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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Finger Lakes
« on: October 27, 2020, 06:12:33 PM »
I don't have time to write out everything on the Finger Lakes that I am seeing, but I figured it would be best to start a place to compile research.

Hunter Biden's Finger Lake tattoo

The map marker is on Seneca Lake.

The box is on Canadaigua Lake.

(not sure why those places were marked, but wanted to know what they were).

Hillary lives in Syracuse.

Thread on Neila Hunter
(Hunter's mom, who was born in the Finger Lakes)
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Hunger got the Finger Lake because of his mom
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Thread on HB's shell companies

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Adam Schiff's liddle (kid diddling) company is in the Finger Lakes

Voat Finger Lake thread
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Skaneateles Community was started at Skaneatles Lake
(i.e. Mormonism started in the Finger Lakes)

Subterannean tunnels in the lakes

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Please keep adding.  I have more links and info than I have time atm to expand this thread.
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: News, News, News...
« on: October 26, 2020, 03:04:17 PM »
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More details in the missing hiker case, this is for sure a 411 contender

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They had her sister on national tv this morning to clear up the discrepancies pointed out by the sheriff. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

She has the smile of a lunatic. I'm betting mk. Im digging into the family atm

Holly Suzanne Courtier.
(3 names = fake story)

had a daughter at 19.
19 year old daughter visits Zion for her bday.

daughter of Zion, emerging from Zion, recovering from amnesia (sounds like the populace?)

19= Number of Surrender

Number 19 possesses the combined vibrations of two numbers: 1 and 9. Number 1 is the first number in the counting and 9 denotes the last single number.

Number 1 vibrates the energies of uniqueness and independence. It also provides the power of motivation, progress, ambition, and striving forward. It shows that with new beginnings you will achieve success.

Number 9 represents the energies of the Universal Spiritual Laws. It also leads to the spiritual enlightenment, awakening, inspiration, serving humanity, and becoming a good example.

The story is code, but it wouldn't surprise me if she was one of their victims.


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Let's Get Down & Dirty / The Biden Crime Family
« on: October 26, 2020, 02:46:54 PM »
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I told you all october was gonna be a big month. Hunters laptop has 24k images 1/3rd of which are his niece Natalie. 7 minors in total. Another is chris coons daughter aka the redhead biden whispered "you have no idea how horny I am" to. Coons is bidens right hand man.

This is the beginning of the public awakening. Elites use their own children to gain favor and status.

The "laptop from hell" has SO MUCH more

Is Hunter dead?
Or was he moved to Area 51?

Did he really sleep with Melania Obama?
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: The Biden Crime Family
« on: October 26, 2020, 02:45:35 PM »
That's a pumpkin roll, filled with cream cheese.  I just bought one at Aldi's last week for my family. 😋

Not that it matters, but it provides contextual clues on the time of year that this photo was taken.  Note that Paul is wearing long sleeves, in an auburn shirt (fall wear, and fall colors).

Yes, the girl is wearing a sleeveless top, but in CA kids wear no sleeves almost year round. They just throw on a jacket when they go outside. 

The bandages on her arm are in IV locations.

I wouldn't be shocked if this picture was from Oct or Nov.  Since we know of their occult activities in Oct, I would guess the photo was taken then.
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: The Gate of God
« on: October 24, 2020, 07:56:40 PM »
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Who did marduk slay

Tiamat, supposed god of the dragons, also another aspect of Saturn but more feminine. Marduk is masculine. Tiamat was 'dark' and Marduk was 'light'. The slaying of Tiamat apparently ended the old matriarchy system and ushered in the patriarchy.

But marduk is lucifer right?

Who else slayed a dragon ending one age and ushering in another?

Zeus (Indra) slayed Tyhon (Vritra).

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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: The Biden Crime Family
« on: October 24, 2020, 04:56:07 PM »
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Whens the last time you heard him brought up

Schiff has been mentioned a few times week.

So has Pelosi, Obama, and Cuomo. 

Feinstein hasn't been brought up too much, even though she had a Chinese spy who was caught.  Newsom also has Chinese ties. 

Newsmax Biden documentary

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Blaze TV Biden documentary

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The Coffee Lounge / Care Solace
« on: October 23, 2020, 03:03:12 PM »
My son has been struggling with this distance "learning"  IMMENSELY.  It's a complete joke, and yes, homeschooling is the best answer to deal with that.  He gets special ed services from school atm though so at this moment, homeschooling is still my last resort. 

All of this corona mess and lockdowns have taken an emotional toll on my son.  The school counselor recommended a company called "Care Solace" that is suppose to help connect consumers with therapists who have openings and that take your insurance.  Psychology today. com has a similar service of filtering, but with that one, you must call or email every therapist to see who has openings.  Care solace has case workers who will do the work for you, and filter out which offices would be able to help you.  It's a free service for parents but I think the school districts subscribe. 

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I just sent this letter to my son's school counselor:

I thought I would update you on the Care Solace referral. 

The case worker I was assigned, X was quite courteous.  Within 24 hours, he had sent me two therapy groups in town that would have openings for (my son) and take my insurance. 

One of the groups was ABC.  I’ve called them in the past and they have never had openings.  I have heard mixed reviews about this group but I was willing to try.

I called them and they did not have any openings for children as young as my son.  Which was disappointing, as Care Solace said they did.   Perhaps the openings were filled.

I could not recall the other group X had recommended and could not find his referrals (I checked emails and text, but it didn’t pull up quickly).  I called Care Solace again and they were able to get X on the phone with me. 

He reminded me the other group was the EFG.  I thanked him, and told him I would call them right away.

He said “This is what I get paid to do, I’m sorry the other group didn’t have any openings.  Why don’t I call them for you and see if they have a spot for (your son).  If you want, I can call you back while they are on the phone if they have an opening and you can set up an appointment then.”

I agreed.  Within 10 minutes, he called me back. 

He introduced me to Z, a counselor.  He asked what was going on and why I was seeking help.  I briefly told him and Z asked if I was available in the evening for a Zoom session. 

I agreed (I was excited someone was going to help my boy so quickly!).   

During the session, I talked to him for 30 min or so about my son, etc.  He then tells me because of corona, his office is closed.  But he would recommend a couple of books for ME to read, and I could use the knowledge in the books to help my son.  The office was also offering free phone sessions because of corona. 

The first book he holds up for me to read was by Ron Hubbard. 

I say “Is that the same Ron Hubbard that started Scientology?”

He says, “Yes, I’m a Scientologist. “

We had another 30 min of interesting talk, as I conveyed to him the history of Hubbard, how it related to Jack Parsons, NASA, Alastair Crowley, Operation Paperclip, etc.  He didn’t know any of this.  (One should know what they are involved in, I feel, but that’s my personal opinion.)   

Anyways, I’m not sure if it was Care Solace that sent me to a Scientologist OR if it was the employee X himself that sent me.  Z was very kind, and I have nothing against him or X, but I was quite surprised the school district referral landed me talking to a Scientologist who wanted to send me scientology material.   

I just thought you would like to know 😊

P.S.  No, Z does not work for EFG.  I did check afterwards.  (my mistake not to check right away)

Is Care Solace a Scientology based organization, or is it only the case worker X and the counselor Z?   Curious and curiouser.

I find the entire thing hilarious, but not all parents are as informed about Scientology as I am, and would easily get sucked in.   
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: 1221122112211221
« on: October 21, 2020, 12:40:48 PM »
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'Clown World' appears to be what you get when enough people recognize something is going on but still refuse to act on it in a meaningful way which allows such 'clown' behavior to persist and everyone just 'honks' instead of doing something of substance.
Well I'm in Clownifornia and it's waaaaay past the tipping point here.  Trying to do anything of substance is either futile, or will get me outed as a big fat meanie ebil nahtzie!  I'm surrounded by boomers, who, when pressed, will admit that all the libtarded (((subversive))) policies they've endorsed are civilization destroying mistakes.  But since they've got theirs (and/or are also childless) they just don't care.  They're perfectly happy to sip Chardonnay and fiddle while it all burns down.   Or they will flee to their second houses in the countryside of a red state.   It's insufferably maddening.  My attempts at redpilling have made me a social pariah, nothing more.  Feelsbadman.

And when  you stop caring what labels others affix to you than it spreads not incrementally but exponentially .

Boldness has genius magic and power in it.

One of the greatest moments a parent has is when your child realizes their own power and can confidently assert their ideas and can fully explain why they feel that way. 

You are always taken aback at first because it's unusual to be confronted by anyone with passion.  But then you internally smile, because your child is establishing their own beliefs. 

NWO Society doesn't want anyone to have their own thoughts.  If children naturally learn to have their own thoughts as they age, shouldn't adults realize this is the intended, natural path for humans?  And that we should fight back against the NWO to maintain a society of passionate, free thinkers?

You don't need to be accurate to demonstrate the magic of boldness.  You DO need to interact with others though. 
Let's Get Down & Dirty / 1221122112211221
« on: October 21, 2020, 12:19:45 PM »
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Let's Get Down & Dirty / The Biden Crime Family
« on: October 17, 2020, 03:45:08 PM »
Some Hunter news to start:

News broadcast discussing the Hunter hard drives
(Originally broadcast in Sept)

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Tweet with a link to 17 of Hunter's emails
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Exclusive: Taiwan man pulled strings for Hunter Biden’s businesses in China

A Taiwanese businessman brokered investment deals in mainland China over the past decade for Hunter Biden, the second son of United States presidential candidate Joe Biden, the Apple Daily edition in Taiwan reported, citing an investigative report on Friday.

According to the 40-page English report that Apple Daily obtained exclusively, Taiwanese resident Michael Lin, 57, played an important role in arranging meetings between Hunter Biden and Chinese political and business figures.
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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Corona General
« on: October 11, 2020, 03:45:16 PM »
A couple of passages from "The Invisible Rainbow"

This epidemic spread across England    and   then across the western world, and then   gradually stabilized, until the armies equipped   themselves with various high-powered radio   transmitters towards the end of the First World War –triggering (as we have seen) the Spanish flu pandemic   in 1918, which actually began in   the United States,   at the Naval Radio    School of Cambridge,   Massachusetts, with   400   initial cases.   This epidemic rapidly spread to 1,127 soldiers at   Funston Camp    (Kansas), where wireless connections had been installed. What intrigued the doctors was   that   while 15% of   the   civilian population   were suffering from nosebleeds, 40% of   the Navy suffered from them.   Other bleeding also occurred, and a third of those who died did so due to internal hemorrhaging of the lungs or   brain. In fact, it was the composition of the blood that had been   altered, as the measured coagulation time was more than   twice as   long as normal. These symptoms are   incompatible with the   effects of the influenza respiratory viruses, but totally consistent with the devastating   effects of electricity.

This passage struck me for a couple of reasons.  My great grandfather died of the Spanish Flu in MA.  My grandfather's lungs were injured during that "flu" and he never fully recovered.  My own father believes he will die from corona viruses because his genetics have proven that his family line dies from flus.  He remains terrified of COVID-19 and believes what MSM tells him about it.

Also, coagulation of the blood is something we see in covid patients. (as You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login mentioned).
Another passage...

Any transformation   of energy in the    biological domain involves porphyrins [pigments made up of   four   pyrrole molecules]. The   fact   that our nerves are able to   function   
properly   is thanks in part to porphyrins, which    play   a role in our cell processes.These are   
specialmolecules    that function as the interface between oxygen and life. These molecules are highly reactive and interact with toxic metals   or synthetic elements derived from   oil, and with electromagnetic fields – which, in excess, cause porphyria, which is more an environmental sensitivity than a disease.

Dr. William E.   Morton's research showed   that   90% of people with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) are deficient in one form of   porphyrin enzyme or another, as are electro hypersensitive individuals –which means that   the two forms of sensitivity are   only   different   manifestations, with one and the same cause. Porphyria,   which was discovered in 1891, afflicts about 10% of today’s population   and   first   appeared at the same time as the general electrification of the western world from 1889 onwards. Porphyrins are central to the effects of electronic smog, because they not only cause EHS, MCS or porphyria,  but also cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes, as they are involved in a multitude of energetic biological processes.

Contrary   to the view that mitochondria are the   elements of our cells that produce energy, the   concept of the myelin   sheath as being one giant mitochondrion is beginning to   gain credence.   
The   connection between porphyria and zinc was   discovered in the 1950s by Henry Peters, at Wisconsin Medical School. Patients suffering from porphyria and neurological symptoms were excreting a great deal of zinc in their urine,   which led him to the idea that zinc    chelation might improve their condition. He did indeed see an improvement, despite the widespread belief that zinc deficiency is related to those specific disorders. Similarly, certain experiments have shown that zinc chelation improves Alzheimer's disease. An Australian medical team demonstrated in autopsies that the brains of patients with Alzheimer's disease contained   twice as much   zinc   as those   of healthy patients.

I disagree that porphyria emerged when electricity did. It has been around for thousands of years. But the naming of it occured in the 1870s.

Nick previosusly connected porphyria to Jewish genetics:

Quote from: nrgiseternal
Who Are the Vampires?

So first we start with porphyria, "the royal disease" cured in antiquity by drinking blood.

Along with porphyria, tay sachs disease is ultra rare and only afflicts ashkenazi jews. "Uncurable" except there is a cure, only in israel, and its a complete blood replacement with blood from infants umbilical cord.

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Now if youve read the bible we know damascus is a big deal. The hebrew use damascus to mean bibens sanguine (blood drinking)

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Over 100 of the 350 plus recorded exiles of the jews was for "blood rituals"

Super suppressed book, blood passover by ariel toaff, speaking on these points. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
(bad link)

The same time the jews appeared in europe the vampire myths start.

Bathory,tepesch.. getting the picture?

If the Ashkenazi don't interbreed with the races around them, their DNA breaks down within 3 generations, as if there were no "glue" to hold them together, but also, it seems to me, in a symbolic sense, that there is no growth, no evolution, no negentropy. It seems they are always dying, never growing.

Before "nrg is an anti semite" remember the ashkenazi and khzars are not jewish, just pretending.

The actual jews are palestinian.

The jews of descent from the holy land. The ones with ancestral claim to israel.

No, they were tainted by the pharisees, abandoned their spiritual legacy and were no longer jews.

There are no true jews left in the world.

The palestinians have the dna, but that faith of theirs keeps it locked. 

Besides nursing homes, we see large populations of Jews being affected by the "corona virus."   Perhaps the patients all have porphyrin enzyme deficiencies.  That fact, along with the fact we subconsciously communicate with those around us (and our body can tell another's body when it is time to detox), could explain the high "infection" rate in the Jewish community.

A good article on Porphyria:

Born to the Purple: the Story of Porphyria

Porphyrins are light-activated chemicals that can be used to combat ills including tumors and diseases of the eye. But they have a dark side: when the wrong forms of them build up in the body, they cause a disease called porphyria

All the versions of porphyria have one thing in common: they each result from faults in the bodys heme-building machinery. Heme, a component of the oxygen transporter hemoglobin, is made in a sequence of eight steps, as in a factory assembly line. Each step is catalyzed by a separate enzyme. If any of these eight steps fails because of an inherited genetic mutation or an environmental toxin, then the whole assembly line gets jammed. The products of the earlier steps, porphyrin intermediates, may build up to toxic levels. These porphyrins accumulate in the skin and other organs before being excreted in feces and urine (which may turn a port-wine color). Exposed to light, the porphyrins can turn caustic and destroy surrounding tissue.

Another relatively common form is porphyria cutanea tardea, which presents a very different spectrum of symptoms. In this case, the hallmark is photosensitivity (an excessive reaction to light), which causes chronic blistering and even burns on sun-exposed areas. Healing is slow and is associated with scarring and hair growth, especially on the face. Most of the time the facial hairs are fine, so the hirsutism is barely noticeable. Sometimes, however, the hair growth can give the appearance of a werewolf, leading to speculations that the myths may have had a medical basis.

In most cases of porphyria, blood or heme transfusions can supply some relief from the symptoms, and this is still the mainstay of treatment. Interestingly, the heme pigment is robust enough to survive digestion, and is absorbed from the intestine (even though the protein parts of hemoglobin are broken down). This means that, in principle, it is possible to relieve the symptoms of porphyria by drinking blood--another possible link with the vampire stories.
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Let's Get Down & Dirty / *grins evilly*
« on: October 11, 2020, 01:48:50 PM »
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Okay I thought I made it clear before but what I'm actually talking about is rashlike is a code word just like cheese pizza and walnut sauce

makes me think of

1. rashes from STDs
2. Blood that is seen on the thighs or ass from physical injuries of rape or rough sex
3. Describing a female during their menstrual  cycle

Operation Rashlike could have been shutting down sites that were sharing violent sex videos, particularly ones of children.
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Hillary's Emails
« on: October 11, 2020, 01:39:02 PM »
I was wrong, these are not the missing ones.  But they are still interesting and easily searchable.

I was reading through the "Haiti" emails.

She seemed quote concerned about the orphans being trafficked, about them needing to be vaccinated, and how parents easily give away their children.

Haitian culture accepts parents who give their children away, and after the quake they were anxious for people to take their children away to the US:

Haitian parents unable to care for their children have traditionally sent them away from home, to relatives or strangers who are expected to provide the children with food, shelter, and an education in exchange for housework. Children given or sold into this system are known as restaveks, a Creole term based on the French "restez avec" ("stay with").

While some restaveks are cared for by their host families and sent to school, most of these children are subjected to years of hardship, abuse, and involuntary domestic servitude. At one time the practice may have benefitted both child and the host family, but for most restaveks it is now a modern form of slavery.

The roots of the restavek system reach back generations, and mirror involuntary child domestic servitude patterns in West Africa. The practice is so entrenched in Haitian society that it is not limited to the upper classes -- poor families routinely keep one or more restaveks who come from even poorer families.

Estimates from NGOs and the Haitian government of the number of restaveks in the country run from 90,000 to 300,000, the majority of whom are girls between the ages of six and 14. NGOs believe another 3,000 Haitian restaveks are in the Dominican Republic. Exploited restaveks in either country typically work excessive hours on physically demanding tasks without pay or adequate food, do not attend school, and are often physically and sexually abused by their host family.

On average, parents offer their children to host families when they are as young as six. Girls are primarily trafficked into private homes in the city, while boys more often end up exploited for labor on farms.

Restaveks who do not run away or escape usually remain with the host family until they are 14- years old; Haitian labor laws require employers to pay domestic workers over 15 years old, so many host families force restaveks out of the household before that age. Abandoned and runaway restaveks make up a significant proportion of the large population of children living on the street, where most are forced into prostitution or street crime by violent criminal gangs. The restavek system thus has a destabilizing effect far beyond the individuals involved.

Some restaveks do escape, and those who are picked up by the authorities are referred to the social welfare organization IBESR (Institut pour le bien-etre social et la recherche), and then temporarily cared for in dedicated shelters. Two centers in Port au Prince receive financial and technical support from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to provide shelter, food, medical and psychosocial services for these children until their parents can be found and conditions are in place for the children to return to their families.

The shelter's capacity is limited, however, and the rescued children cannot always return to their families. Since 2005, IOM has only been able to assist about 300 children.

Action Needed:

The permanent demise of the restavek system cannot come about without overhauling both the Haitian legal system -- which does not prohibit or punish this form of modern slavery -- and the historical institutions and attitudes which support it.

Some of these changes are already in process, although without long-term international support they are likely to prove fruitless. The UN, USAID, World Bank, IOM, US Institute of Peace, and other reputable organizations currently conduct rule-of-law and legal reform assistance programs that seek in part to revise Haiti's criminal laws, which have been in place relatively untouched since 1826.

"The Miami Herald followed Herald reporter Kathleen McGrory to 2 survivor camps where she was greeted with desperate pleas from first 10 and then up to 50 Haitian parents begging: "Take my child away. Take my child to America." On Kathleen's visit to a second camp, "in pursuit of a story about parents begging orphanages to take their children, she encountered more parents begging her to take their child away from Haiti". "This is Haiti, where parents are willing to endure unimaginable heartbreak if only some stranger would deliver their children to America."[2]

This white paper outlining the situation of the 12 Haitian children still in limbo in Pittsburgh is too darned long but HHS

feels it is essential for the senior decision makers in all three Departments to appreciate the full range of players who are

interested in the decisions made about the children. Secretary Sebelius wants to discuss the cases directly with Secretaries Clinton and Napolitano.

This is the ed rendell matter when he put more kids on plane than we authorized.

Other groups involved with Haitian children:

2) Orphanages, Tracing and Family Reunification

§ USAID/DART staff is coordinating with UNICEF to-distribute 245 tents to earthquake-affected orphanages and schools and to establish child-friendly spaces.[3]

§ UNICEF reports that the Child Protection Sub-Cluster/WG (CPWG) conducted rapid assessments on 195 residential care centers for children as of 5 Feb; 32 Child Friendly Spaces have been established by Sub Cluster members, country-wide, with the majority in the Port-au-Prince area.[4]

§ UNICEF reports that the IRC and Save the Children, through the CPWG, conducted the first training on registiation of separated and unaccompanied children on 5 Feb for 30 CPWG members. The second training on basic structure and principles of child friendly spaces was conducted for 30 participants of CBO's managing safe spaces or expanding facilities in the near future. [5]

emergency response team from Westport's Save the Children successfully reached Haiti today and worked quickly with staff already on the ground to organize the distribution of tents, medicine, and toiletries to children and families in desperate need, the charity said.

"Save the Children is extremely concerned about the well-being of children in Haiti at this critical moment and we are doing everything we can to quickly get relief supplies to those who need it most," said Charles MacCormack, president and CEO of Save the Children, in a news release.

Adoptions: Bellerive signed the two lists of humanitarian parole letters I brought him, asking if we are close to finishing all the kids in the pipeline. In a later meeting with multiple donors Bellerive talked about the case of the ten Amcits being held for allegedly trying to take Haitian children out of the country without authorization. He said that this case is in the hands of the courts and that the Executive has no influence over the outcome, but said it is an example of the GOH's need to control the problem of child trafficking which he said has increased exponentially since the earthquake. He said the judge has three months to decide the case. He has already dropped the most serious charge of kidnapping, and now the charges "only carry a maximum of 15 years in prison." He said that the judge might determine that there isn't enough evidence in the case to try the Amcits. He said that the only power the Executive has in the case would be a presidential pardon in the event they are found guilty. He would' not speculate on whether Preval would consider a pardon if the Amcits are found guilty.

From: Klobuchar, Amy (Klobuchar) []

Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 7:45 AM

To: Bond, Michele T

Subject: Thanks from Senator Klobuchar

Ambassador, Counsel General Moore, Deputy Secretary Bond and embassy staff

Thanks again for all your great work on allowing the six adopted kids to leave haiti to go to their adopting families.

Please forward this to all involved. I was very impressed by how all of you handled such a difficult situation. I got a little sense of what you were facing as the moms would call me on the hour! I know these six children are such a small part of the challenges everyone working in haiti faces each day, but the fact that people cared so much to help gives me such faith in our efforts and State Department staff. I will write all of this in a letter to Secretary Clinton, but please know that there are six little children that may never meet all of you who helped, who may be too young to remeber your work as they grow up in our country, but it is your good work that has given them their new lives.
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Corona General
« on: October 09, 2020, 11:15:29 PM »
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I got sick of arguing with people about these fucking masks, so decided to finalize a section of the total document I've been compiling - specific to masks. Attaching for everyone in case it's helpful. If you see any issues, points I missed, etc. feel free to let me know (still finalizing/editing the grander work).

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FYI I continue to be unable to upload attachments (says uploader is full)

Masks don't work against "viruses." 😂

Your link doesn't work. I would love to read what you compiled, though.

This is a great video that explains the exosome theory vs. accepted virus theory. 

(In case you don't want to read my long post 😂 .  Plus, he talks why the tests don't work.)

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Two of the links at the end of my post discussed ideas found in the book "Invisible Rainbow."

This is a link to the book:

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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Hillary's Emails
« on: October 09, 2020, 11:04:56 PM »
Pompeo released the "missing" 33,000 emails and posted them online for us to read.

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