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Title: Free/ Low Cost Educational, Video Travel, & Cultural Links
Post by: Firefly369 on April 14, 2020, 09:08:11 PM
Parents who never homeschooled are suddenly homeschooling.  Millions of people are stuck on house arrest by the government.

We all know there are soo many new and pre-existing free links that can help occupy people during this time. 

Here's a thread to share links.

(These aren't necessarily homeschool links, but I have those too if you need something specific.)

Take a Trip Through the Netherlands' Famous Tulip Garden

Disney Family Sing-Along (April 16)

Ranger led California State Parks Learning Program  (exploring the desert, sea, redwoods, etc)

Free Cirque de Soleil shows

Free Metallica concert is posted every Monday  #MetallicaMondays

Virtual Dissection Links (animals only 😛)

Peanuts Gang Family Resource Gallery

Virtual Marine Biology Camp (Seattle based)

Free Basic ASL classes

Free Coloring Sheets from 100+ Museums #ColorOurCollections

Science Lessons from Kennedy Space Center

Imagineering in a Box - free Disney course on how to envision, design, and animate an amusement park

6000 free online children's books

Free Shakespeare Plays from the Globe Theatre

3 Months of Rosetta Stone for Free

1000 Free Disney Coloring Pages for Kids

100 Resources for Gifted Kids

7 Days free of Broadway shows (you can subscribe for more)

Free Audible Stories - educational and entertaining family friendly stories.

40 Science Websites to Keep Kids Engaged and Entertained at Home

Free Live Streams from Zoos and Aquariums

450 Ivy League Courses you can take online free right now

Virtually Explore the Smithsonian

Coding for Kids: Free Classes, Websites and Apps

The Best Operas to Stream While it's still Free

100,000 Images to explore from Paris museums

The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

140,000 free images, sounds and video from NASA

Free Virtual tour of 2500 Museums Worldwide

Disney Zumba Playlist on YouTube (search for "Disney Zumba; there are more songs available)
Title: Free/ Low Cost Educational, Video Travel, & Cultural Links
Post by: drakke1 on October 30, 2020, 06:02:30 PM
OMG, Ms. Firefly, a plethora of wonderfulness --  thanks a lot.  So much to look into.  Cheers !!