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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Speak your truth.
« on: April 24, 2020, 01:20:15 AM »
Never say, "I think," "in my opinion," "imho," "to me," or the like when making an assertion or even a statement of opinion, and even if it is something of which you are not 100% certain. People think they are being tactful when they use these verbal softeners, but in reality they are undermining their own ability to cultivate certainty. The universe is built on exactitude and certainty, so if your intention is to master your life, you must learn to render your words with authority. Creator said, "Let there be light," not, "Maybe...perhaps I think--I mean, in my opinion we could use a little light, no?" It doesn't mean you have to know everything, and it's perfectly fine to admit a level of uncertainty, but be declarative in your admission. Be declarative in all your statements. You are Creator, so start talking like it.
The Coffee Lounge / Continuing Education
« on: April 22, 2020, 04:26:42 PM »
The word "scholar" originally meant "leisure" because only those who could afford not to work for a living had the time and means to pursue general knowledge. Nowadays, with the internet, we may not all have a ton of time, but we definitely have the means to continually educate ourselves about virtually any subject. Use this thread to post recommendations, or post requests if there is anything specific you are looking for.

I highly recommend The Modern Scholar audio series, particularly Michael D.C. Drout's section on language and grammar. He has a wonderful way of inserting humor into an otherwise dry subject.

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It's pretty great isn't it?
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