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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: First 5 questions
« Last post by Ad meliora on August 08, 2022, 01:10:01 PM »
Why are you choosing to do this now?
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: First 5 questions
« Last post by ironclad on August 08, 2022, 12:31:07 PM »
When I was young my dad left my mom and I was crying my eyes out in the driveway at night after he left. I looked up and said “dad!” and the biggest brightest longest green shooting star stretched the whole sky above the horizon. Afterwards I had immense sense of relief that everything was going to be okay.

What are shooting stars if they could not be physical?

What was that red glow over the Atlantic you posted an image of the other day?

I’ve had some legitimate paranormal experiences before, something touching my hand in the dark and house rattling foot steps accompanied with a door flinging open. What are ghosts and how are we sharing the same plane?

If you’re not able to answer a personal question I understand. How come you did not have a regular childhood growing up like going to grade school?
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: First 5 questions
« Last post by Jbird on August 08, 2022, 10:05:51 AM »
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I guess ill throw in my bit too.

How does one achieve a personality that can survive death?

Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: First 5 questions
« Last post by Jbird on August 08, 2022, 10:05:41 AM »
Affirmations - trying them, have moderate success, but it seems to stop. What am I doing wrong?
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: First 5 questions
« Last post by AllKeyMe on August 08, 2022, 07:55:56 AM »
I guess ill throw in my bit too.

How does one achieve a personality that can survive death?
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: First 5 questions
« Last post by stgermaine on August 08, 2022, 07:23:13 AM »
How does one find their true purpose? Is pre set destiny real?

How much truth is there to karma being real? Theoretically it sounds plausible and in accordance to the laws, but in reality doesn't seem so.

Are there any demons/spirits you could suggest to invoke or evoke to help one, financially? The blood over intent doesn't seem to have had any effect. Or ANYTHING else...

What even am I?

Let's Get Down & Dirty / First 5 questions
« Last post by DigitalDiogenes on August 08, 2022, 06:19:11 AM »
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Get straight ,no code answers.  Ready set go

I've been compiling a list for sometime. Figured I'd post them all in no particular order without expectation of answers and for general discussion.

You've mentioned that the general public would become catatonic if they learned even a fraction of the truth, beyond what's been discussed here, what's the next step to understanding reality that aligns with this?

What's the best way to "know thyself" - practical examples preferred if possible. Been thinking about this and one step seems to be seeing what triggers oneself (puts one in any emotional state other than calm and relaxed) - for example if one gets upset at scenarios, questions, etc. Or - if one is lying or inclined to lie, the question is why? What are you avoiding?

How does one learn inductive (I believe this is what you've mentioned in the past) reasoning?

How do we escape this place? I'd it possible to do without dying?

Does humanity cause these resets more frequently than is understood in modern history?

How can we be helping you directly other than money, and helping ourselves/growing our network?

Who is the current avatar for Lucifer?

Why do they hate (those at the top that are like) us? Is there no existential threat/event that could align our interests? Do they actually want us to "win/succeed" on some level it's just the rules of the game? Why is the fact that it's a game at all (kinda) hidden? Is it for some players to continue to maintain an advantage? Seems damn right anti European lol. I find it strange I'm the first person to see some of this in my bloodline (although with it being psuedo revelation and all I guess it makes sense) I guess I'm pissed I wasn't given this info by my great great grandfather lol.

In masonry who is the widow? Is there literally a queen bee these people unwittingly serve?

Did Hilary actually run for president in 2016? I remember all the gaffs, the weird green screen issues (where backgrounds would disappear), and obviously her sudden collapse. It's why I never trusted trump seemed like she was thrown up as a loser from day 1, and even more so if you were playing attention. Then with trump, I never believed the vitriol from the media. And it's 100% in the realm of possibility that they were all in on the joke of you look at coverage of COVID and these vaccines. So coordinated.

Is all of history bs or is that just another tactic to disillusion us? I'm asking on multiple levels here - both recorded history and the events. To some extent I've come to turns with the hidden hands' process of manufacturing events, lesser so to the idea that it's all concocted. These techniques I've seen and learned are simple and there evidence they've been used for centuries.

Have you heard of the Phoenix program idea - idea that something emerges ever 140 years or so to wipe large portions of the earth out?

Are there any outside resources (like brakebills in the magicians) where one can go for learning these kinds of things?

What's the question I'm not asking but should?

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Let's Get Down & Dirty / First 5 questions
« Last post by Nrgiseternal on August 08, 2022, 04:30:33 AM »
Get straight ,no code answers.  Ready set go
Let's Get Down & Dirty / Random musings
« Last post by Firefly369 on August 08, 2022, 02:48:05 AM »
Call it the wonder plant – a flower that can either absorb toxic metals and radiation out of the soil or prevent most of them from entering its system and be safe to consume, depending on the variety.

It’s also beautiful, native to the Americas and begins to bloom in July. It’s the sunflower, and its ability to heal the environment has inspired one U.Va. undergraduate researcher to spend her summer examining the soil-absorbing properties of the stalky plant with the showy yellow flowerheads.

Rising fourth-year student Catie Kitrinos, a biology and anthropology major from Springfield is researching genetic variation in the sun-loving plant as part of her Harrison Undergraduate Research Award, with the aim of mapping the ability of the sunflower to absorb heavy metals across its genome.

The project has a huge relevancy and the potential to contribute better information about how best to use sunflowers, Kitrinos said. She noted that after both the Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear incidents, sunflower fields were planted across the affected areas in an effort to absorb radiation, then were harvested and disposed of safely.

“[Sunflowers] are able to take heavy metals from contaminated soil in a way that’s completely natural and un-harmful to the soil and its surrounding ecosystems,” Kitrinos said. “They’re called ‘phytoremediators.’”

Other plants can be phytoremediators as well, but sunflowers are particularly effective because they’re so large, she said.

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Let's Get Down & Dirty / Re: Cannibals & Cannibalism
« Last post by Firefly369 on August 07, 2022, 10:55:16 AM »
Pre2020 Nrgiseternal quote
Quote from: Nrgiseternal
Here's the endgame. Androgyny, they call it "singularity". Why? Because their God (baphomet) is an andeogyne. The road is normalizing homosexuality. Check. Transgenderism. Check
Pedophilia. Halfway home. Cannibalism will be next with beastiality concurrent.

People who want to "stop them" must return to a binary moral compass

Find from Zephyr, April 16, 2020

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Jamestown era? The early days.

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Owsley says the cut marks on the jaw, face and forehead of the [unearthed] skull, along with those on the shinbone, are telltale signs of cannibalism. "The clear intent was to remove the facial tissue and the brain for consumption. These people were in dire circumstances. So any flesh that was available would have been used," says Owsley. "The person that was doing this was not experienced and did not know how to butcher an animal."

From that article:

The harsh winter of 1609 in Virginia’s Jamestown Colony forced residents to do the unthinkable. A recent excavation at the historic site discovered the carcasses of dogs, cats and horses consumed during the season commonly called the “Starving Time.” 

It’s long been speculated that the harsh conditions faced by the colonists of Jamestown might have made them desperate enough to eat other humans—and perhaps even commit murder to do so.

Because of difficulties in growing crops—they arrived in the midst of one of the worst regional droughts in centuries and many settlers were unused to hard agricultural labor—the survivors remained dependent on supplies brought by subsequent missions, as well as trade with Native Americans.

By the winter of 1609, extreme drought, hostile relations with members of the local Powhatan Confederacy and the fact that a supply ship was lost at sea put the colonists in a truly desperate position. 

Food shortage, severe drought, supply issues...

Sounds familiar.   

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"Know how fucked I am"

Well if you're not in Africa that's a point for you. Central Africa is being ravaged by a "disease" that causes cannibalism. Its spread via introduction into bloodstream.

You will likely not hear about it in MSM but than again who knows. Ask anyone in that part of world. They'll confirm
Funny you post this, read this on pol yesterday

Niggers on /pol/, what's going on in Africa? I'm hearing reports of cannibalism and that the virus is turning people into cannibals. People who work in NGOs are told to leave immediately evacuate the continent .Some dude on /x/ posted this.

''My dad works at African NGO and called me 2 days ago and said "Don't go to Cameroon"
but he refused to say why''

''yeah, i've already got my wife and kids being flown to the coastline to prepare for boarding tomorrow. I've got most packed up, tearing some pages out of some of my favourite but unfortunately too cumbersome books and just got to pack up the radio and dell. Shit is pretty serious over here i'm broadcasting from Rukira, Rwanda and our network covers from here to the east coast and I've got a friend group on the southern coast of Angola. There are several mayday signals being broadcast and out of the 36 contacts I had 17 have already gone dark. I assume like me they are bugging out and I'm hoping to see some at the port tomorrow afternoon. God Bless all of you. Cannibalism reports and also mass cannibalism reports, falsely reported are common in parts of the continent but our contact group have a sort of mutual agreement that any more than 4 distress signals or bugouts is serious enough to vacate the land for the time being.'' - Anon

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This is disgusting. Disney is releasing a horror movie called Fresh. It's about cannibalism. Yes, Disney. It’s a straight up horror film about a charming doctor who seduces women, kidnaps them, & carves out pieces for sale to high paying customers.
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Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, Mimi Cave’s “Fresh” is a movie about cannibalism. Yes, cannibalism, the eating of people. Yes, Disney. It’s not a parody or a satire like “Get Out.” It’s a straight up horror film about a charming doctor, played by Sebastian Stan, who seduces women, kidnaps them, and carves out pieces of them for sale to high paying customers. Eventually, they’re all carved up and dead.

At his country house, Steve has imprisoned other women when he brings Noa (two by two?) to his lair. She wakes up drugged and chained in a room, where Steve explains how he’ll be carving her up. And he does. From different women he’s taken pieces of their posterior, legs, and other body parts. We get to see interspersed scenes of Steve’s rich, fat customers chowing down on his victims. At one point, he invites Noa to have one of his gourmet meals, and they discuss which part came from which girl.

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Um… WHAT?!?!?!!!!


UPDATE - Utah County Attorney David Leavitt just held a press conference announcing he has not engaged in ritualistic sexual abuse or cannibalism.

Leavitt is calling on Utah County Sheriff Mike Smith to resign.

UCSO has not publicly named Leavitt as a suspect in any way.

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It seems to be a trap both ways. The main talking point that feminists on reddit and elsewhere have now been stating to defend abortions is that

"A fetus is under the age of 18 therefore has no human rights, and it's mother (and only it's mother, not the father) has legal rights including the power to destroy it"

So they are stating that kids have no human rights because they are not adults.

What else happens if children have no human rights? Oh yeah that would lead the way for...

Well, what's also going on at this point? Trans acceptance or rather, "society totally accepting people based on what they identify as vs what they were born as"

Well what else have some identified as? MAP's. Minor Attracted Persons.


So we currently live in a society that is promoting two things at the same time;

Legalizing and accepting Pedos + Legalizing and accepting that their prey, children, have no rights because they are not adults.


Nick said this was their end game. Pedophillia + cannibalism.

If they push the West into failure, the latter will happen when people run out of food.

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What's the end game with long pig? Do people absorb things from the people they eat. Obviously a double edged sword?

Do you mean what's the end game with normalizing cannibalism? It's kind of like the mRNA vaccines. Tweaking chromosomal resonance to a more favorable frequency.

Yea exactly. So it's a way to change the person doing the eating for more control then (or as nick put it i think - better slaves)? Do certain other acts do the same thing (roughly) ie certain forms of degenerate sex?

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