting to see the connection? Itís all there, in black and white to see. Nature does not lie, nor does it give a shit if you see it or not but it will dish out harsh consequences if itís laws are not respected. Ignorance it cares not for.

Most people have backed up lymphatic  systems which is the cause for inflammation and non-removal of cellular debris and waste. This has to go somewhere, or rather, it doesnít and then what do you think happens? Ever left rubbish or food to accumulate on the sink? Once again, nature in her design. One learns quick if they are paying attention.

This all ties into duality. Alkaline and acidity. Iíll leave it up to you to think what is optimal for the body and where illness and dis-ease thrive. The answer is in what affect fruits and vegetables have on the body. This is where Rofsy was heading, functionally, speaking. Metaphysically, I donít think many of us truly know, though we all seem to agree the energy that governs us all is vibration and electromagnetic frequency. Perhaps this energy is imprinted into life even when itís decayed. Perhaps this is what he meant about meat. Once again, not saying it cannot be eaten but procurement and operation is vital.

Put two and two together, what do you think happens to the systems and tissues making up the macrocosm of these networks of cells when backed up and unable to replicate (mitosis) without impedance?cells have memory yet for the past say 5/10 years (hypothetically) it has been inefficient in its operation impeded by blockage, disrupted function, acidification of the environment etc. 

It is not complicated once you see the simplicity in the system. Mucus is the symptomatic extension of this. I cannot overstate how much of this came out of me on my water fast. More than I could possibly get rid of by my organs of elimination. Detoxification is real. You were in the midst of it and now you have reverted back.

The father of this information, Arnold Ehret mysteriously died (slipped over on a dark Californian street, supposedly) after giving a lecture on mucusless diet and foods and itís relationship with dis-ease and the lymphatic system. He wasnít advocating a pure vegan diet either. Mentioned raw milk, certain types of buttermilk, etc. Like all things, these movements are subverted and corrupted before they gain traction. Where have we seen this before?

I also do recall Rofsy mentioning a vegan (raw fruit and vegetables) as the base but also mentions well procured eggs. I donít think anyone on the planet can disagree vegetables and fruits should be the base so really it is a matter of terminology. Perhaps we should do away with the word vegan. I know I dislike it.

Perhaps Rofsy was more touching on diet for metaphysical reasons? Karmic issues involved with advocation and support of a system built into unnecessary suffrage of animals and associated trauma and energetic footprints as a result (we know little of metaphysics in this regard)?

He also mentions blood type diet as well. This narrows it down. I do not think there is an issue with meat here and there if it is procured properly (no hormones, antibiotics etc) and no misery/suffering went into the animal (perhaps a natural death and then the meat is not wasted?). Native Americans may have touched onto this concept a little.

All I know is Iíve been vegetarian for 8 years and I still eat eggs but stay away from dairy if I can (causes mucus for me and interferes with my intestinal health: IBS), and I no longer get colds or flus. I never get sick. This isnít any bs. Itís an observation grounded in truth coming from a man not selling you anything that decided to try this all out so he could see if these teachings were grounded in truth.

Interestingly, a sect of suppository ďtrue JewsĒ, the Essenes, touched on many of these things thousands of years ago in the Dead Sea scrolls and a lot of their information is allegories and metaphors about health, diet, fasting and the serpent (reference to the small and large intestines perhaps?).

I also have a degree in physiology that helped serve as a foundation but then opened my mind and went in different directions outside of allopathic programming. All avenues should be explored.

I suggest Dr Robert Morse (he even says go back to eating meat if you do wish after doing your detoxing and lymphatic reset). He touched on the principles of acidity and alkalinity in diet well, and the implications on the lymphatic system.

Also, distilled water is fine. More subjugation. One thing Rofsy said, trust in nature law. I trust this over 99% of human beings. Distilled water comes from the skies and before this system was corrupted, ancients drank it in bucketloads as it was not laden with chemicals and pollution, like it is now. Yes, rocks leach
Minerals into the water but not everyone lived around rocks. Nature designed the rain to be distilled for a reason. Put a bowl of water of distilled water and tap water on the floor if you have pets. Watch what they choose. Better yet, watch them go to puddles if they are clean. Truth is all around us. Just need to open the eyes and ears.

It also doesnít leach minerals. It leaches inorganic minerals.

Word of recommendation; research forums with actual human users sharing experiences, if you can find them. Whatever you want to find, type in forum after the word on google. Itís much better to get real peopleís experiences rather than ((They))) sponsored propaganda. Take this forum for instance. Think of the sharing that goes on here. There is a reason forums donít show up much anymore on searches. Sharing is the best way to find out things. Itís by design.

Anyhow, researches on forums will show plentiful amounts of people who drink distilled water with good health. Most are well versed in the bs campaign against distilled water and can break down it all with good information.

Hope this helped.

Thanks. You make some presumptions about me that are incorrect but on the whole a helpful post.

Honestly I think carbs, especially non complex carbs, are the enemy, for me especially. My blood group diet (O-, RH-) is pretty much meat + veg though I am learning elsewhere that veg itself might be a bit of a myth now and actually be bad for you, broccoli especially; due to sulphurophane; and just meat or, "carnivore" might go a long way for me.

I'm not too bothered about mucus as I take N-Acetyl Cysteine daily.

The biggest problem I have had is for many years I wasn't breathing properly - mouthbreathing. Even after a few months of kufu breathing / box breathing / buyteko breathing, my CP window is still low (how much time in sec you can hold your breathe after exhale before next inhale).
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Reptilians
« on: November 24, 2020, 11:29:04 PM »
But I mean I can't unseal it, no matter how much work I do, allegedly, - due to this "contract".

Seems like a chicken/egg situation to me.

Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: The Gate of God
« on: November 24, 2020, 11:18:06 PM »
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Is some aspect/form of Lucifer a dragon? I thought the Michael vs Lucifer story was mostly fantasy. What would Michael and Lucifer represent then in this instance?

What age does Michael and Lucifer represent? I remember that we discussed the energy of 'Michael' hasn't been here in a long time and that Michael protected the weak but not in the sense most people think of.

You're stuck. Lucifer ain't da dragon

Revelation 12:7 and 8 lines up with what was said in an older post (on either the old forum or 'Odd Secret Info') made that speaks of how the reptilians (maybe dragons too?) were cast out of 'heaven' or the higher densities by Creator at some point.

"And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven."

The part where it says "neither was their place found any more in heaven" implies that they did at some point have a place in the higher densities but were eventually removed (for who knows what).

The beast (one of?) in Revelation describes a seven headed dragon. This (same?) dragon is the one 'The Girl' or 'the whore (of Babylon) is seen riding in the last card in 'The Ninth Gate' movie.

The depiction of Michael slaying a dragon is apparently made with the beast of revelation in mind. Apparently there are two beasts in revelation. One that resembles a seven headed dragon and the other resembled a leopard.

Is the dragon that Michael is depicted slaying some aspect of Saturn or another related energy? What ages do the two represent?

The game 'Dark Souls' also depicts a war between dragons and 'The Lords' during the 'Age of Ancients'. The dragons ultimately lost, ushering in the 'Age of Fire'.

Dragon | Dark Souls Wiki | Fandom
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To me, this story sounds something like the end of the age of the 'old gods' (and related beasts/order) and the beginning of the 'age of Man' (and related order).
It's said that Man has no natural predator but that is not the case. Reptilians and Dragons were our predators but they were 'driven out' in a sense, so it seems. Man is considered the masters of the natural world among the known beasts but at some point that title was given to the dragons.

The dragon in revelation=tiamat

This is interesting. Iíve been looking for the Michael connection to the war in heaven for sometime but never made the Marduk is Michael connection. Seems quite obvious now.

If any recall, the move ďThe ProphecyĒ with Christopher Walken? The plot speaks to this with keen interest. Lucifer is a seperate being in this movie played by Viggo Mortensen who comments on events regarding Michael and the war in heaven. He mentions this war has now raged out of control and now involves us, humans.

In the possible event of soft disclosure through fiction, it makes a very interesting reference arc.

If Michael (Marduk) is seperate from Lucifer (Enki?), things start to get very interesting.

Robert Morningsky and Wes Penre speak of the Orion-Sirius alliance pertaining to different factions of the Brotherhood of the Wolf (Canine/Cannis Major/Sirius) and the Draconis Lords (Dragons) from Orion. Marduk and Lucifer (Sirians) being the Annunaki, which supposedly were our masters for a time (O- negative bloodlines potentially?). I also found the word ďOsiriusĒ interesting in possible connection due to above mentioned. Names of deities are definitely layers of coding.

Now, according to their interpretations based loosely on Zitchinís works but also their own ďindependentĒ research , Marduk is from the Enki (Lucifer) line. Anu being Enki and Enlilís father, Marduk being Luciferís son.

So the war could be from a time before these Sirian and Orion lords were engaged in Earth (Terran) affairs.

Perhaps this is what a lot of the literature speaks to?

Then the ďAs above, So belowĒ becomes even more convoluted. This could be pertaining to a wars that originate outside of Earth yet have significance to humans due to the Lords who now possibly reside here. We are involved now karmically by lineage perhaps?

Where this becomes even more convoluted is that the literature suggests warring factions within the Sirians themselves irregardless of the Draconi involvement.

So much history is probably coded in our writings/stories/hieroglyphics. Where events begin and who is who, is where many people differ in perspective.

Food for thought.

You're pretty much spot on. One word of caution, sitching is a devout Jesuit and disinformation agent

Yes, Iíve read that and believe it.

I do not think there is any source out there without disinformation whether it be intentionally or not.

Jesuits are interesting as they are up the top when it comes to the dark brotherhood, as my research tells me.

Appreciate the heads up.

Knights of Malta ahem I mean knights of columbus err umm I mean nazis err umm I mean templars.. ah fuck it let's just call them jesuits.

What do you know of Knights of St John?

One and the same with Templars?

Because they are everywhere in the UK, as "St Johns Ambulance" and lots of times the buildings they possess don't exactly fit the whole "ambulance" thing.

Here is an example

- the building looks more military than hospital

- I drive past it sometimes (a lot at night) and I never see it in use except at night time but it is unlit, again wierd for ambulance operations.

- Looking at the building on Gmaps it is very secure as well as the fencing etc yet clearly old (rusted barbed wire).

This is just many. Of course they have the black knights templar logo that's been sat there in full view for decades and no one really noticed.
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Reptilians
« on: November 24, 2020, 07:55:00 PM »
Interestingly I paid three seperate "spiritual advisors" to check me and 2 of them told my my third eye is literally sealed up, something about a "contract with my higher self". All three told me I don't have a kundalini, active or otherwise, it's simply not there at the base of my spine. Somewhat confusing as I thought humans can't exist without it?

I found them seperately and as far as I know none of them know each other, and I paid them for the correct karma agreement yadda yadda.

Could be BS but three? doubtful.
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: We all get opportunities
« on: November 24, 2020, 07:50:12 PM »
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I have trouble with this concept too. Had a meeting the other day with my banker, and he spent about 10 minutes complaining about comcast (their poor service) and then smiled and said "well at least the stock's doing well..." and I could only think of the Ouroboros. I questioned him about it - "why would you invest in a company you hate?" and he didn't have a good answer and agreed it was funny how things worked out. "On one hand I hate that their customer service is overseas, on the other, I'm glad their stock price is going up." It's cannibalism.

If we all participated in society this way (only invested in things we vetted completely and companies that were upstanding) would it not have an impact? I think this is inline with the idea that we need to take full responsibility for everything while we're here.

It's similar in nature to purchasing product is it not? The big difference being that the purchase directly supports operations, while the vast majority of equities are now merely bets on the future market value/future sums someone is willing to pay for those shares (so not as directly responsible for the operations of the underlying company). Even IPOs are simply reselling of major institutional money - so you're primarily supporting the banks putting together the IPO and not the companies themselves (as their shares have already been purchased). 

Also I know you're vehemently opposed to crypto, but this argument applies to that as well - meaning it does have it's limitations when it comes to where you place your money.

I've slowly started to come to the side of the "better in my pocket" than theirs - as I've learned there is a lot more you can do with money than just "buy stuff."

Only if you're deluded enough to believe the market functions on merit. It's been run by an autonomic feedback program for 12 years or so. What's worse they cant pull the plug or it all goes boom

Quite literally. RenTech for example pretty much control it with a computer.

The Medallion fund is considered to be one of the most successful hedge funds ever. It has averaged a 71.8% annual return, before fees, from 1994 through mid-2014.[34] The fund has been closed to outside investors since 1993[35] and is available only to current and past employees and their families. The firm bought out the last investor in the Medallion fund in 2005 and the investor community has not seen its returns since then.[

Robert Mercer sold his famous yacht, (and get it's name...) SeaOWL this year which raised quite a few eyebrows.
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: We all get opportunities
« on: November 24, 2020, 03:15:25 PM »
The stock market exists to convert your fiat into no longer your fiat.

So why not use it when it's a sure thing?
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Randonautica
« on: November 24, 2020, 03:12:51 PM »

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Very weird

So much of this is sketchy

Also very pagan/masonic with the obsession with owls. The logo looks almost like a sigil.

Been watching vids about this today, one group found a foal lost in the road where one of these "random" markers were, whilst waiting for the Police to come and save it they caught an owl fly across the road behind them... freaky!

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Everyone is doing it in the UK now as you can do it without social gathering...

Doesn't sit right with me at all for some reason.

Then of course you got privacy issues

Let's Get Down & Dirty / PETSCOP
« on: November 23, 2020, 05:47:32 PM »
The pokemon "catch it" was fucking wierd and just screamed ritual to me or trying to get people on the physical plane near to something on another plane? I wouldn't be seen dead doing that shit, but I don't even barely carry a phone anyway.

This shit.
Let's Get Down & Dirty / We all get opportunities
« on: November 23, 2020, 12:50:32 PM »
Grumman took 5 years to mature from 180

There's better opportunity out there. Like $AMD

$50 to $92 within 6 months! I can see it hitting $100 soon easy. $1.75 to $92 within 5 years! Will be nice when they introduce dividends.

I love stock that's actually got a product behind it (ie not FB or other software / SAAS that doesn't seem to have actual generic growth).

I bought airlines on the recent black swan event day. ~200 GBP (IAG) currently at a loss. If covid disappears and the whole WEF thing is bs, then it should go back up to ~500. If not I doubt it will matter anyway as I doubt I will be high "caste" enough to be able to use it.
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: 2020 the year of clarity
« on: November 23, 2020, 10:24:09 AM »
Really is hard to tell.

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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Someone in the same ring of my circle
« on: November 23, 2020, 08:51:52 AM »
I wanna do a big reply soon but need to type all that out. About to go out so will leave with

If you were dominating in a game though, you wouldn't want your method to success wide spread, would you? Even with that, the implication is that everyone knows they are playing a game and the vast majority really don't know that.

I read a theory recently how blood type is specific to "soul type" and that the certain group "in charge" at the moment was supposed to be in charge, but guide the world in a way that everyone progresses, but they corrupted that as you said to gain power and keep it for themselves.

Specifically O negative blood types.  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

O Negs are beings tested mainly if they can resist POWER and its corruptions. ALOT are failing.

The A Negs and B Negs are humans an are being tested for FAITH.
Because they disobeyed THE MOST HIGH long ago (the story in the garden) and now they have to FOLLOW HIM EVEN WHEN THEY CANNOT SEE HIS LIGHT.

The bloodtypes correspont to the layers of creation. ( ALSO THE 7 CHAKRAS)

Kronos/Crown 7th Layer corresponds to A- (ADAM)
Hermes 6th Layer is B- (EVE)
Sun & Moon 4th Layer is AB- and AB+ (they are consorts and they share the same layer)
Mars is the 3rd Layer and is O+ (FALLEN SERPENTS)
Venus is the 2nd Layer and is B+ (HUMANS MIXED WITH FALLEN SERPENTS)
Earth & Clouds is the 1st layer A+ (HUMANS MIXED WITH FALLEN SERPENTS)

When Adam was created, he was to RULE AND WEAR THE CROWN, Eve being along side him.
Under them were the Omegas, a race prior to humans that wasnt made from clay but smokeless fire.

keep it short, 2/3rds of the beings that inhabited the 5th Layer/O NEGATIVE rebelled against the idea that "A MAN MADE FROM CLAY' can rule.
They went and mixed with humans and were THROWN DOWN UNDER THE SUN for that transgression, to the 3rd Layer/Mars and 2nd Layer/Venus (They became RH POSITIVE through this transgression)

These two layers is where basically almost all evil in our world originates from.

1/3rd of the OMEGAS (which is you) that didnt break the LAWS, were not cast down and they remained in their station. 5th Layer/Jupiter.

They were appointed to RULE over the humans for the time being and TAKE CARE OF THEM AND PROTECT THEM FROM THEIR WICKED BROTHERS.

Today the O negative royals have majorly fucked up and they were also deceived by their fallen brothers and have ruled over humanity in a horrible way

THE O NEGATIVES THAT WERE LEFT IN THE WILD AMONG HUMANS, are starting to remember their purpose. And theyre also the most attacked out of the all bloodlines because of their POTENTIAL.
Alot of them are waking up to their true nature and when that happens, DO NOT ABUSE YOUR POWERS, FULFILL YOUR CONTRACTS. YOU ARE BEING WATCHED.

5th Layer/Jupiter

Zeus descendents...
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Life without meat sucks
« on: November 23, 2020, 08:34:48 AM »
There's quite a few implications

- the red chakra is the root chakra, the first chakra, they might favor it because by not "unlocking" the others it keeps people stuck here in the material, like 99% of people, at an awareness level at least.

- the whole sodomy thing

- red chakra = grounding / bones / the physical body / power (anger etc the more malevolent parts of the human experience)

I'm looking into a water distiller as we speak. Even if you order distilled water how do you know it's actually distilled, or poison not added afterwards?
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Life without meat sucks
« on: November 22, 2020, 10:44:51 PM »
It said that drinking only this kind of water could definitely cause death, as distilled water was highly hypotonic and it would make the blood cells expand and finally explode and ultimately cause death.

Basically the red blood cells will absorp water via osmosis, swell up and burst.

So the question is, is that BS (and there's a lot of "science" that says that) or is it another rofsy lie.
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