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Hey everyone!

I was recently invited to this site due to being "unrelenting" with deep/"non-normie tier" questions (aka, I was being annoying lol). After conversing with this person, they recommended this site to me, and told me I would find the answers I was looking for here (If you see this, or if we ever cross paths on here, thank you! I hope we can speak again).

I lurked for a day or so (I was waiting to get the activation e-mail for my first account, but that never came), and you guys all seem to be on the same chapter as I - for the most part, we're all on the same chapter in "re-discovering life":

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 At least that's how it seems (I may be wrong!). But I'm a grateful for the invite, and happy to be here - I've learned a lot already.

Anyway, my original account was "Lethe" (after the River of "Forgetfulness"), but I'm fine with settling for "Hypnos", the God of Sleep, The Sick and the Pained, who according to lore, lived on the Island of "Lemnos" where "Lethe" came from  ;D. In real life, I'm a senior currently studying Neuropsychology (it focuses on the neurological aspects of psychology, such as how a disorder or substance affects one's "neurotransmitter-environment", or neurotransmission, rather than the hypothetical or theory-based methods of psychology). It's nice to meet you all, I'm looking forward to learning more and having interesting conversations with you guys. I hope all of you (including your families) are doing well given current circumstances.

Be Well!
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Oh yay I'm the 1st to welcome you. Sorry the activation emails get backlogged quickly we have 500 plus pending at any given time that require manual review.

I'm happy you find value here. And were certainly looking forward to a new voice in this beautiful cacophany

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Welcome 8)

I may be picking your brain later on neuro-endocrinology, as that is one of my favorite subjects of study.
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