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Care Solace

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My son has been struggling with this distance "learning"  IMMENSELY.  It's a complete joke, and yes, homeschooling is the best answer to deal with that.  He gets special ed services from school atm though so at this moment, homeschooling is still my last resort. 

All of this corona mess and lockdowns have taken an emotional toll on my son.  The school counselor recommended a company called "Care Solace" that is suppose to help connect consumers with therapists who have openings and that take your insurance.  Psychology today. com has a similar service of filtering, but with that one, you must call or email every therapist to see who has openings.  Care solace has case workers who will do the work for you, and filter out which offices would be able to help you.  It's a free service for parents but I think the school districts subscribe. 

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I just sent this letter to my son's school counselor:

I thought I would update you on the Care Solace referral. 

The case worker I was assigned, X was quite courteous.  Within 24 hours, he had sent me two therapy groups in town that would have openings for (my son) and take my insurance. 

One of the groups was ABC.  Iíve called them in the past and they have never had openings.  I have heard mixed reviews about this group but I was willing to try.

I called them and they did not have any openings for children as young as my son.  Which was disappointing, as Care Solace said they did.   Perhaps the openings were filled.

I could not recall the other group X had recommended and could not find his referrals (I checked emails and text, but it didnít pull up quickly).  I called Care Solace again and they were able to get X on the phone with me. 

He reminded me the other group was the EFG.  I thanked him, and told him I would call them right away.

He said ďThis is what I get paid to do, Iím sorry the other group didnít have any openings.  Why donít I call them for you and see if they have a spot for (your son).  If you want, I can call you back while they are on the phone if they have an opening and you can set up an appointment then.Ē

I agreed.  Within 10 minutes, he called me back. 

He introduced me to Z, a counselor.  He asked what was going on and why I was seeking help.  I briefly told him and Z asked if I was available in the evening for a Zoom session. 

I agreed (I was excited someone was going to help my boy so quickly!).   

During the session, I talked to him for 30 min or so about my son, etc.  He then tells me because of corona, his office is closed.  But he would recommend a couple of books for ME to read, and I could use the knowledge in the books to help my son.  The office was also offering free phone sessions because of corona. 

The first book he holds up for me to read was by Ron Hubbard. 

I say ďIs that the same Ron Hubbard that started Scientology?Ē

He says, ďYes, Iím a Scientologist. ď

We had another 30 min of interesting talk, as I conveyed to him the history of Hubbard, how it related to Jack Parsons, NASA, Alastair Crowley, Operation Paperclip, etc.  He didnít know any of this.  (One should know what they are involved in, I feel, but thatís my personal opinion.)   

Anyways, Iím not sure if it was Care Solace that sent me to a Scientologist OR if it was the employee X himself that sent me.  Z was very kind, and I have nothing against him or X, but I was quite surprised the school district referral landed me talking to a Scientologist who wanted to send me scientology material.   

I just thought you would like to know 😊

P.S.  No, Z does not work for EFG.  I did check afterwards.  (my mistake not to check right away)

Is Care Solace a Scientology based organization, or is it only the case worker X and the counselor Z?   Curious and curiouser.

I find the entire thing hilarious, but not all parents are as informed about Scientology as I am, and would easily get sucked in.   


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Look into TRE excercises for your son. Dr. Bercelli i believe is the originator.


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Look into TRE excercises for your son. Dr. Bercelli i believe is the originator.
Damn Lil Firefly hell of a situation ,Hubbard huh. Can I throw little levity in  here a friend from a Cal Org testified in court for me short trial turned into a travesty .He burned thru 3 court reporters one only lasting through a morning session two DAs were left shaking their heads . I didn't beat the Rap but the jury was entertained . Stay Safe and as always Best to you


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